Guided Imagery

and the importance of caring for the mind in healing cancer

We participants in the front lines of the "Cancer Wars" are just ordinary men and women drafted without our consent into this service. We need not be victims. We can turn this experience to ultimate good in service to others. The choice is ours.
Cancer victor Gerald W. White, P.E., on the cancer healing power of visualization, prayer & meditation

by C.C., Long Beach, CA.

Many cancer patients whom I know personally say that the "mind" part of caring for themselves is one of the most important--that is, finding a peaceful place to take yourself in your mind while your physical body is repairing.

The practice of Guided Imagery is one way to find that peaceful place and will aid your recovery. There is, however, a scarcity of good recordings for this purpose. If you have a loved one who can make a tape for you (or you can make it yourself), personalized with your name invoked throughout, that would be beneficial. Any soothing music is fine for background. (Compare Guided Imagery Meditation Script 1, 2 and 3). You can buy pre-recorded "Fighting Cancer" guided imagery CD[s at various places].

In addition, www.healingjourneys.org is an organization dedicated to the psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of healing from cancer. In their words, “Our Mission is to promote and support healing by assisting people with cancer or other life-altering illnesses to access their own healing potential and their ability to thrive.” Their retreats take place in Northern CA. I would urge any cancer patient to find a similar support group in their own area; perhaps this Northern CA group can even refer you.

If you would like to learn about the psycho-neuro-immunological reasons why Guided Imagery works, a book by cancer winner Gerald W. White (excerpts see How & Why Guided Imagery Works) provides a thorough introduction together with an eloquent testimonial and a tutorial on how to do it.

I personally know the author of this book. He healed himself of renal cell (kidney) cancer. Given only weeks to live, he turned it around with Guided Imagery [see Guided Imagery and Visualization plus Prayer & Meditation Have Healed Cancer]. He's now on the Budwig Diet to prevent recurrence.

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