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Introducing Michael Bierschenk: Michael is the mind and heart behind www.oel-eiweiss-kost.de ("www.oil-protein-diet.de"), the only noncommercial German-language website dedicated to Dr Budwig's research and successes. Encompassing many hundreds of helpful pages and including dozens of fascinating healing testimonials, his remarkable website is the one-stop go-to for anyone in the German-speaking world interested in using the Budwig oil-protein diet for healing cancer or other illness. His unique work and informative website have received accolades such as "precious", "indispensable" and "priceless". Michael is also the author of "Dr Budwig's Oil-Protein Diet — How To Get It Right — The Ultimate Guide". Written to "fill in all the gaps" and rectify the many misleading errors spread by self-appointed Budwig "experts", this important book was published in 2023 on Amazon as a Kindle and a paperback. It is also available as a downloadable PDF at a discount.

Q: How did you become interested in Dr Budwig's oil-protein diet?

MB: From an early age I've been interested in natural modalities and remedies one can apply at home. I assume that's to do with the fact that I've always found it hard to allow others to take charge of my destiny. While this attitude isn't necessarily a positive quality in human relationships, it does prove useful in leading one's life in a self-reliant way. How few of our fellow men have actually realized this has become abundantly (and shockingly) clear in the current corona crisis.

All along, my journey has been accompanied by topics relating to health. While I've always had a certain disaffection for the traditional health care system, luckily, my creator has blessed me with rather robust health so that I rarely had to reach out to physicians for help. I am a musician and guitar player at heart and have been, in fact, from an early age. It's not surprising that I've made it my livelihood which I enjoy practising to this day.

But to come back to your question: in 2005, my best friend was diagnosed with colon cancer. Obviously this was a RED ALERT. No-one around us had ever looked into the subject of cancer or actually had to deal with this illness.

So I began scouring the net for alternative cancer treatments. Like any other layman I was aware that orthodox medicine had nothing to offer but surgery, chemo and radiation. I also knew that the chemo and radiation approach was founded on the hope that the treatment would kill the cancer faster than it would the rest of the body. Since I had no training in western conventional medicine, I had no difficulty in seeing that this approach was kind of mad.

So I began researching and among the various natural treatment approaches I came across, the one proposed by Dr Johanna Budwig appealed to me the most. It's based on a solid scientific foundation, it can be implemented through one's own efforts and it is even affordable to those who don't have lots of money to spare.

I went on to purchase every book Dr Budwig had ever published plus those issues of „Fette und Seifen“ ("Fats and Soaps", a scientific trade journal) which carried articles written by her. In order to gather as much information as I possibly could, I also began contacting people who had known her as a researcher — remember this was two years after she had died — and went to visit some of her former patients. That's how I familiarised myself with the subject of the oil-protein diet.

Q: What was the inspiration behind your creating the largest German website (300+ pages) on the subject and eventually becoming one of the few true Budwig experts worldwide?

MB: As I was conducting my research on Dr Budwig including (obviously) on the web, it quickly became apparent that one had to arduously, bit by bit, search for and gather what little information was even available. So it was logical to create a website on which to compile whatever I could find in a single place. This would save those who like me were looking for detailed information on the Budwig diet a lot of work.

I'd already learned how to create a website when setting up my own web presence as a guitar teacher and I strongly felt that this was something I was meant to do. And so the first version of my website went online in the very same year, i.e. in 2005.

Q: In terms of health and healing, what are your personal experiences with the Budwig diet?

MB: When I first started on the oil-protein diet, the very first thing I very clearly noticed was that I had lots more energy. I felt much more vibrant and energetic within one or two weeks. So far I've never had to deal with more serious illnesses in my life. What struck me was that prior to my new diet virtually every winter I had regular bouts with bronchitis. So come winter once or twice I was laid up in bed. But since 2005 I haven't had a single recurrence! Sure I had the occasional "whiff" of this illness but that didn't force me to stay in bed or interrupt my normal work.

Q: Which is the most common error that you see users make?

MB: Well, I see the most common fallacy in the fact that people seem to think that following Dr Budwig's approach means taking the morning flaxseed oil / cottage cheese muesli, and that this alone would put an end to the health crisis they are going through.

While that may be a good preventive measure for someone in good health, it's unlikely to turn around the course of an illness. For good measure some will throw in bits and scraps from this or that approach. But that won't do. One has to completely follow a therapeutic approach including all its individual aspects in order to maximise one's chances of success. I've made that very clear in one of the chapters of my book.

Q: Do you see particularly good prospects for instance for a cancer patient specifically following Dr Budwig's approach?

