The science of transmitting vital/healing energy

by the effort of one’s mind

[Y]ou don't need faith healers to get well — you can do it yourself using the incredible power of the human mind. The carrot experiment shows you what you can do ... You can control the power in and around your mind. And once you learn to do that, you'll be free of disease forever!
Former psychic healer Charles R. Collins in the National Examiner, 2/18/82, on the awesome power of the human mind to make ill and to heal, including from cancer

Welcome to page five of Healing & Your Mind! This and more pages in this section are specifically devoted to the scientific corroboration of the existence of vital (healing) energy as well as negative thought energy and the fact that both are transmitted through the agency of the human mind.

An introduction to the link between thoughts/consciousness/emotions and disease & healing, including a complete list of Healing Cancer Naturally tools and articles on Healing & Your Mind can be found here.

The science of transmitting vital energy by the effort of one’s mind (I)

Donna Rosenthal in the National Enquirer, 1/11/77: "In Tests Conducted at University California Psychic Transfers His Energy Into and Out of Plant Leaves 4,000 Miles Away"

In a stunning show of mind power, a psychic has transferred energy into and out of plant leaves in a University of California laboratory in Los Angeles — while he was nearly 3,000 miles away in Miami.

"Charles Collins is incredible. The results of our tests on him were both significant and very dramatic," reported John Hubacher, research associate who conducted the tests at UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute.

And Dr. Stanley Krippner, internationally famous parapsychologist, declared:

"I am familiar with research in this field and nothing to my knowledge like this experiment has been reported!'

Hubacher first tested Collins — who says he is a psychic healer — at UCLA last January. "First we photographed six leaves individually using the Kirlian equipment, which photographs the electrical discharge around objects," he explained. Leaves are excellent detectors of energies associated with healing.

"Then Collins held his hands a few inches from the six leaves and tried to put energy into them. We photographed the leaves, and each of the six Kirlian photos showed that the energy fields around the leaves got brighter, which meant they had more energy than before. Then Collins tried to extract energy — in the next photos the electrical field around each leaf got dimmer."

The scientists then photographed a control group of six other leaves, with Collins holding his hands near but not adding or subtracting energy. "None of the 18 control photos showed any significant change," said Hubacher. Collins returned to Miami, his home, and the experiment was repeated once a week for six weeks in February through March — but this time from 2,826 miles away.

"At the appointed time I faced west and held my hands up” recalled Collins. "I imagined that my hands were placed over the leaves in the UCLA laboratory. When I sent energy to the leaves, I felt my hands get warmer and warmer.

"When I reversed the process for the next set of leaves, I imagined my hands extracting energy from the leaves, and my hands felt heavier, just as they feel when I'm extracting energy from a patient."

Hubacher told The ENQUIRER: "We continued this procedure once a week for six weeks. Each time he definitely caused the energy field around the leaves either to grow dimmer or brighter, while the control groups showed no significant change. "These changes were not random fluctuations. The electrical discharge of the leaves got brighter when the energy was put in and dimmer when the energy was withdrawn by Collins."

Dr. Thelma Moss, director of the UCLA parapsychology laboratory and internationally known parapsychology researcher, said: "We got some very dramatic changes in the leaves.

"The photographs of the leaves before and after Collins sent out the energy show that he's a unique individual."

Dr. Robert N. Miller, former professor of chemical engineering at Georgia Tech and a world-renowned research scientist, tested Collins and found that he can put about twice the amount of energy as the average person into water. "Collins can produce changes in energy patterns," said Dr. Miller. "He definitely has shown scientifically that he has healing abilities.”

"My tests show that an energy different from the energies recognized by modern science is given off by Collins' hands — an energy which is different from heat, light or even electricity.”

"Up until now, medical doctors didn't believe that healing by the laying-on-of-hands was possible. Now we've verified that there is a very real energy and it can be measured over great distances. Even the most skeptical doctor has to admit that something amazing is happening!"

Psychic Charles Collins shows how he uses his amazing power to transfer energy into and out of plant leaves.

DRAMATIC PHOTO: Psychic Charles Collins shows how he uses his amazing power to transfer energy into and out of plant leaves.

The science of transmitting vital energy by the effort of one’s mind (II)

Frank Garner in The GRIT, Penn, 5/1977: "Ex-Businessman Explores Frontiers of Human Mind"

In 1972, at the peak of his business career, Charles R. Collins, Jr., gave it all up and headed for "parts unknown."

