Edgar Cayce’s General Nutrition and Diet Recommendations

Healthiest & best foods, assimilation and elimination, detoxification

These are some of the nutrition principles taken from the Edgar Cayce research papers.[1]

Cayce cautioned against combining starches with sweets as this can cause an alcoholic reaction. [Explanation: combining starches with sugar is likely to lead to alcoholic fermentation in the intestines. Compare Dr. F.X. Mayr’s insights into the intimate relation of intestinal health to general health and beauty. For details re recommended proper food combining, see Food Combining Table according to Dr. Hay & Dr. Walb.]

Cayce advised people to use vitamin pills and the like for a duration and then to leave off and then to resume, stressing the point that the body must not get dependant on them and thus fail to make the necessary substances required for the proper digestion of food.

Vitamins do not, will not supply the energies as well as a meal a day consisting of raw salad.
Compare Edgar Cayce’s concise reading on vitamins.

Cayce also gave the principle that fresh food energies decrease in a matter of hours after being picked, in fact he advised that food picked should be as fresh as possible.
Re benefits of fresh vine-ripened foods, compare Natural Dietary Sources: Which Foods Contain Glyconutrients? and On Natural & Commercial Glyconutrients, Cancer, & the Need for Supplements.

He also said that it would even be better to have foodstuffs from the local area to acclimatise the person to that environment.

Also mentioned was that freezing destroys much of the goodness in vegetables.

He cautioned that no one can hate his neighbour and not have stomach or liver trouble and jealousy and the anger of it will be damaging to the heart.
Compare Emotions.

People should eat slowly giving time to the process.

The specifics of Cayce nutrition

Wheat [rolled, crushed or cracked] featured highly in the Cayce regime stressing that it would be good for the body and the mental forces acting on the body.
Beware of all fried foods, fats of any kind and greases.
He cautioned against using any white bread at all.
He cautioned against too much red meat.
He was against too much sugars and starches saying sweets should be obtained from natural sources like fruits, grapes, honey.
Highly recommended were fresh vegetables such as cabbage, celery, lettuce, carrots, watercress, onions, saying that one meal every day should be composed of fresh if not raw vegetables.
Potato skins and plenty of the legumes, peas, beans and the like should be taken.
The ratio that was given on the consumption of vegetables was three above the ground to one beneath.

More of the vitamins are obtained from tomatoes than any other growing vegetable. specifies:

Edgar Cayce was a big advocate of tomatoes, both raw and cooked. When asked about the effects of eating an abundance of tomatoes he responded, “Quite a dissertation might be given as to the effect of tomatoes upon the human system. Of all the vegetables, tomatoes carry most of the vitamins in a well-balanced assimilative manner for the activities in the system. Yet if these are not cared for properly, they may become very destructive to a physical organism; that is, if they ripen after being pulled, or if there is the contamination with other influences.”

In numerous instances, Cayce also advised eating canned tomatoes unless they were fresh and vine-ripened: “Beware of raw tomatoes, unless well-ripened on the vine - not those gathered green and then ripened. Preferably use these cooked or canned, rather than raw unless well ripened when gathered from the vine.” When canned, he cautioned against using sodium benzoate as a preservative.

Cayce didn’t make any specific statements regarding tomatoes as protecting against prostate cancer, but seemed to regard tomatoes, properly harvested and prepared, as having general health benefits. Perhaps future research will uncover additional positive effects of eating tomatoes!

According to the above, there is a big difference between tomatoes and tomatoes, one type being a powerful health-promoting influence, the other a destructive one.

Vegetables will build gray matter [of the brain] faster than will any meat or sweets.
There is no edible substitute for green foods. They appear to be unique in the properties they have within them.

Almonds have some fantastic property, according to Cayce taking 2-3 of them every day will ward off any inclination towards cancer. He said that almonds carry more phosphorus and iron in a combination more easily assimilated than any other nut.
Compare Edgar Cayce On The Cancer-Preventative Health Value of Almonds.

Water was to be drunk and about 6-8 glasses a day was recommended, the water was to be spring or distilled and not of the tap variety.
Coffee and tea should never be taken with cream or milk because it forms a curd, which hinders your digestion.
Fruit juice and milk should not be taken together.
Cayce often advised people to leave milk alone.
Compare Milk and the cancer connection.

Apples should not be eaten raw unless as part of the detox plan outlined later, cooked or boiled is fine.

Salsify is a vegetable recommended by Cayce, which also has advantageous ingredients such as gold, phosphorous, iron and silicon.

Cooking methods

Cayce said that you should not use aluminum cookware for some people.
A recommended method of cooking was to use the steam pressure cookers as this preserves the value of foods.

The use of condiments destroys much of the value of foods.
An added advice not mentioned by Cayce is bin your microwave, a gag order was tried to be placed on two Swiss researchers because they found more carcinogens in microwaved food.

Assimilation and elimination

These are the two keystones of what makes us tick, in fact Cayce said if we could control these aspects of the human form we could extend life to whatever we chose, that's how important these two principles are.

