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What is the body? What is ”physical”? Physicists have been telling us for a long time that everything, including our bodies, is at its most basic level pure energy, i.e. ”nothing” in palpable terms. Now another physicist, Barbara Brennan, seems to have actually proven the existence of a multi-level human energy field, also known as aura.

After investigating for many years the use of this field for healing both physical and emotional problems, she has officially heralded the advent of Energy Medicine or Auric Healing.

Brilliantly bridging science and spirituality, atmospheric physicist Barbara Brennan, a former research scientist for NASA, is one of the first scientists to have studied and proven in-depth the existence of what will hopefully soon be widely recognized as the human energy field (known in lay terms as "aura").

Trained as both physicist and psychotherapist and having spent over 20 years studying the human energy field and working as a healer, Brennan is the author of the soon-to-be classic ”Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field” (based on her observation of 5000 clients and students), as well as a follow-up called ”Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing”.

Blending ancient tradition and modern scientific theory, Brennan provides a comprehensive introduction to the science of the human "aura" or multi-level energy field and its intimate connection to a person's health and well-being, discussing how to work with this field to cure physical and emotional disease (dis-ease).

Brennan writes, ”our bodies exist within a larger ‘body‘, a human energy field or aura, which is the vehicle through which we create our experience of reality, including our health and illness. It is through this energy field that we have the power to heal ourselves.

This energy body – only recently verified by scientists, but long known to healers and mystics – is the starting point of all illness. Here, our most powerful and profound human interactions take place, the precursor and healer of all physiological and emotional disturbances.”

The human energy field or aura consists of various energetic layers including the seven main chakras. Disturbances, imbalances, blockages in any part or layer of the aura ”precipitate” into the physical body, leading to emotional or physical dis-ease.

Based on what she calls expanded sensory perception[1], Barbara Brennan gives substantial background information concerning these processes in her books, incl. many color illustrations and drawings as well as in-depth techniques for correcting these problems.

Barbara Brennan's eminent teacher was Rosalyn L. Bruyere, “an internationally acclaimed healer, clairvoyant, and medicine woman. Trained as an engineer, she was instrumental in the eight-year research on the human electromagnetic field conducted at UCLA. As an ordained minister, she is founder and director of the Healing Light Center Church in Glendale, CA, where she also offers a four year training program for healers”.

In collaboration with Dr. Valerie Hunt from UCLA Berkley, CA., Rosalyn did numerous research projects using electrodes to study the human energy field. In Rosalyn's book "Wheels Of Light", she speaks of one particular study, the Rolf Study (there were numerous others published by Dr. Hunt). It was during the Rolf study that the two scientists were able to measure the frequencies of the human energy field and discover that these frequencies correlated with the frequencies of visible light.

Barbara Brennan acknowledges her eminent teacher in Bruyere’s book “Wheels of Light” with the words: "Rosalyn Bruyere has been one of the most important teachers of hands-on healing in the world for many years. I will always be grateful for what I have learned from her."

Note on the term “energy”

“In physics, energy is defined simply as the capacity to do work, and energy exchanges are observable and measurable. Energy therapists, in contrast, use the term to describe a kind of universal life force that influences health, but they provide no direct data to document the presence of such a force. Saravi concludes that "New Agers' and psychobabblers' 'energy' has only a remote relationship with its physical, scientific counterpart. For them, it is just a word conveniently invoked to explain phenomena whose very existence is far from certain." (Gaudiano & Herbert).

While I am aware of the looseness with which the term “energy” tends to be used in alternative healing circles, I attribute this mostly to our lack of scientific exploration and understanding of energy in all of its forms (in my opinion, only a small fraction of it has been scientifically observed, described and/or quantified).

While we lack this kind of scientific in-depth understanding of all forms of energy, approximate terms and definitions will need to be used in the interim to roughly describe phenomena which still await proper exploration.

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1 in contrast to extra-sensory perception since Brennan claims that everyone can learn to enlarge their current range of vision[2] and hearing[3].

Brennan provides specific exercises and techniques to help people learn how to see energy fields ("auras"), i.e. to expand their normal perceptual range and to understand psychodynamics and spiritual healing. As one reader remarks: "this book fails to address the highly subjective nature of higher perception, but those who are aware of auras should be able to relate her way of seeing with their own".

2 Human vision: that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum which lies between the wavelengths of about 400 nm and 800 nm (in air) is visible to the human eye. Light can also be characterized by its frequency. The different wavelengths are interpreted by the human brain as colors, ranging from red at the longest wavelengths (lowest frequencies) to violet at the shortest wavelengths (highest frequencies). The intervening frequencies are seen as orange, yellow, green, blue, and, conventionally, indigo.

3 Human audition: the range of sound audible to the human ear is roughly confined to between 20 Hz and 20 kHz (20 - 20,000 Hz).(Definitions excerpted from the former site WordIQ.com)

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