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While ozone clearly can be a powerful healing modality for Aids (see articles linked below under "Related content"), remember that healing from Aids may be an individual and possibly very complex affair since everyone is different and may respond differently.

Also see the "caveats" or qualifications already stated in the introduction to Treating & Healing Cancer With Oxygen, Ozone & Hydrogen Peroxide. In addition see the insights into Aids of Dr. Martin Brofman (found at www.healer.ch) who healed himself of “terminal” cancer through a consciousness shift.

The History of Medical Ozone in the Treatment of Aids

by Dr. John Pittman MD

The following is a summation of exciting occurences in the field of innovative medicine [using ozone], and particularly in the treatment of AIDS, due to its powerful oxidizing effect. Ozone is an energized form of oxygen with extra electrons present, which spontaneously disperse from the molecule as soon as they are produced.

Ozone blasts holes through the membranes of viruses, bacteria, yeast and abnormal tissue cells. One of the early uses of ozone was in America in the 1930s, when it was found to be effective in treating various types of inflammatory bowel disorders, such as ulcerative colitis, Krohn's disease and chronic bacterial diarrhea.

In this procedure, ozone gas is delivered into the rectum through a catheter tip, where it is absorbed through the lining of the colon.

German researchers have been leaders in the development of ozone technology. In the fifties, they developed a technique for treating blood with ozone called 'major autohemotherapy.'

In this procedure, about 300 ccs of blood is taken from a vein into a vacuum bottle. Ozone is then bubbled through the blood, after which the blood is reinfused. In this procedure, ozone destroys any virus particles in the blood. It is also absorbed into the plasma and after reinfusion, disperses throughout the body.

Another technique for using ozone is direct infusion, in which the ozone gas is injected directly into the vein. This has the advantage of being more precise in terms of dosage delivered, as well as allowing administration of higher concentrations.

Other techniques include direct application to the skin through the use of ozone water baths and steam cabinets.

Through diligent research, the Germans were able to determine that ozone was incredibly effective in destroying such infections as hepatitis, Epstein-Barr virus, herpes, cytomegalovirus and HIV. With the realization that HIV was susceptible to ozone, the Germans began using the autohemotherapy technique to treat AIDS patients as soon as this was a recognized disease.

There have been numerous anecdotes about the Germans' success with ozone, and many physicians in this country have been using it with great success.

Until recently, neither the government institutions nor private corporations have sponsored any rigid clinical ozone studies. There appears to be a built-in bias against the development of therapies such as ozone, because it is a non-patentable gas.

Our pharmaceutical industry has developed based on the ability to patent synthetic drugs that can be sold at a profit, and thus recoup the initial investment expense. This has resulted in a system which supports drug development by this method and has discouraged the development of simple, inexpensive or non-patentable substances.

Nevertheless, numerous physicians have used ozone successfully, risking sanctions by federal and state authorities, as this is not a FDA-approved treatment.

In 1986 a company was formed with the purpose of developing ozone technology for medical use in the treatment of HIV infection. This company, named Medizone Inc. was formed by Terrance McGrath.

Mr. McGrath founded Medizone with the purpose of declaring ozone as a drug, and proceeding with the development of this drug just as any other pharmaceutical company. He assembled a research team of experts in hematology and the biochemistry of oxidative substances, and began to go through the laborious process that the FDA requires for a new drug development.

One of the factors the FDA would require in the development of any new drug was the ability to deliver a precise quantity at a given concentration. In this case, it would be necessary to know the exact amount of ozone being produced by the machine as well as that being absorbed by the blood in order to determine the proper dosage.

Mr. McGrath's research team developed a device to deliver ozone through a thin filter membrane to blood that has been drawn from the body. This allows a precise regulation of the quality of ozone being delivered and absorbed by the blood.

Upon development of this patented device, Medizone was able to sell stock to raise money for the laboratory studies and animal toxicity trials that were necessary before FDA would give approval for human studies with ozone. They have cooperated with the FDA and have produced very good research data which has been published in peer review journals.

The most recent data was found in the article 'Blood, The Journal of Hematology' in October of 1991. It was a report on a study done in Syracuse, New York, which proved that ozone will inactivate HIV in vitro (in the laboratory, outside the body).

In this case, blood that was infected with the virus was treated by ozone using Medizone's device and then was studied afterward for any trace of viral particles. Following the publication of this research, it was expected that the FDA would grant Medizone approval to begin Phase 1 of human clinical trials.

However, the FDA came back to Medizone with the requirement that they conduct large animal toxicity studies using an animal with blood volume comparable to that of humans in order to determine if there is any toxic effect.

The study that has been developed will use large pigs, will cost a considerable amount of money, and will add more time to the procedure for approval. At the time of this writing, Medizone still intends to move forward with this study while attempting to receive early approval for a human trial.

The government has become more receptive to the idea of innovative medicine by establishing the Office of Alternative Medicine at the National Institute of Health. Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa has been instrumental in establishing this office. The Senator has family members who have experienced the improvements using natural and alternative therapies, thus he has been a valuable proponent of these treatments.

Through the action of Senator Harkin, other members of Congress, and public pressure, the Senate Appropriations Committee set aside two million dollars for the establishment of this office in February of 1992. They have yet to look at ozone.

I am very excited to announce that we have opened the North Carolina Bio-Oxidative Health Center in August [1994?]. We are located in the Blue Ridge Plaza, a medical office building near Rex Hospital in Raleigh, NC. This center is the outgrowth of several projects in which I have been involved over the past five years as part of my ongoing research of ozone and detoxification therapies in the treatment of immune system disorders.

I voluntarily closed my office in Raleigh in 1992 to comply with an order from the NC Board of Medical Examiners that I cease using ozone in my medical practice because it was considered nonconventional and was not in common usage by other doctors within the state. Since then, through the actions of many individuals and patients' rights groups, the law has been changed so that a physician cannot have his license revoked for using experimental or nonconventional therapies.

North Carolina is now the fifth state in the country with a freedom of medicine law which allows physicians to choose those therapies they feel will benefit their patients the most and gives the patients the ability to choose the kind of medical care they feel is best for them.

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