Assimilation is defined as the measure of the ability of any body to utilize foods that we eat. Some people think that having massive doses of nutrition will give them all that they need, they could not be more wrong, it is all right shoving nutrition in but it is quite another thing if the body can absorb it and use it in that form.

Typical assimilation rates might vary from 20% to 80% and nutrition supplied in some forms will not be absorbed at all.

What happens to the food after you swallow it depends to a large degree on the other three principles of your body namely circulation, relaxation and elimination. Circulation is crucial if assimilation is to be maintained at high levels. Circulation is helped greatly by some important factors; exercise, massage, hydrotherapy treatments and osteopathic adjustments. Because the bloodstream carries the rebuilding forces to the body it is the circulation channels which need to be clear and stimulated so that the blood will flow to feed the cells and tissues.
Compare It’s not what you ingest, but what your cells actually absorb and Dr. F.X. Mayr’s insights into the intimate relation of intestinal health to general health and beauty.


Everything which your body does, every activity produces waste and we get rid of that waste through the skin, the lungs, the kidneys and the intestines. Major problems start to occur when any of these channels are stopped from doing their job, we start to accumulate waste, bacteria start growing at alarming rates which leads to all sorts of problems as we become toxic.

The fact that poor eliminations are the most cited cause of disease within the Cayce papers totalling over 14000 gives you some idea of just how important this aspect really is: getting rid of toxins.

In extreme cases of toxemia Cayce recommended a controlled fast or a three-day raw apple diet to clear the system and restore balance.

A great deal of elimination takes place through the lungs by means of deep breathing and Cayce placed great emphasis on this aspect recommending some of the breathing techniques as used in yoga.

Of course exercise plays a very important role here driving out wastes into the lungs and speeding up circulation, helping digestion, helping elimination of wastes through the skin.

Cayce used certain foods to help elimination such as leafy vegetables and in the mornings or evenings stewed figs, raisins, apricots or pears occasionally. Cayce said that it would be good for everyone to have a colonic occasionally.
Compare Detoxification.


Just impeding the flow to the brain for a few minutes will cause permanent brain damage, such is the importance of good circulation.

The blood feeds our cells, our tissues, and the better the circulation the better we feel. For all the body’s rebuilding forces come through quicker with good circulation. Not only does the blood carry the so important chemicals, which feed our cells, but also the lymphatic system carries away our wastes. Exercise helps circulation in a big way as does massage, hydrotherapy, osteopathy and other manipulative therapies.
Compare Activate Your Lymphatic System.

The Cayce detox

Recommended in hundreds of readings was the Cayce detox, the elimination process was found to be poor in thousands of people and the subsequent build-up of toxins and poisons was found in hundreds of people. The Cayce detox was to help rid the body of these wastes.

The lay person can easily appreciate the situation, as in your very own kitchen if you did not clean up after every meal, bacteria would have a great time multiplying and contaminating places everywhere.

So many thousands of people have been helped greatly by helping the body get rid of waste, the importance of which cannot be overestimated.

Cayce prescribed the three-day apple diet where for three days you would eat nothing but apples of the sheep-nosed type, preferably organic types like Jonathans, Delicious, Oregon reds, Arkansas black, and water. At the end of the third day, a two spoons full of olive oil was taken.

The words people used to describe their success having done this regime are ”uplifting”, ”revitalizing”, ”feeling great”, an euphoric feeling, greater mental clarity and physically more energy. It is one of the most effective ways of preventing disease. In fact Cayce said that it would cleanse all toxic forces from any body.

According to Harold Reilly’s book he himself tried to detox three times a year. [A world-famous practitioner who successfully treated many celebrities ranging from Nelson Rockefeller, George Meany, Mickey Rooney, Gloria Swanson and Leslie Caron to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Harold Reilly condensed his 45 years experience with the Cayce therapies into The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy.]
Compare Detoxification.


Frequently prescribed by Cayce in hundreds of readings, massage has been used for thousands of years with extremely good effects, some of the benefits being increased circulation and increased elimination. It can provide relaxation or stimulation.

Depending on how it is given, it can help with emotionally affected people, and children have developed better from its use. It will help with depression and a hundred more complaints. It affects every part of the body - nerves, organs, glands, circulation and muscular tone.

Massage will help all people and Cayce advised having one from thirty minutes to an hour and a half-using cold pressed peanut and olive oil at least once a week. It can free up joints, relieve pain and soreness.

Cayce often said that the person giving the massage have some affinity with the patient. It can also build bridges of brotherly or sisterly love between people. Children with major behavioral problems have shown marked improvements in their behavior. Cayce said those who would take a peanut oil rub each week need never fear arthritis.

Also as ever Spiritual healing has been shown to be of huge and extreme benefit in many illnesses, as millions have testified; this can also help those who are just about to pass to the other side of life.

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1 formerly found at republished © Healing Cancer Naturally with permission

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