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Cancer victory thanks to the macrobiotic diet

Cured by the dietary and philosophical approach of macrobiotics

Complementing the listing of e-books and printed books written by cancer victors who chose various natural, non-toxic and/or holistic modalities to heal themselves (frequently after having been given up on by their conventional doctors), this page exclusively focuses on such accounts in book format which center on the macrobiotic diet as the primary means that helped achieve remission.

For background on the macrobiotic diet for cancer, click here.


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When Hope Never DiesWhen Hope Never Dies: The Story Of My Recovery From Cancer And The Program I Used To Heal Myself

by Marlene Marcello Mckenna

Likely the longest (soon 30 years) medically documented survivor of metastatic malignant melanoma plus intestinal tumors (originally given nine months to live), this book details Marlene Marcello Mckenna's healing and spiritual journey. Thanks to macrobiotics and lifestyle changes, she was free of cancer within five months without resorting to chemo or radiation.

Physician Heal Thyself, The Cancer Prevention DietPhysician Heal Thyself, The Cancer Prevention Diet

Dr. Hugh Faulkner (1912–1994) was a medical doctor who at the age of 74 was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. After adopting the macrobiotic diet and starting to implement shiatsu and other holistic approaches, he went into remission and finally died at age 81 in 1994. This book co-authored with his wife (or daughter) details his healing journey.

Love, SanaeLove, Sanae: Healing Vegan Macrobiotic Cooking, My Healing Journey

by Sanae Suzuki

In 1993 the author was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and later suffered near-fatal injuries in a car accident. She overcame both through practicing the philosophy and dietary principles of macrobiotics. Her book features the recipes she used and background to her healing journeys and recovery.

Becoming WholeBecoming Whole

by Meg Wolff

Dying of breast cancer in 1999, Meg Wolff had gone through mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation after she had already been diagnosed with bone cancer in 1991 leading to the amputation of one of her legs.

This is the remarkable and inspiring story of how she healed herself physically and emotionally and saved her marriage. "Before you reach the book's conclusion, you will see a life reclaimed, relationships rebuilt, and a spirit set free to send words of experience, wisdom, and hope to a world that increasingly needs to hear her words." (As all the cancer survivors featured on this page, Meg Wolff adopted the macrobiotic diet.)

My Beautiful LifeMy Beautiful Life

by Mina Dobic, PhD

In 1987, Mina was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer metastasized to her liver, bones, and lymphatic system. Given two months to live, Mina realized that the conventional treatment (chemotherapy and radiation) suggested by her oncologists could not help her.

Instead, she decided to adopt the macrobiotic diet and "way of life" and was cancer free within several months...

Recovery from Cancer: The Remarkable StoryRecovery from Cancer: The Remarkable Story of One Woman's Struggle With Cancer and What She Did to Beat the Odds

by Elaine Nussbaum

"The story of one woman's struggle with cancer and how macrobiotics helped her to cure it. This book was so inspiring that I bought 25 copies to give to friends over the years, and every single person said they loved it. The book provides information which can give hope for anyone struggling with serious illness."

"Great book, great story! I followed what Elaine did for my cancer (stage 3 esophageal) and I am doing wonderfully today almost 2 years since my diagnosis." (reader's reviews)

Recalled by LifeRecalled by Life

by Anthony J. Sattilaro, MD

This is the story of a physician steeped in the conventional approach to medicine, until he is diagnosed with prostate cancer. Embracing a nutritional (macrobiotics) and spiritual new way of life, he heals his cancer.

"My father was diagnosed with cancer and given six months to live. This book became a bible of sorts. My father changed his diet and followed other guidelines found in this book. After five months the cancer was completely gone and he's been cancer free for 17 years now. This book was primarily important for its underlying mesage that ‘You Can Beat cancer’ and my dad is proof.” (from a reader's review)

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