Medical astrology according to Dr. Rudolf Sklenar

On using the astrological birth chart as a diagnostic tool

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Rudolf Sklenar MD was a German physician and general practitioner who not only successfully treated cancer patients[1] but who as a dedicated student of astrology, applied astrological considerations in his medical practice with equal success.

While details of Dr. Sklenar's approach to medical astrology can be consulted in the book Astro-Medizin als Lebenshilfe (roughly: Help From Astro-Medicine)[2] [some translated excerpts of this book can be found under On the moon's transit through the zodiac signs and the best times for surgery and taking medications], the following summary aims to outline the rationale behind Dr. Sklenar's inclusion of his patients' astrological birth chart (horoscope) in both their diagnosis and treatment.

  • A person's birth chart shows that individual's "destined" ("written in the stars") susceptibility to certain physical or mental diseases and thus provides an early diagnostic tool. If used and consulted at an early date, the chart can help prevent the onset of serious diseases which is of particular importance for those at risk of developing cancer or heart disease.
  • A person's horoscope can confirm or invalidate the diagnoses established by other means, including the Scheller blood test for cancer[4], iridology, and conventional tests such as the EKG all of which Dr. Sklenar used in his practice.

By including astrology, Dr. Sklenar followed in the footsteps of eminent physicians and astrologers of the past.

Hippocrates (c. 460 – c. 370 BC) insisted that the wise physician absolutely needed to be well versed in astrology. Ptolemy (c. 100 – c. 160) described the effects of celestial bodies on man and his destiny and warned against surgery done at certain times[3]. Paracelsus (1493–1541), a practicing astrologer, included astrology as a major tool in his medical armamentarium.

A sample case of Dr. Sklenar's highlighting the potential of medical astrology

A man with chest pain radiating into his left arm came to consult with Dr. Sklenar. Since his horoscope showed clear signs of dangerous heart disease as well as ill portents for a sojourn abroad, Dr Sklenar warned the patient against his upcoming holiday in Italy (planned to be undertaken within the next couple of days).

To confirm his astrological diagnosis, Dr. Sklenar ran an EKG on the patient. To his surprise, no signs of heart disease could be detected. Jubilant, the patient commented that "he was right after all and the symptoms were simply due to overwork and the weather" (there was a thunderstorm brewing). In spite of Dr Sklenar's insistence to cancel the trip, the patient decided to leave. To help alleviate his current condition, he was prescribed some medications.

It was not long after their meeting that Dr. Sklenar learned that the man had succumbed to a heart attack as early as the third day of his holiday.

For another case with a fatal ending which underligns the potentially important role of celestial influences in health, disease and medical treatment (particularly surgery), see On the moon's transit through the zodiac signs and the best times for surgery and taking medications.

Numerous additional examples of our health and illnesses' "star connection" can be found in the classic Text-Book of Astrology by noted astrologer Alfred John Pearce (1911).

All of the above notwithstanding, Dr. Sklenar pointed out — as have other authors — that the higher a person's ethical and moral development, the less he or she will be subject to astral influences.

A note regarding vedic (aka Hindu or Indian) astrology

For those who may be wondering whether Dr. Sklenar used or included vedic astrology in his approach, personally I didn't notice a single reference to this variant of astrology in his book so it's unlikely he should have been influenced by it.

A note regarding the Christian Bible

Erika Herbst, a truly fundamentalist Christian and accomplished health book author, writes that the Bible does state that the stars influence human lives and affairs and that any beliefs to the contrary are based in misinterpretation and/or mistranslations of the original text. As Dr. Sklenar above, she also states that humans become more independent of such influences as they evolve on the ethical plane.

Some concluding advice

Whatever you decide to do in matters of health and healing, I highly recommend including a request for a most benevolent outcome.

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1 See Successful cancer treatment with Kombucha and coli preparations according to Dr. Rudolf Sklenar.

2 This book featuring Dr. Sklenar's astromedical work (published by the Austrian ARCTURUS-Verlag) reunites in fact the essence of the work of several medical astrology experts, including SURYA (Demeter Georgiewitz-Weitzer [1873–1949]) and SINDBAD (Friedrich Schwickert [1855–1930], a widely known expert for astrology and hermetic arts) who together authored the older book Astrologie und Medizin.

Astro-Medizin als Lebenshilfe includes a chapter discussing the medical astrology of Paracelsus and a contribution by US-American naturopath Nancy Coker. The entire book was thoroughly revised by yet another apparent luminary in the field, Prof. Frank Hofmann. Astro-Medizin als Lebenshilfe is described as furnishing an overall presentation giving equal weight to the astrological and medical aspects of the matter and best meeting the requirements of modern times.

3 See On the moon's transit through the zodiac signs and the best times for surgery and taking medications.

4 Dr. med. Dr. phil. Emil Scheller was a German physician and author who did extensive work with cancer patients. He wrote a number of books including "Krebsschutz durch Früherkennung und Ursachenbehandlung" [Cancer Prevention By Early Diagnosis and Treatment of the Causes] (Humata Verlag Blume 1965) from which translated excerpts are featured under Isopathic autologous serum treatment for cancer pain treatment. Scheller also developed a cancer blood test designed to evaluate a person's cellular metabolism (cellular respiration) to predict cancer risk.

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