Spirituality (IV)

The Edgar Cayce Readings on the Causes & Therapy of Cancer

Prevention, Halting the Spread of Cancer, Palliative Treatments

by David McMillin, MA, Meridian Institute, December, 2002

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IV. Therapeutics

Edgar Cayce recommended a wide variety of therapeutic modalities for the treatment of cancer. Treatments directed at decreasing toxicity and increasing vitality were emphasized. On the whole, natural therapies that worked with the body to heal itself were given priority. Conventional medical treatment (including drugs, radiation therapy, and surgery) was prescribed in some cases, especially if the cancer was advanced.

A. Treatment Strategies

1. Prevention and Precaution

As discussed above, any treatment or lifestyle adjustment that reduces or eliminates irritation to the system can be viewed as a preventative or precautionary intervention. Toxins that accumulate as a result of poor eliminations can be a source of chronic irritation. Thus, improving eliminations is a primary preventative strategy in the Cayce readings on cancer. Precautions as to avoiding injury or bruised[1] tissue have been cited previously.

(Q) Have I, that you can see in any way, cysts, tumors or cancers?

(A) There have been periods when there have been the accumulations in the form of tumorous conditions; but the tumor was of the nature of a LYMPH tumor, you see — which has come and gone.

Not a cyst, nor — as we find — any condition that would indicate the producing of cancerous or malignant conditions, provided the eliminations are created through the use of the low electrical vibrations — rather than high electrical vibrations — and the other suggestions as we have made here. (1038–1)

(Q) Is there any indication of a cancerous condition being present?

(A) No indication. However, as indicated, there IS in the bloodstream PUS; which is congestion and inflammation. But it arises from the intestinal system, from a congested area — as we have indicated.

Follow these suggestions; be patient, be CONSISTENT — and be VERY, very persistent. And you'll break up this condition, and remove the causes; also remove the chances of the irritation finding lodgment and thus through injury or through localization causing greater disturbance. (976–1)

(Q) Is the present anus trouble likely to become malignant? and how can the weak sphincter be corrected?

(A) These will be corrected by making of the corrections in the coccyx and the last lumbar center. These make for the inflow of the muscular forces that will make for the better activity with the sphincter muscles.

If the blood supply and the correction of these conditions are kept in order, we do not find that the inflammation which has been indicated there will become malignant; for not only will it be clarified but be soon cleansed from the system. (859–1)

While this condition does not prevent the activities of the body, it is necessary to be met in the present and thus prevent localization of that which might — or would — become of such a nature as to set up activity within itself, so as to make for malignant characters of conditions for the body. (782–1)

Compare Cayce on Assimilation and elimination and Detoxification.

2. Halting the Spread of Cancer

Reading 4977–1 discusses treatments to prevent the spread of cancer of tongue. This fascinating reading is an example of complementary medicine in that alternative medicine treatments are added to the conventional radiation therapy being applied by the medical doctor. Radium therapy and vaccination with a culture created by the patient’s own blood are the two interventions intended to halt the spread of the cancer.

Now, we find those abnormal conditions as exist in this body may be assisted, and that the conditions may be corrected in the body to such an extent that the abnormal forces will be overcome to a great extent, but being of the malignant nature the tentacles of same are so set in the vital portions of the system, and so situated, that this is hard to reach; so the conditions to be met are to prepare the bloodstream against the tentacles of the condition from going deeper into the vital portions. (4977–1)

So create, then, within the blood supply, in the lymphatic circulation, those conditions to ward against, and keep, by the application of those vibrations as have been set from time to time, applying same, and applying same in other forms, so that this is kept low in the system, and the resistance as high as possible, until the GENERAL debilitation of system would yield to the condition.

Applying, then, the radium in the way as has been; also applying the Radium Applicator to those portions of the body, that the strengthening forces (that is — through the solar plexus) may assist in the distribution of the forces that overcome the condition.

Well, too, that a culture be made of the blood, drawing same from the forearm, culture made, then injected again. This will increase the resistance in the system.…

(Q) Is the treatment for cancer that I am now taking (of radium and X-ray) the treatment I should have?

(A) The treatment that should be kept, as given, only adding those conditions as have been given. The heavy Radium Applicator added, which keeps a constant distribution of those forces as are given through the radium, and the heavy ray, see? Also the culture.

(Q) How often should the culture be made and given?

(A) Once each six weeks. (4977–1)

3. Palliative Treatments for Cancer

Especially in cases of an incurable nature where pain was a major problem, palliative treatments to reduce suffering were usually recommended.

(Q) Is this condition malignant?

(A) This is malignant, and DOUBLY disturbing owing to the distress through the WHOLE hepatic circulation — which will make eventually bad for heart action as well as the general conditions of the body.

These as we find offer in the present the greater palliative measures, so that the administration of narcotics would have an even greater effect upon the body. (1214–1)

(Q) Is it true, as has been diagnosed by physicians, that this is a malignant type and very likely to prove fatal?

(A) Not malignant as yet, as we would see; rather that condition wherein there is improper incentive from pressure and from conditions as existing throughout the system of confined impulses, and release and rebuilding for glands would bring the result that would bring better condition — not a whole healing, a better condition, an easier condition for this body. (3007–1)

(Q) [69]: How can one that is suffering from disintegration of cells, commonly known as cancer, be quickly relieved of continuous pain?

(A) There, to be sure, are many varied conditions that arise in and with such a disintegration. There may be created in such an experience (which, to be sure, becomes an individual condition) such vibrations that will allay, without injurious conditions to the mental abilities of the body.

That means through that which is not either a hypnotic or a narcotic, but is such that the vitality of the conditions in the body are made more in accord with the vibration created by the disintegration. Or, as we have given, were the condition able to be turned into constructive rather than allaying, it may be eliminated by that which has been termed or called niccolite. [See 4444–1, 2 and 2457–4.]

For general conditions there is a combination which will relieve without depressing the mental abilities. Put in capsule as this:

Oil of Eucalyptol..............1 minim,
Codeine.....................1/80 grain, [1/8th? See 468–1 — cancer intestines case saying 1/8th grain.],
Rectified Oil of Turp........1/2 minim,
Oil of Pine..................1/2 minim.

Take this once each day. It is neither a narcotic nor a hypnotic, even though the small quantity of sedative that is a narcotic compound is added. Its content is changed by the vibrations of those that carry an electrical vibration in the combinations of the oil of wood (pine), eucalyptol, and the like. (281–15)

[Ultraviolet therapy was also sometimes recommended as a palliative treatment to produce comfort and reduce pain, see Energy Medicine.]

Compare Natural Alternatives to Cancer Pain Medication.

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1 Compare this Russian folk remedy to help prevent former bruises turning malignant.


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