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Auto-uropathy: how to ease into urine self-treatment

Urine taste issues and tips for beginners

on this "royal road to self-healing" with your own perfect medicine

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Even after reading about the many successful cures of all manner of "incurable" illness including cancer effected either via medical auto-uropathy (injection of the patient's urine or one or more of its compounds in a doctor's office or in a clinical setting) or by directly ingesting one's own urine[1], the most difficult thing to overcome for many is the idea that urine is a dirty waste product of our bodies which must be discarded as toxic and valueless.

Realizing that on the contrary, none of us would be here if we hadn't spent several months in our mother's womb bathed in and re-absorbing our own urine which we excreted into the amniotic fluid, should help us to effect a 180 degrees turn from "dirty and disgusting" to life-giving.

Similarly Swiss physician Dr. Ulrich Hasler realized that the term urine is offensive to most people so he renamed it AL (auto liquid) therapy. You may wish to switch to this designation as well to make it easier to jump the hurdle.

Alternatively you can start calling it "my own water". In any case it's important to keep foremost in your mind the fact that urine is indeed our own self-made medicine which has cured many so-called incurables (and in fact saved many lives).

Unless you have no issues with the taste and smell of your own urine (some people do report that they like the taste — which in good part may be due to the fact that urine taste can vary all the way from water-like to pleasant to highly unpleasant — much of it depending on diet and hydration, see further below), it's a good idea however to indeed "ease" into urine therapy lest you get turned off unnecessarily of this truly amazing avenue to natural self-healing.

The following contains various suggestions for beginners on uropathy — from cleaning up your diet, starting with just a drop or two, applying it topically, using homeopathic (tasteless) preparations and more, all the way to additional info and reminders about the very important mental side of using urine therapy.

Easing into urotherapy: clean up your diet

To begin with, take heart from what one uropathy author wrote, "urine tastes better than beer, wine or coffee". As a teetotaller myself, I heartily agree. In fact, urine CAN actually taste neutral (like warm water) and even pleasant.

The taste and smell of urine is directly and firstly dependant on our diet, water intake — and even stress level (under stress more magnesium is excreted, which is very bitter).

Secondly, morning urine is most concentrated and strongest in taste. It also is richest in terms of medicinal substances and thus considered the most therapeutic.

While therefore the drinking of one's morning urine (midstream fraction) is most widely recommended, Dr. Ulrich Hasler MD for one considers the ingestion of the very first urine unnecessary and advocates taking it from mid-morning onwards.

Similarly, authors such as Ingeborg Allman (who like others who wrote books about uropathy got healed from a desperate illness of many years' standing via urine therapy) suggest to begin with your evening urine due to its less concentrated consistency (and least smell). But even the urine produced later in the morning or in the afternoon is less concentrated and can make the beginning easier.

Urine however does not have to taste or smell unpleasant at all.

Generally an unpleasant smell and/or taste is the result of wrong food choices or overfeeding, with particular culprits being meat and dairy products. As urine truly is your own filtered blood, it actually shows you what is flowing through your veins so any repulsive taste or smell can furnish you the motivation to improve your body's internal conditions.

To generally "sweeten" the taste, eat sparingly — no meat, dairy and cereals but only fruits and vegetables — for one or several days before starting to take any urine internally. If your digestive capacities allow, eat only raw.

In any case, drink lots of water so your urine will be less concentrated. You should find that your "water" either tastes pleasant or bland (the more water consumed, the less taste, in fact during urine and water fasting, urine becomes colour- and tasteless like water itself — in my own experience drinking several glasses of water in a row has the same effect).

A very hot tip comes from Coen van der Croon, author of "Golden Fountain: The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy" (see Books on urine therapy), who suggests to have a meal of carrots the evening before which makes the urine the following morning taste very pleasant.

Generally a meal mostly composed of vegetables plus water drinking will make for urine that tastes very much like vegetable broth.

