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Eminent author Lothar Hirneise[1] who travelled the world in search of effective answers to healing cancer writes that in his research of conventional and alternative cancer treatments, he learned that even among the so-called alternative practitioners, making money and satisfying one’s personal ego played the major part, similar to what can be observed in the orthodox oncological fraternity (compare On Cancer Business and Negative experiences in the alternative cancer treatment field: on honesty & deception, money & manipulation, commercialism, theft of copyright, ego & “all that glitters is not gold”).

Here is a remarkable exception to the rule — an ‘online’ cancer center based in New Zealand which implements a Mind-Body approach and offers their services to all on a donation basis. Founding member Glen Russell wrote to me about his Mind-Body cancer center and its work:

“We operate a donation-based cancer center to heal the ‘root emotional cause of cancer’, mostly along the lines of the work that Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer is doing with his New Medicine — healing the body through the healing of the mind and the emotions. Healing the root emotional cause of cancer is a critical component in recovering from cancer, and preventing further onset and recurrence of the disease.

We use EFT (emotional freedom techniques), gestalt role-play and visualization techniques to ‘permanently remove’ any and all negative emotions and stress that are feeding and fueling the cancer. Using the new technologies of Skype and Gmail’s Voice and Video, we are now able to offer our services ‘online’ to anyone around the world who has a computer, high speed internet, and a webcam.

We have chosen to operate on a donation-basis as we understand that those with cancer are often overwhelmed by the cost of cancer treatment, and we do not wish for anyone who truly desires to heal the root emotional cause of their cancer, to be denied healing from us due to lack of money.

And as there are typically four 2-hour sessions required to heal these emotions, charging the standard rate of $80-$150 per hour would put these important healing services out of the reach of many.

An energy exchange is important in any form of healing work received (as well as the reality that we too need financial support to continue to operate our healing center on a full-time basis), we therefore ask that anyone receiving healing from us pay a ‘donation of their choosing’ that reflects their current financial circumstances.

Update 2019: The persons running the clinic are taking a sabbatical and are currently unavailable for treatments.

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1 Lothar Hirneise also agrees as to the stress component being a causative factor in tumor/cancer development.

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