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“The realization I gained from my bouts with this illness related particularly to the mental, spiritual work I was supposed to do on myself. 'My cancer' demanded of me absolute, unconditional love towards all my fellow men. It was only after my having fully internalized and put into practice this 'injunction' that I was healed.”
Jakobe Jakstein

Camille Droz wrote in an updated edition of his historic book "Les propriétés merveilleuses de la feuille de chou" [The Wonderful Properties of the Cabbage Leaf] under the heading "Some results obtained after the publication of this brochure":

"An unmarried woman living in Essertines sur Yverdon totally healed herself of a cancerous ulcer in her breast by regularly applying cabbage leaf poultices every day on the diseased part for six months in a row." [translated from French by Healing Cancer Naturally]

That the cabbage family used as a regular part of the diet boasts cancer-preventive effects has been established for some time (see for instance Epidemiological studies on brassica vegetables & cancer risk). Its use for poultices or packs however is relatively unheard of in modern times, although it seems to have been widely popular in earlier (including Roman) times.

The first and last medical doctor who applied this knowledge for several decades (in the second half of the 19th century) was Dr. Anselme Blanc, see Medicinal cabbage leaf poultices Dr. Blanc: background on the therapeutic topical application of Brassica oleracea, and Medicinal cabbage leaf poultices Dr. Blanc: tumors cured (1).

The following is the abridged story of a remarkable German woman, Jakobe Jakstein, who fully relied on her own means when she found herself dealing with several tumors which apparently, were of a cancerous nature.

And in the process of healing her body, she underwent a remarkable spiritual transformation that greatly advanced the growth of her soul, furnishing us with another inspiring example of how a physical dis-ease can jumpstart a person on the path of accelerated spiritual growth.

When Jakobe discovered the tumors, she already had a long history of treating her own and her family's ailments by herself, using mostly ... cabbage leaf poultices!

She was inspired on this maverick path by necessity as well as the fortuitous discovery of the above-quoted book which in detail describes the amazing healing experiences with the humble cabbage leaf made in the 19th century by a French doctor[1], a discovery which saved her father-in-law's life when his physicians had given him up to die.

Mrs. Jakstein is not unknown in Germany. In addition to writing books on her experiences with natural healing centered around cabbage applications and a natural, no-medications and healthy diet lifestyle, she has received more notoriety for her use of cabbage treatments (both as poultices and internally) for all kinds of ailments, by appearing as a guest in a well-loved German television program, where she testified to the amazing healing power of cabbage leaves.[2]

When I asked her to send me a summary of her personal experience with cancer, to translate and publish on this website, she sent me the following:

[translated from German by Healing Cancer Naturally] "26 years ago I developed a tumor in my jaw and later a tumor behind my left eye. That these tumors were indeed cancerous was confirmed by a spiritual healer and two doctors who arrived at the same conclusion after learning my symptoms. I never had a biopsy done. I healed my jaw tumor with a simple ice bag. While I was cured, I did lose a tooth and a large part of my jaw.

When months later I developed another tumor behind my eye, I treated it solely with cabbage leaf packs. Two months later I was free of symptoms, but many years later I had two recurrences.

The realization I gained from my bouts with this illness related particularly to the mental and spiritual work I was supposed to do on myself. 'My cancer' demanded of me the absolute, unconditional love towards all my fellow men. It was only after my having fully internalized and translated this 'injunction' into action that I was healed for good.

Over the years, I have met several people afflicted with cancer who beat their disease primarily by using cabbage."


Healing Cancer Naturally advises cancer patients to consider adding applications of cabbage leaf packs to whatever else they may do since they act as powerful local "detoxers".

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Books on healing with cabbage leaf poultices (and much more!) by Thomas Haeberle

The late erudite Father Thomas Häberle (1912–1997) from Switzerland has left us three small but information-packed books on natural healing two of which have been translated into English, "Helping & Healing" and "Counselling & Curing".

Häberle’s books distill his experience as a naturopathic healer over several decades and are a real treasure trove of little known healing secrets incl. some very simple ways of successfully combatting geopathic stress (although widely read in the subject of natural healing, personally I had never come across most of what he shares).

He also often used cabbage leaf packs but combined them with other simple measures, particularly herbal teas and cold-pressed (virgin) olive oil massages since as he writes, olive oil is able to penetrate the hardest bones and bring healing where it is needed.

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1 This is likely to refer to the above-mentioned 19th-century physician Dr Anselme Blanc.

2 The "Fliege" chatshow hosted by Pastor Jürgen Fliege from 1994–2005.

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