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The following concise summaries of canine healing stories including cancer are excerpted from the book Wheatgrass Nature's Finest Medicine. (For humans' experiences see Wheatgrass as a cancer cure.)

Shetland sheep dog & Irish wolfhound

Both of these breeds are subject to cancer as well as liver, kidney and bone diseases and skin problems. Most of these issues could be prevented via sound nutrition supplemented by wheatgrass juice. The same measures also resulted in enhanced fertility and longevity in the dogs.

Welsh terrier

The case reported involved an old dog with multiple health and pain issues incl. back and skin problems and hypothyroidism. To help with his hormone deficiency and pain, he was put on thyroid medication as well as steroids (which latter drugs his liver was unable to handle).

To help regenerate the dog's liver, he was started on wheatgrass juice, initially freshly prepared, and later using freeze-dried powder mixed with apple juice.

As a result, he needed less thyroid medication and his fur reacquired much of its rich previous colouring. His mental state also improved (he had become somewhat confused such as sleeping in the day and staying up at night).

A Welsh terrier bitch thanks to wheatgrass thrived throughout her pregnancy and nursing period (while normally bitches will lose weight from the strain on their body).


This dog had several serious issues including a slipped disk with hind leg paralysis, pinched vertebra, and a tumor in his neck. None of the doctors consulted held out any hope. Even an adjustment by a veterinarian chiropractor brought no relief.

He was given wheatgrass enemas (outdoors!) and two ounces of wheatgrass by eyedropper mornings and nights. Very gradually he became better and was eventually completely healed.

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