Breast cancer remission (part 2)

Case with bleak diagnosis cured after regression therapy session

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continued from part 1

How did you find out?

I returned a little earlier, wanting to surprise Renate. I caught the two of them red-handed.

Now you‘ve killed Arthur in the field?

Yes, I’ve tricked him. I’ve pretended that it wasn‘t that bad for me at all.

But your blood was boiling inside?


Now you‘ve killed this Arthur and you are feeling bad. How does Renate find out about Arthur’s death? Did you tell her?

Yes, I told her.

And what did you add?

I said: He shall not have you, but you shall not have me either.

Did you tell her then that it was you who killed him?

Yes, I pretended it was an accident so that my comrades thought it was an accident.

And only Renate knew...?

Yes, I have told her the truth.

How did she react?

She wanted to tell the whole world, but all I did was laugh.

And what came of it? Did she carry through her promise?


How has your life continued?

I continued to work in the army. I remained single. I was no longer interested in having a wife.

How did you die?

I committed suicide.

How did you commit suicide?

I hanged myself.

How old were you at that time?


I’ll now count to three, and then you‘ve just passed over. 1, 2, 3. How do you feel after your suicide?


If you could give your life a heading, what would it say?

It was for nothing.

And now if you were to say: "Never again will I ..." What would that be?

Never again will I take revenge.


Now go to what you experienced after your death. Where are you?

It‘s very peculiar. I am under an enormous bridge, and the water is quite black. And there are many, many figures there and they are hiding somewhere under this bridge. It is so dark.

And? How do you feel?

Caged-in. I have a feeling that I won’t get out of this.

Who do you encounter there? What kind of figures are these?

Sinister figures. They don’t speak either, they just keep walking to and fro.

They just glance at you?


What are their faces like?

Very angry.

Do they do something to each other, these people?

No, they just keep walking up and down giving black looks.

Do you hear any words?

No, absolutely nothing, it‘s very quiet. All I hear is the murmur of this dark and dirty body of water. It‘s very quiet.

Where exactly are you? Under the bridge?


Are you alone, or are there people next to you?

There are many near me.

Do they look at you? Are you looking at them?

No, they all walk about quite indifferently, but with an angry expression on their face.

Is it like “each on his own”?

Each on his own.

How are you right now?


And do you also look angry?


What are you afraid of?

Of these people.


Because they don‘t say anything.

What is it that scares you about it?

I only fear the darkness.

Your darkness? Why don’t you describe this in detail. What are you afraid of?

I am afraid of becoming like the people here. I feel I don't belong here. I have been put into the wrong place.

(Normally, the deceased will arrive on “the other side” in a world of light. However, those who had planned and perpetrated evil in their life on earth will reach a kind of self-fashioned hell. Only when they start to search their soul or feel remorse, will they be gradually led back into the light.)

Then where do you belong?

Into the light.

What do you know about the light?

That it is warm and bright.

But how come you are now in the darkness? Do you find this unfair?

Yes, I do find it unfair.

Take a moment to think about it, why are you finding yourself in the darkness and not in the light?

Because I‘ve killed my friend.

Do you know this, or does your conscience tell you this?


Then you should know why you find yourself in the darkness. Then why are you dissatisfied?

I think it‘s too severe, the punishment.

Bear in mind that doubtless you‘ve also made the German woman unhappy. Perhaps in her sorrow she never married or similar things. You took the life of your best friend. And then you committed suicide on top of it. Do you feel any feelings of guilt? Do you have any sense of guilt, apart perhaps of feeling guilty for having killed your friend?

Yes, I do have a sense of guilt, also towards the woman.

And you do have guilt feelings towards yourself, not just towards that woman and that friend?


What kind of guilt feeling is this?

It‘s something one cannot get rid of, that is hemming me in.

What do you accuse yourself of?

I have made some wrong decisions.

What are you realizing now?

That I could have chosen other ways and means.

Such as?

I could have left both the woman and my friend. And I shouldn‘t have ended my life either.

I wonder if you are regretting this now?

Yes, I do regret it now.

As you are feeling those regrets, have you in some way... do you request help, are you praying, or what are you doing, now that you are so deeply immersed in those feelings of regret and remorse? And do you truly feel remorse? And what‘s happening next? Proceed to the next event.

I am still with these figures and I am very unhappy.

Do you ever feel a need to call for help?

