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This page has been compiled for those who love the more personal touch of recorded ("live") testimonials. For important notes on the subject see the main testimonials page Urine therapy as a cancer cure which offers a survey of healing reports found in the uropathy literature.

Terminal breast cancer cure


This testimonial is being recounted by Martin J. Lara (author of "Uropathy: The Most Powerful Holistic Therapy", see Books). The patient was a Nicaraguan woman whose left breast had kept enlarging for a number of years. In fact it had grown to the point that she needed to make herself a special brace to support its weight.

When eventually she started to develop pain, she went to the hospital where the doctor ordered x-rays. When the pictures came back however all he could tell her that there was nothing they could do for her since the cancer had already metastasised all over her body (lungs, kidney, liver, pancreas, chest cavity). He told her that unfortunately she had waited too long and "gave" her four to six weeks to live.

A friend of Martin Lara's went to see the woman. Taking the book along, he suggested she try urine injections since the book said it could cure cancer. Since she felt she had nothing to lose, she agreed.

Within days, her pain disappeared (only to come back when the injections were discontinued for more than three days). Her left breast softened and she was able to sleep.

Six weeks into the "treatment", the tumor broke open and started to discharge a foul-smelling substance. Alarmed, the woman's grown children threatened Lara's friend (mistakenly assuming him to be the cause of the apparent worsening), so he withdrew and the woman found herself on her own again. Within three days, she redeveloped her previous pain but now had no other choice than to go see her oncologist again.

Dumbfounded, her doctor could hardly believe to still see her alive and in fact, looking well two months after last seeing her thinking he would not see her again. After doing some "clean-up" surgery on her left breast removing remaining "goo", he had her x-rayed again. To the entire clinic's disbelief, all the tumors in her body were gone — a healing apparently due to urine injections given every three days.

Anandkunj: holistic therapy center in India


Two ladies (one from Switzerland and one from France) share some of their experiences in the beautiful Anandkunj healing center located in Kolhapur which besides cancer treats many other diseases. The center while giving pride of place to urine therapy also includes dietary, yoga and other holistic treatments.


A breast cancer patient who already had conventional treatment to no avail talks about her great progress including sequelae from radiotherapy that were relieved.

Unspecified type of cancer healed via urine fasting (chemotherapy did not work)


A healthy looking young man tells his story of a cancer diagnosis three years prior. He had been given chemo but afterwards was told that it hadn't worked and that his lymph nodes needed to be taken out (for the chemo's failure, the doctors blamed his having waited too long — some three weeks — before starting on the treatment).

He decided to instead fast on urine and water for three weeks plus some green juices every four days and says he felt awesome throughout. Another Ct scan showed that his lymph nodes no longer needed to be removed.

Stomach cancer cure testimonial thanks to urine and urine fasting

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PL1ysvD9u6E (13 October 2013)

A very happy woman named Cristina tells her personal story about how she cured her stomach cancer and extreme anemia (from not being able to properly eat for four years before diagnosis) in 2000 by drinking urine and urine fasting (a side effect of her healing is that she no longer requires reading glasses).

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