Health and raw food statements under close scrutiny

For apparently well-researched scientific information (I haven’t come across any refuting articles or arguments yet) on the subject of Natural Hygiene and humans’ natural diet see .

The same site also provides ”Research-Based Appraisals of Alternative Diet Lore” (at with articles such as ”Comparative Anatomy and Physiology Brought Up to Date: Are humans natural frugivores/vegetarians or omnivores/faunivores?”, ”Drawbacks to relying exclusively on clinical studies of diet.”, ”Failure to thrive: Your health is more important than raw/veg*n dietary dogma.”, ”Rationalizations in response to the evolutionary and hunter-gatherer evidence for omnivorous diets.”, ”Fruit Is Not Like Mother's Milk: The Nutritional Fallacies of a Popular Fruitarian Myth Exposed.”, ”Longevity and Health in Ancient Paleolithic vs. Neolithic Peoples”, ”Evolution vs. Creationist Pseudoscience”.

Their article ”Is Cooked Food Poison? Looking at the Science on Raw vs. Cooked Foods” (which can be found at discusses in-depth the validity of oft-repeated statements re Natural Hygiene and raw and cooked diets including such claims as Howell's theory of "food enzymes," Kouchakoff's "digestive leukocytosis," the question ”does cooking make minerals ‘inorganic’ or less assimilable"), and the science behind the Pottenger's Cats experiment.

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