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What is the apán mushroom?

For thousands of years, a principal part of staying healthy for the Native American Tribes of the Columbia River basin was for them to consume the very bitter-tasting Tawtnúk apán mushroom daily. Sadly, this astonishing healing knowledge was almost completely lost, and it is only recently that this powerful natural medicine has returned to our awareness.

Apán mushrooms in complementary cancer care and for promoting complete body health

Scientific research into the therapeutic components of Apán[1] shows that this fungus provides many more healing benefits than those found in other powerful medicinal mushrooms such as Chaga[2]. Apán's natural chemistry of beta-glucans, bitter triterpenes, anti-tumor polysaccharides, blood pressure-reducing angiotensin re-uptake inhibitors, free radical scavengers like germanium, and so forth show that this extraordinary mushroom is far superior to other medicinals.

Here are just a few of the health conditions shown to be amazingly benefitted by the Apán supplements.

  • Arthritis
  • Auto-Immune Diseases
  • Brain Tumors
  • Cancers
  • Chemotherapy Side Effects
  • Dementia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Heart Disease
  • High Cholesterol
  • Immune System Weakness
  • Malaria
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parasitic Infection
  • Parkinson's
  • Pneumonia
  • Radiation Therapy Side Effects
  • Total Body Regeneration
  • Ulcers

Man Found Standing, Medicine Man writes, "I have experienced many thousands of people with very serious life-threatening health conditions using the Apán Supplements to move to complete healing. It is the most powerful natural healer I know about."

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The Apán supplements contain the necessary ingredients to eliminate toxins, maintain the proper immune response, assist brain function, and promote your body’s stem cell regeneration. Returning to health is like remodeling a home. First, you clean out the unwanted or bad materials, then you replace them with good building blocks that are held properly in place. The Apán supplements give your body the much-needed vital support to eliminate toxins and provide the necessary building blocks to immediately start your healing process.

Apán healing mushrooms: some remarkable cancer survivorship testimonials

Free of breast cancer

Amy D. from North Huntingdon, PA writes, "My doctor was advocating a mastectomy along with other harsh treatments as my only solution for my advanced-stage breast cancer. My friend referred me to using the Apán products. I am so grateful that I listened. I am now free of cancer!!!!!"

Brain tumor 'miracle patient' completely restored to health

Beverly D. from Boulder, CO writes, "I was diagnosed with a brain tumor with the minimal success of ever having a normal life and expected bad outcomes. I started taking the Apán Supplements and was amazed at how I was feeling even with my doctor’s treatments. Over the next few months, the doctor kept telling me to continue to do what I was doing because things were improving. By my fifth month, I was called the 'Miracle Patient' and was completely restored to health. I will continue to take your supplements. Thank you!"

Cancer of the uterus, stage 4

I was diagnosed in 2020 August with Stage 4 uterus cancer. My cancer numbers were around 3600. They put me on chemotherapy. I had ten sessions, with two different kinds of drugs each. In the meantime, I ordered Wild Apan Super Daily and never stopped. I changed my diet, and the cancer numbers kept coming down. The tumor inside of my uterus was the size of a grapefruit, and is now gone. There was fluid around my lungs, and now that’s gone. I took 6 dropper fulls a day, 3 in the morning, and 3 at night. My cancer numbers went down to 33. I don’t eat any meat or bad stuff. I try to do a plant based diet. I also started taking the Defense as well. I took it the whole time that I had chemo and never got sick. I think it was because I was taking these supplements.
Francine, M., Vineland, NJ

Prostate cancer

The doctors said that I had a highly aggressive form of cancer... My regimen of certain alternative methods is working to keep my cancer from being a lot worse. I believe that the Wild Apan Super Daily is an integral part of this as it helps my body to better fight off the nasty disease. This is an amazing product, and I would recommend it that would choose to seek alternative ways to help their body fight against things that seek to destroy it.
Paul M., Plant City, FL.
October 2022

Pancreas cancer / adrenal gland cancer, stage 4

When faced with the diagnoses of 4th stage pancreatic/adrenal gland cancer, I faced "life and death decisions." I knew if I chose the usual cancer protocol, I may live awhile, but... would each day until the end be "worth living?"
OR... If I trusted in Jesus My Savior and His Word, could there be another answer?

When faced with a life and death decision, one thing is very clear. Each day is a choice! Each day has to count! Each decision I make is where and what I exactly need to do and where I need to be! It has to be doing something important because each minute is a choice! It can be with family and friends, church, or doing something that will bless someone else.

My answer of what to do came quite by accident... and prayer! I met Paul Dean of Siahus. Hope "refueled" my Faith! Paul's positive attitude and health information of Siahus products gave me the option of taking "The Road Less Traveled!" 

It would be "My Journey By Faith!" This journey has led me to leave behind the diagnosis and the 2 year mark that I would be dead. My journey has given me wonderful days and years of "what seemed impossible then, but nearly PERFECT Health" NOW!

My years of looking to a death diagnosis are gone!

I have been led to open my new businesses; new creative art opportunities for my community and nation; awaking everyday with health; and looking to a long-life future! I look and act "Much Younger" than my actual age! People wonder why I am so happy and filled with joy?

It is because I made a decision to not follow the main-stream, but seek "My Own Journey!" I believe in my heart, I have God to thank and Siahus! I have NOT regretted a moment of this decision... "Road Less Traveled, My Journey of Choice!" GOD is Faithful! 

Katie, W, Ava, MO

Cancer in complete remission

Carl C. from Dallas, Texas writes, "I tried the Super Daily and the Defense for my cancer and in three months I am in complete remission. I know it is the Apan products since that is the only thing I did differently. Thank you for restoring my health and life."