Interestingly, once you start ingesting urine, its taste will became more pleasant "by itself" within one to two weeks. And as with most things, one also gets used to it and hardly notices any taste anymore.

Finally, as suggested by another author of a book on urine therapy, a dehydrated body will take water from the colon which would account for the possibly disgusting taste. Whether this is accurate or not — you are likely to notice, as mentioned above, that the more you drink, the more water-like and tasteless your urine will become.

As a pertinent aside — it can be safely said that most extremely "healthy" or healing herbs and supplements taste unpleasant to actually disgusting (think of MSM etc.) which certainly doesn't stop people from taking them. But it's also true that after taking them for a while, one tends to hardly notice the taste (or any taste) any longer.

Apply topically and take it "one drop at a time"

To facilitate using urine for therapeutic purposes, one of the easiest ways is to start by applying it topically. Not only do wounds heal more quickly, urine is also a wonderful skin food thanks to its urea content (as well as other ingredients). Reportedly it clears up blemishes, smooths the skin and makes it rosy. I have also seen a woman report that regular application to the eyes made her eyelashes grow longer.

After using it on your skin, next you may wish to apply a drop to your teeth or mouth. You may find that it tastes slightly salty and/or bitter (similar to herbal tea or vegetable broth). After doing this for several days, you are likely to find that you don't even notice the taste anymore (as one author advises, "take drops until you no longer can sense the urine taste or temperature").

You can then gradually increase the dose to two or more drops until these also have become an "acquired taste". (You can even get used to it by using a few drops on your toothbrush.)

The "start with a drop or two" method has the additional advantage of minimizing the risk of experiencing an "initial worsening" of symptoms — something that frequently happens with naturopathic remedies when the body is in great need of cleansing and harbours many stored toxins.

Initial worsening basically is an excellent sign (showing that the body is starting a much-needed housecleaning) but can be unpleasant (headaches, aches and pains etc.).

Incidentally — make no mistake: even just drops alone can create miracles. Martha Christy for instance features in her excellent work (see Books on urine therapy) among many other scientific evidence the medicinal report of an asthmatic boy afflicted since birth with extreme eczema.

His hands were claws, his nails black and falling off, he oozed yellowish liquid from his head, his eyelids were drooping, he had earache, screaming fits, could only sleep a few hours at a stretch and other symptoms.

Constant taking of drugs had not helped. Under the reporting doctor's supervision (Dr. Nancy Dunne), this truly desperate case was healed within a matter of weeks with a few drops of his own urine (collected whenever symptoms were worst) and administered under his tongue several times a day, starting with three drops! (According to one uropathy author, taking urine under the tongue has a similar effect to receiving an auto-urine injection.)

So this is something near-anyone should be able to do — collecting some fresh urine in a dropper and applying a few drops under one's tongue.

If you do wish to start with larger amounts straight away, pinching your nose while drinking the urine will take away most taste sensation. To avoid being bothered by any aftertaste, make sure to keep your nose pinched until you have rinsed your mouth or drunk water or juice as a chaser.

Another method would be using a syringe to apply the urine at the back of your throat and immediately swallow it.

Thinning with orange juice, sweetened herbal tea etc.

While some authors feel that masking any urine taste by hiding it in orange juice etc. is ok, others point to certain of its healing qualities becoming diminished or lost in this manner.

Martha M. Christy writes in "Your Own Perfect Medicine" (see Urine therapy books) that "Research studies ... have shown that diluting urine (or urea) decreases its antibacterial activity, so rather than diluting it in juice or water to get accustomed to using it, use a few oral drops instead."

If you do decide upon this route, you can start by adding just a drop or two to your juice or tea and build up from there.

Propolis: pro and con


Propolis, a sticky, resinous, antiseptic and antimicrobial substance that honey bees make from plant sources and use as a sealant in their hives, has extensive medical properties including as an anti-cancer agent.

Bee propolis also has been found to mask any (unpleasant) taste and smell of urine. According to a book on urine therapy by the Japanese doctor Ryoichi Nakao MD and Kayodo Komiyama, propolis extract added to urine actually enhances the therapeutic effects of the therapy.


