'Terminal' Cancer Cured With Green Barley

Plus: prostate cancer healed with detox diet & juice fasting

Curing Massive Cancer With Barleygrass Pills ☆ Healing Prostate Cancer With Three-Week Colon Cleanse Program & Juicing

reported by Bob Davis in MY CANCER SUCCESS STORY

"In April 1996, I went to the hospital as an outpatient for an x-ray. They found that I had massive cancer. I had a mass in my abdomen a foot wide and several inches thick. Further, I had several masses in my chest, some of them 'the size of soft balls'. It was also determined that I had cancer in my bone marrow.

I was immediately converted into an 'in' patient and started on a very heavy chemotherapy program. I had chemo in April, May, and June, with no effect on the cancer. It seemed to thrive on the stuff.

It was the middle of June when my doctor told me that the chemo wasn't working. He later told me that another treatment would kill me. I knew that this was true because my body was ravaged by the chemo. I was curled up in a fetal position unable to sleep or eat. I was emaciated and had excruciating pain all through my body.

I asked my doctor what we were going to do. He said, 'Try..........something else'.

The previous February I had called a college chum who had devastating arthritis. He couldn't climb stairs or drive his car. I asked him how he was doing and he said 'Fantastic'! He told me that he was taking an herbal product and it had eliminated his arthritis in three weeks. I asked him what it was and he said 'Dried green barley leaves'. He gave me the 800 number and I ordered a bottle for my wife who has arthritis.

It was the middle of June as I mention above, that I received a phone call from the owner of the company that provides the dried green barley pills. She asked me how I was doing on the pills. I told her that I wasn't using them. I had gotten them for my wife and they helped her when she remembered to take them.

I then said the most fortunate thing I have said in my life. I said, 'I'm fighting another battle'. She asked me what it was and I told her that it was cancer. She said, 'Oh, Mr. Davis, You don't know do you'? I asked her what was it that I didn't know and she said, 'Don't you know that cancer and arthritis can't grow in an alkaline body'? I told her that I had never heard that before.

To make a long story short (one of my favorite phrases), I started taking the pills and in ten days my cancer was 95% gone! My next Ct scan showed no cancer in my body and I have been cancer free ever since.

I was checked last month and I am still cancer free. I still take 20 200 mg tablets of dried green barley every day. It costs me a whopping 95 cents or so.

Since then I have adopted a 95% (I do have birthday cake with a grandchild now and then) vegan diet which I really like. I feel better than I have in 40 years. People say I look younger. I have 'lotsa' energy.

DOCTORS BAFFLED — "My cancer is gone!"
Will you be the next success story?

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In 2001 I had an exam that showed the possibility of prostate cancer, so my doctor sent me to a urologist who confirmed that I did indeed have prostate cancer and pressed me for my answer to his options. His favorite solution was radical surgery.

I asked him if he believed in alternative medical treatments for cancer, to which he responded, 'Well, yes.' which could hardly be considered enthusiastic support of the idea.

He sat in front of me on a chair, knee to knee and face to face as he pressed me for my answer. I told him that I would take an alternative route and left his office.

Three weeks later, I went back for a visit. He said, 'Well, have you made up your mind?' I asked for another PSA test.

He said, 'But you just had one only three weeks ago.'

I reminded him that I had told him my plan was to take an alternative treatment. He said, 'Well OK, but it had better be good, not just 1 or 2 points, or we are going to have 'that talk', OK?

I said, 'OK' and he authorized another test.

A few days later, he called; 'Mister Davis, I don't know what you are doing, but keep it up. You do not have prostate cancer!' I have been checked regularly since and I am still good.

What did I do? For three weeks I went on a juice fast and colon cleanse [detox diet] program.

I am eager to share information on cancer treatment and general health issues. I do occasionally speak at meetings on several related subjects. My favorite subject is ENZYMES!!!! "

Compare Barley Grass Powder as "Medicine" in Cancer and Other Diseases and Note.