MB: No, I wouldn't suggest that. In my view the most important factor is to go for a healing approach which you trust and feel positive that it will help you and which can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. In my opinion the prospects of any path to healing are as much determined by what you are thinking and feeling as by the approach itself.

Often enough I've witnessed willing and concerned family members trying to help a cancer patient by nudging him towards the oil-protein diet. Only in the rarest of cases will this be crowned by success. This will be the case when the patient himself recognizes the chances offered by this approach, when he starts delving into the subject, looking for information, reading books about it, in other words: puts his entire energy into this (for him) new direction as well as opportunity.

Q: What was it that motivated you to finally write a book?

MB: Via the hotline I had set up on my website I had numerous conversations both with cancer patients and people in good health who were interested in the oil-protein diet. In these discussions I learned which questions regarding the practical implemention of the diet and the complementary measures Dr Budwig recommended remained unresolved even after consulting those of her books which are still available ("Cancer — The Problem and The Solution" and "The Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook"). The former is principally devoted to the scientific background of her work and the latter in essence a recipe book. Regrettably, the practical implemention of both the diet and the further measures are barely sketched out on a few pages of these books, hence the numerous inquiries flooding my hotline.

So my book has been written to provide answers to these questions still outstanding regarding the exact how-tos of the oil-protein diet. Besides information on Dr Budwig's background and career, the book describes various forms of transition days, explains in detail the daily schedule, the reasons for and against specific types of food, the use of juices, teas, wild herbs, lactofermented vegetables, and Eldi oils (including How to make your own ELDI oil alternative etc.).

Specific chapters are devoted to frequently asked questions (e.g. lactose intolerance, what type of cottage cheese and flaxseed to use, why no eggs or peanuts are allowed, and many more) as well as workable options to detoxify and alkalinise the body.

The book is rounded off with recommended key actions one should take in order to maintain health and support recovery (including how to deal with electromagnetic radiation, which cosmetics to use and to ban etc.).

While the book rigorously follows the strict dietary requirements formulated by Dr Budwig to assist cancer patients in their recovery, it is also meant to provide the reader enjoying good health with an abundance of information and many tips to preferably spare him or her falling ill in the first place.

Q: I know that you have been doing all this work alongside your actual job as a music teacher. Does that leave you time to pursue your personal interests and hobbies?

MB: It's true that for many years this has taken up much of my time but at some point the information on my website and in my book was fairly complete. What's more I've rarely received a phone call on my hotline since publishing the German version of my book in November 2018. To me, this is proof that publishing my book on the practical implementation of the Budwig diet made a lot of sense since evidently, it will clarify all the crucial questions and practical issues which do arise. That said, I can and will not make any statements regarding medical questions, both on the hotline or within my book.

Q: Do you have further plans in connection with the oil-protein diet, perhaps another book?

MB: No I don't. At one time I had been toying with the idea of "translating" some of Dr Budwig's books into non-technical language, i.e. make them more accessible to lay readers. But I abandonded the idea since I feel one doesn't require a deeper understanding of the scientific background of Dr Budwig's approach to successfully implement it. Also, it would take me a tremendous amount of time to learn all the scientific intricacies.

I feel it's sufficient that there are medical doctors, chemists and physicists interested in and knowledgeable about it. And who knows, perhaps one of those who are aware of the scientific foundation underpinning it all will continue Dr Budwig's work one of these days. Not that this is necessary, since Dr Budwig's approach produces excellent results just the way she left it to us.

Even so, reading Dr. Budwig's older works was absolutely crucial for me. Without needing a scientific background, the layman understands in principle what this is about. These writings make it clear that Dr Budwig's work is based upon solid foundations.

Q: How did your cooperation with Ulla Schmid come about?

MB: Oh, that also started early on, i.e. in 2005. Ms. Schmid's website healingcancernaturally.com was the only source on the web where I found useful and accurate information on Dr Johanna Budwig and her oil-protein diet. That's why I contacted her directly and we've stayed in contact ever since. Of course, it's very helpful to me that she is German — it does simplify communication :). Unfortunately, my own command of English is just middling so-so. But after all German is the "mother tongue" of Dr Budwig's books and articles which Ms. Schmid of course is also familiar with.

Our most recent, in fact first true joint venture is the publication of my book "Dr Budwig's Oil-Protein Diet — How To Get It Right — The Ultimate Guide" in an expanded English version with numerous contributions by Ms. Schmid who will appear as a co-author.


Dr Budwig's Oil-Protein Diet — How To Get It Right — The Ultimate Guide

by Michael Bierschenk and Ulla Schmid

This book was published in 2023 on Amazon as a Kindle and a paperback and is also available as a downloadable PDF at a special introductory price.



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