See below "Caveat: to be on the safest side, never mix urine with antiseptics".

Bottom line

This is your call. If you do decide to use propolis at the same time as urine therapy, it would seem best to take a preparation without added alcohol since it is easier to mix with urine than alcohol-based extracts which are too sticky. In case you should see little to no results from your urine treatment, you may wish to discontinue the propolis and try straight urine instead.

Urine plus water fasting

During urine plus water fasting, the urine becomes water-like, colourless, odourless and acquires a neutral to pleasant taste. In fact, Dr. Ulrich Hasler MD and a number of his patients have found urine fasting to be the easiest way to fast (among other things it helps to keep energy levels even).

Incidentally, the more you drink of your own urine, the more water you will shed (at least when your illness was accompanied or caused by water retention and edema).

Homeopathic urine treatment

Those who feel unable to overcome an inner resistance to taking their own water "straight" (and be it in small amounts), can try making their own homeopathic urine preparation. There are two advantages:

First of all, there is no taste, colour or smell at all.

Secondly in case of an acute illness, if the urine is collected at its onset (such as at the beginning of an asthma attack) or at the height of acute symptoms of illness and then turned into a homeopathic preparation, the therapeutic qualities of the "acute" urine (highest amount and activity of urinary antibodies and immune defense agents) are preserved and available for the duration of the illness.

Here is one way to prepare and take urine as a homeopathic remedy.

Fill 10 identical flasks each with 18 ccm of water. Add 2 ccm urine to the first and cap. Shake the flask 10 times in succession, using a sharp downward stroke. You now have the first decimal potency or D1.

Take 2 ccm of the first (D1) batch and add them to the second flask. Mix by shaking 10 times as before. You now have the second decimal potency or D2.

Continue in the same manner until you have prepared flask 10 which now contains the tenth decimal potency or D10 (a dilution of one to a hundred million).

Take 3x5 drops under your tongue per day (leave in your mouth for a while). As mentioned above, taking urine under the tongue seems to have a similarly (powerful) effect as receiving an auto-urine injection.

Caveat: to be on the safest side, never mix urine with antiseptics

Dr. Charles H. Duncan was a surgeon who later in his career discovered "Autotherapy" — the use of drops of various bodily excretions from infected organs to help heal otherwise intractable diseases. This auto-treatment administered by injection or by mouth was found to exert a powerfully curative influence and helped spare many of Dr. Duncan's patients major surgeries or even saved their life.

He and the physicians who adopted his method among other excreta also made use of urine. In his landmark book "Autotherapy", Dr. Duncan warns however that one must not combine antiseptics with the excreta or the latter's active principle (i.e. the toxins which upon injection or ingestion induce the healing response) will be inactivated.

In order to not inadvertently deactivate the "active ingredients" in the urine, it would seem advisable not to directly (simultaneously) combine the application of any antiseptic agents with your urine treatment lest the urine lose its curative power.

Last but far from least: the mental side

When using urine for therapeutic purposes, remind yourself that you are dealing with a healing substance which your body has lovingly and specifically created for you.

All naturopathic schools are aware that the body is self-healing and urine therapy takes this a step further — the body doesn't just constantly and tirelessly strive to heal itself and keep itself healthy (no matter how we treat it!), but it even makes its own medicine.

This is not just a fanciful idea but has been proved scientifically in a hundred years of extensive research into auto-urine therapy, as brilliantly documented by Martha Christy in her book Your Own Perfect Medicine: The Incredible Proven Natural Cure That Medical Science Has Never Revealed.

To get an idea of what cancer-fighting elements found in human urine have achieved in the healing of cancer alone, see e.g. Urea treatment as a cancer cure and More cancer successes with urine compounds, derivatives & extracts.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.


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1 including cases where conventional, naturopathic or alternative approaches had failed as well as cases where the patient wasn't told he was given urine (by injection or ingestion)

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