Breast Cancer

In November of 2020, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I tried the Wild Apan Super Daily in January 2021, and I use 6 dropper fulls a day. I had surgery on January 8th, 2021. I’ve been using it every since, and I’ve stayed on it. I had my bilateral mammogram done on April 26th, 2022, and I have been cleared of my cancer. I believe that the Super Daily is the reason for my remission. It helped me heal faster from surgery. Now, I’ve been on it for 16 months, and it’s really helped me. I’m down to 4 dropper squirts a day. I believe in this product, so therefore, I would recommend this product to anyone who has cancer! I would like to thank my cousin for recommending Wild Apan who went thru cancer also.
Barbara S., Rio Rancho, NM

Bladder cancer complete recovery

Johannes D. from Tavares, Florida writes, “"I am very pleased with the Apán supplements. My husband recovered completely from bladder cancer. Thank you for your assistance."

Prostate cancer in remission

Dean G. from Ava, MO writes, "My cancer of the prostate was in remission after four months with using the supplements. I still use them daily and feel great."

Still growing tumor shrunk by 25% in two months

Kelly K. from Salt Lake City, UT wrote, "Before I started the Apán supplements my tumor was still growing. I added the Defense and Apán Super Daily to my routine and in just a couple of months, it shrank by 25%. Thank you."

Throat cancer gone

James H. from Temple, TX writes, "I lost my voice when my throat cancer became more advanced. I started taking the Apán mushroom and now my cancer is gone and my voice is back. I thank God for this wonderful product and that I found you all!"

There are numerous additional testimonials available, including for prostate cancer, metastasised lung cancer, skin cancer, bowel cancer, Hodgkins lymphoma and Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, ocular melanoma metastasized to the liver, colon neuroendocrine cancer, melanoma, terminal cancer with several cancerous liver spots with liver now clear, liver (and other) tumors shrinking, and a doctor testifying that in 2020, all his terminal cancer patients had recovered so far.

There are also a number of testimonials by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy saying that the supplement near-completely prevented all side effects such as nausea.

Other conditions

Severe, painful sores all over the body, MRSA

To:  All Loyal Customers and, To: All New Customers, I, personally, would never be without Wild Apan Super Daily and the Defense products. They are amazing!  I am 65 years old and, had been very sick since March, 2019 at which time (literally) I was suddenly covered in severe, painful sores all over my body.  The Doctors tried absolutely everything (ointments, creams, antibiotics) — there was nothing they could do to help me. The sores continued, we couldn't get rid of them!  My health was failing rapidly due to MRSA.  In April, 2021 a very good friend referred me to Apan Super Daily.  It is this product that has literally reversed the symptoms of MRSA. I’m not totally over the hump yet (as it takes a long time to get MRSA out of your blood, your tissues and your system), but it’s the only thing, the only product, that has helped me. I haven't had any sores now for quite some time (for which I am incredibly grateful), and the longer I take this product, the better I breathe, and my energy has improved a thousand fold! I take the products morning and night, without fail! It's the first thing I do in the morning, and the last thing I do before I retire for the night.  Thank YOU, SIAHUS!
Carollyn L, from Las Vegas, NV

Prevention and health maintenance

I’ve been taking the products since 2008 and according to my doctor my numbers are great. I take the products for prevention and overall health. I would definitely recommend the product to everyone! 
Alfred M, Hobe Sound, FL

Multiple broken bones

Apan literally changed my life! (No exaggeration) As an athlete, to find myself suddenly with a broken back and multiple broken ribs in great pain, I had only one thing in mind: refuse harsh medications, and get to the Apan!!  And I did!  Within just two weeks I had dropped the 'walker', and astonished the Dr. with the unusual speed in healing and mobility!  Apan is a unique and highly efficacious healing remedy, most ingeniously formulated, with a delicious taste as well. I also use it topically on any injury with powerful healing results and pain vanishes! 
Daphne B, Canada 05/11/2022

Other testimonials available report on acne, allergies, arthritis, back, blood, blood pressure, bowels, breathing, broken ankle, bronchitis, cholesterol, Covid-19, detox, diabetes, digestive System, ears, energy, eyes, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal, generic, heart, infections, injury, kidney, libido, lumps, lyme disease, lymph node, menopause, menstruation, mole or lesion, mono, MRSA, multiple sclerosis, neurological, pain, parkinson's, pet, pneumonia, psoriasis, scars, seizure, shingles, sinuses, skin/hair, sleep, sores/wound, stomach, thyroid, tonsils, toothache, tremors, tumors, ulcerative colitis, urinary tract, veins, viruses, weight loss, and youthful appearance.

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1 For details see https://siahus.com/research/ .

2 The Chaga mushroom is an invasive fungus which is commonly found on birch trees in cold climates. Chaga has a long history of use as a folk remedy in Russia and other countries of northern Europe but is also found in Japan, Korea and Central Asia. The Chaga mushroom possesses over 200 active biological substances. Numerous studies have shown various medicinal effects of the Chaga mushroom (currently — March 2022 — 289 results on PubMed, the official biomedical database). These include anticancer, antitumor, anti-mutagenic (serving to counter agents or substances that can cause genetic mutation), antiviral, antidiabetic, antioxidant, immune-stimulating, anti-inflammatory, antiplatelet, pain-relieving, anti-allergic, cognition-enhancing, and antioxidant effects and activities. Chaga extracts protect the liver and pancreas and oral administration of chaga compounds was shown to increase exercise endurance.

Specifically, in studies done on cell lines chaga extracts or constituents exerted inhibitory and pro-apoptotic effects against colon, lung, and liver cancer as well as antitumor effects against cervical cancer. In animal models, chaga was shown to inhibit the growth of melanoma cells.

With the natural reserves of the chaga mushroom nearing exhaustion, scientists are working at developing cultivated substitutes of the wild variety.

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