"I was in the textile business in Newton, N.C.," he recalled recently, "and I was very successful. But I was unhappy in what I was doing. I felt there had to be more to life."

At 37, he was disillusioned. His father had just died after a lifetime in the textile business and, shortly before his death, had questioned what his life had added up to.

"I figured there had to be more to it," Collins said. "I was making well over $100,000 a year, but I just walked into my board of directors one day and resigned. I told them to sell it. That was it.

"I didn't know what I was going to do or where I was going. But I knew that what I was doing was not what I wanted to do."

With a camping trailer behind his car, he headed west, with no particular destination in mind. After spending some time in Alaska and elsewhere, he finally found his way to Utah. Along the way, however, he stumbled upon a book which was to change the direction of his life.

The book was "Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain," by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder. He was amazed to learn about research being done on the powers of the human mind and to find that persons could learn to use these powers.

"I felt that if they could teach it, I could learn it," he said.

And that's just what he did. Finding complete solitude on a ranch in Southern Utah, he spent the next three years — a year and a half in isolation — reading, studying, and seeking. He sought to "know himself," as the Greek Philosopher Socrates had advised centuries ago. He worked two hours a day on controlling. his mind, developing his powers of concentration.

When he came out of this intense period of self-discipline, he had insights and abilities which he had never even imagined during his years in the textile business. He moved to Miami, where he was able to transmit healing energy to hundreds of persons, curing them of a wide range of illnesses.

As an example, one woman had suffered 30 years with stomach pains and a hiatus hernia, resulting in spasms so severe that she could scarcely breathe. After Collins gave her three treatments, she wrote:

"I haven't taken any pills since he has treated me. My nerves are calm; and I enjoy doing my work more than ever. . . The pain has stopped, and I can eat, whatever I want and feel no ill effect from it."

A woman who had severe headaches for 47 years was relieved of the condition. Even though she was in Salt Lake City and Collins was in Miami, he was able to do what no medication had been able to accomplish: cure her of what she called "mind-shattering headaches and sleepless nights." Distance was no barrier.

Collins, who calls himself a magnetic healer because he considers the word "psychic" too vague, is convinced that he can transfer energy by exerting the power of his mind. One of his most impressive feats, aside from healings, was to send energy nearly 3,000 miles from Miami to the University of California at Los Angeles.

Psychic healer Charles Collins exerted mind energy on leaves in a Los Angeles laboratory to visibly decrease and increase their vital energy.

SENDS ENERGY: While in Miami, Collins (left), having its energy decreased (Collins exerted mind energy on leaves in a Los Angeles laboratory) and in its normal state (right). The Los Angeles laboratory, Kirlian photo — black sections of the leaves indicate the areas of energy.
Note: The above text seems to be garbled but having no access to the original, I am unable to correct it.

Scientists at UCLA photographed leaves with the Kirlian process, which utilizes high-frequency electrical energy to show on film the activity of living, cells. The experiment, repeated once a week for six weeks, showed conclusively that Collins could increase energy or withdraw it from the leaves — even from 2,826 miles away. Previously he had done the same thing in person while he was in the laboratory.

In healings, he explained he sends energy in the same w[ay] he uses the power of his mind to withdraw the illness and replace it with healing, love, and goodness. He is convinced that anyone could do what he does, provided they would prepare themselves as he has.

To show that everyone has mind power, Collins has devised a simple experiment which anyone can do:

A simple experiment using carrot tops shows that everyone has mind power.

Obtain six or eight carrots and cut off the tops, leaving about half an inch of the carrot attached to the top. Place three or four of the tops in each of two dishes of water. Mark one dish with a plus sign and the other with a minus sign.

Place both dishes on a sunny windowsill. Several, times a day, pick up the one with the plus sign and tell it how beautiful it is and encourage its growth. Do the opposite with the other dish, despising it and feelingly cursing its chances for growth.

The carrot tops on the right received negative thoughts and those on the left positive encouraging thoughts.

Picture credits: thoughtscreate.com and HealingCancerNaturally.com

Carrot picture comments MIND POWER: Anyone can do this experiment, Collins says. The carrots on the [right] received negative thoughts and those on the [left] encouraging thoughts. If our thoughts can have this effect on [things] outside them, he says, think what influence they have on the condition of our bodies.