Also, for a most spectacular “terminal” cancer cure achieved via a modified fast using wheatgrass juice implants etc. (the patient was unable to hold any food down), see Testimonial: terminal breast cancer with multiple tumors, heart failure, advanced diabetes with blindness, extreme weakness, complete inability to digest: a wheat grass juice detox cancer cure “against all odds”.

Also by Bob Davis: Your attitude and cancer.

DOCTORS BAFFLED — "My cancer is gone!"
Will you be the next success story?

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Note by Healing Cancer Naturally

Many thanks and hats off to Bob Davis whose above double cancer cure testimonial is another wonderful testament to the miraculous self-healing power of the human body if properly supported and driven by determination and will to live. Incidentally, Bob Davis (at around age 80) also healed his eyes in the process, going from dependency on glasses to renewed 20/20 vision.

To give a rounder picture of the possible effect of barley pills, however, here is a report from another cancer patient: “I have been taking 6 blue-green algae capsules AND 4 TABLESPOONS of powdered barley green every morning. But the cancer has not been shrinking from that.” This is of course sad for the person concerned but good to hear as more 'anecdotal evidence'.

In fact, Bob Davis himself emphatically stresses that “I do not claim that dried green barley leaves is a cancer cure. It cured me, but it does not usually work this way. I know of only one other case that is reported by Dr. Lorraine Day at drday.com when dried green barley leaves delivered a nurse from cancer when everything else failed. I do highly recommend taking dried green barley leaves as a supplement, however.”

Personally, I feel that what contributed to the patient’s healing of massive cancer after suffering the ravages of chemotherapy may not only have been the concentrated nutrients delivered by the dehydrated green barley but also the belief of the former cancer patient in barley green’s healing power for cancer, not to mention his clearly visible will to live!

In other words, I suspect that in the above case of rapid cancer healing, his belief in the 'mantra', 'Cancer can't grow in an alkaline body/alkaline environment ... and my body is being made alkaline through taking barley green pills' played a major role in the rapid shrinking of his tumors. I suspect that he mentally repeated this 'mantra' to himself as he took the pills - and 'as he thought, so he created'...

Many real-life reports clearly show that our oft-repeated thoughts/beliefs can virtually heal (or kill) us, or less dramatically put, keep us healthy and make us ill respectively - hence the great importance of positively speaking to oneself in terms of 'I am healing/I am healed' etc. (See Healing Cancer & Your Mind.)

I would nevertheless encourage the reader to check out barley green or barley grass - at its best, basically a natural hardly-tampered-with food with high nutrient density including chlorophyll. Dietary improvements & changes (also compare Prostate cancer: healing & other testimonials involving the Dr. Johanna Budwig diet), juicing and detoxification alone have been known to heal many cancers.

Make sure to choose a barley green product that is made from organically grown barley grass “grown in mineral and microbial rich soil, under sunlight and in a cool climate”, free from pesticides, heavy metals and other chemical & environmental contaminants such as nuclear fallout and acid rain and with its enzymes intact.

Apparently, only barley grasses grown under these conditions “are capable of producing the greatest nutritional content or of reaching their highest potential. Cereal grasses grown without these correct environmental factors do not produce normal root growth and proper leaf development. The indoor or tray ‘sprouted grasses’ grow in quite a different way and do not absorb soil nutrients or achieve growth stages necessary for producing potent nutrients.”
You may still prefer to grow and juice your own homemade green barley grass for reasons of freshness and economy.

And a special note to cancer patients implementing the Budwig diet: Barley greens in pill form are a concentrated food and advertised as “high in antioxidants”. In that sense they would not qualify as a good adjunct to the Budwig diet since Dr. Budwig in one instance even warned against using isolated wheat germ, see Budwig FAQ: supplemental antioxidants & the Budwig protocol.

While the decision “to take or not to take” rests fully with each individual’s discretion, of course, it might be suggested using fresh raw greens in juice or other form instead since additionally, the process of drying might destroy or degrade some of the valuable ingredients stored in the fresh plant (incl. electrons and solar photons).

DOCTORS BAFFLED — "My cancer is gone!"
Will you be the next success story?

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