In more than 90 percent of the cases, the plus-marked plants will sprout and grow, the minus-marked carrots would wither and die.

Collins considers this experiment extremely important in helping persons realize the power of the mind. Once they realize the effect they can have even on something outside of themselves, he points out, they begin to realize that their thoughts have a lot to do with their own physical conditions.

MY GOAL is to do more than be a healer. He wants to help persons to get hold of their own inner powers so that they can help themselves stay well. To enable them to do this he has prepared a cassette tape called "Relaxation" and published a book entitled "The ABC's of Life."

The tape have am listener to relax his body and focus his mind on peaceful meditative thought. It is impregnated with an inaudible alpha sound, a relaxed level of brain waves, draining tension from the body. Collins says it has helped many persons end their dependence on drugs and alcohol.

The book, in very simple terms, shows persons how to get in touch with who they really are and then offers definite procedures they can use to get rid of wrong ways of thinking.

As a healer, he stresses that a person must want to be bad subconsciously. He has been amazed to find out that many persons subconsciously don't want healing. They are attached to their conditions and, whether they consciously realize it or not, they enjoy the attention they get through being ill.[1]

As an example, he cited the case of a woman whose finger was swollen with arthritis. As Collins treated her, he could see the swelling go down. But later it returned. Under hypnosis, she admitted that she really only wanted to regain use of some of her fingers.

"The power of the mind is unbelievable," Collins observed. "She was getting attention through it (the arthritis). The woman was totally healed, and five minutes later she was totally sick again."

The healer has [s]een so many cases like this that he now insists that patients work with the book and tape before receiving healing energy from him. He said the process is so exhausting for him that he must be sure patients are subconsciously ready to be healed.

Ralph Waldo Trine, in his classic inspirational book "In Tune With the Infinite," underscore[s] the importance of the patient in effecting his cure; "One may cure another, but to be Permanently healed one must do it himself. In this way another may be most valuable as a teacher by bringing one to a clear realization of the forces within.... "

While Collins worked with sick persons in Miami, he had the greatest success with those who learned of this inner power through eight one-hour study sessions with him with his book or tape. He hopes to bring the[s]e same insights, to others. He is himself a teacher as well as a healer.

As a result of the leaf experiment and the healing of hundreds of persons, Collins has shown repeatedly that he can transmit vital energy by the effort of his mind. He considers this ability a science.

"My contention is — and what I would like to prove is — that man can learn to do this, if man wants to. It's not easy. It took me about three years, two hours a day, working on my brain. It sounds easy, but it's not."

The ability is not a gift, he says. The potential is within everyone, but we must learn to use it.

Throughout history, such nonmedical healings have been referred to as "psychic", "spiritual," "magnetic," and by other names. Cures of this kind have occurred in many cultures and for centuries. Hippocrates, the Greek Physician known as the father of medicine, wrote:

"We[?] Physicians, even among the ancients, were aware how beneficial it is to the blood to make slight frictions with the hands over the body."

Royalty in many countries brought cures to their subjects through what was known as the "king’s touch." Yogi healers of 25 centuries ago made this type of healing a science, and it was transmitted throughout the world at that time. Christ healed, but often stressed that it was the person's faith which accomplished the change.

Today, so-called "miraculous” healings are occurring both in the church and outside the church. Collins would like to work with a laboratory to prove scientifically that man can learn to use this God-given ability.

Early in this century, a Yogi writer said: "Many people still believe that this form of healing is some sort of special gift, inherent in, and bestowed upon certain individuals. But... the 'gift' of healing is inherent in each person, although some attain more proficiency than others... — All may cultivate and develop this 'gift'.[”]

This is what Collins is saying today. He has returned to Virgin, Utah, where he hopes to be able to teach what he has learned to those who are seriously interested. After years of devoting himself and his financial resources to this work, and providing free healing to those who came to him, he has used up much of his capital. Economics may force him to return to the business world.

Meanwhile, his dream is to share what he has learned with as many people as possible, to heal those who sincerely seek healing, and someday perhaps establish a community of persons who share his dream.

Note by Healing Cancer Naturally

The sprouted carrot tops are perfectly good to eat and a source of good nutrition. :-)


1 Compare On (subconscious) reasons and (conscious) remedies for self-sabotage. Another reason (of likely several more) can be a subconscious "wish" to punish oneself.

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