I am scared to say anything. I expect those figures to pounce upon me in case I do. But they are silent, they simply don’t say a word, walking about with their angry faces.

I‘ll count to three, and then you’ll be in the next event. 1, 2, 3. What do you see or feel?

There‘s a ladder. I’m scrambling up the ladder.

Where do you arrive?

In the brightness.

How does everything look there?

It‘s a meadow, but not with flowers, just grass and some solitary trees. And I am all alone, but it is bright. I have a most wonderful feeling of happiness, because I am out of this tunnel. And as I look, the ladder is gone.

What are you doing on this meadow?

First I am breathing, breathing deeply. And I am rubbing my eyes, because everything is so bright. And then I am shouting: "Whoopee, whoopee, I‘ve done it!"

You are out of this darkness. You‘ve made it.

Out of this dungeon of guilt.

What is the next important event? 1, 2, 3. Now you are there.

I am breathing in smoke.

Is someone coming towards you? Are you going somewhere? What is happening?

There‘s a fire. On a vast expanse of land, there is also more grass again. But it‘s only a... like a May fire. They’ve stacked up a very big pile. It smells so nice. And I am going there.

What do you discover?

There‘s nobody there.

What else is happening?

I‘m looking around, starting by walking around the fire and calling: "Is anybody here?" I‘m looking round, but I don‘t see anyone, noone at all.

What happens then?

I am getting the wind up because the fire is dangerous.

Why is it dangerous?

There’s some dry firewood lying a bit further away that could catch it. There could be a blaze, a big blaze.

What could happen then?

Everything is so dry. There could be something like a steppe fire, a forest fire.

What are you doing about it?

I am beginning to run.

Where to?

In the direction that comes to me intuitively, to see if somewhere back there are houses with people inside where I can call for help.

Where do you finally arrive?

In a hut.

Are you alone?

No, there‘s a man there.

What kind of man? Have a look at him.

A man ... a hermit, with a long beard and long white hair and very nice, loving eyes.

How do you suddenly feel?

Good. Like having arrived. (faint laughter)

And what are you doing now?

I am telling him what I‘ve seen. He’s just slightly lifting his hand, saying: "Don't worry, this is a good fire."

Good fire?

Yes, it doesn‘t destroy, it warms.

What happens then?

I sit down beside the man, and I tell him my story. And I ask him how I can work off the guilt that I carry around with me.

What’s his reply?

Your sins are forgiven. He places his hands on my head. I fall on my knees, kissing his feet, and a feeling of great warmth starts to surround me.

Where is the warmth?

All around me, as if I were being enveloped in a golden light. I realize that all my sins have been forgiven. I feel the love, divine love. As I look up, the man has vanished.

Where are you now?

I am in this hut.

And what do you feel?

Happiness and gratitude.

What happens next with you?

I am free. I can now tackle everything.

What do you plan to tackle?

Now I will try to make up for things. I‘ll look for a task, a mission. I will find something to do, and I will make up for everything.

Now go on and look what happens further. Go to an important event. 1, 2, 3.


I see myself in a white robe.

What are you doing there?

I have people in front of me, out in the open. They are seated on wooden benches.

Who are you?

I am a preacher.

What do you preach to the people?

I preach that God forgives everything and that all we need do is realize that we have sinned and that Jesus died on the cross for us.

Where are you? In which country are you preaching?

I can‘t see this correctly.

I‘ll count to three, and then you will know where you are. 1, 2, 3.

In Israel.

Now you also know the year. 1, 2, 3.

It doesn’t work properly. (However, all of a sudden:) 77.

As a priest, are you married?


Which faith do you belong to?

I am Jewish.

What‘s your name?


And how do they call you? How do people address you as a priest?

Sahiv. (The "v" sounds like a median sound between v and b.)

But not Rabbi?

No, not Rabbi.

That‘s your title? Sahiv Abraham?


How old are you?


Are you a happy man?


Where do you preach? Do you have a temple, a church, a synagogue?

No. I wander.

Then how do you live and where do you sleep at night?

I go from place to place, and people give me things to eat and to wear. That’s all I need.

Take a look at your life and have a look at the highlights and major events.

I have been discarded somewhere as a foundling, but I don't know where. Someone raised me, an old woman. She gave me lots of love. She told me a lot about Jesus Christ. Then she died. And I had to spread this word, this love. And I can also heal people.

What else can you do?

I can also work and lend a helping hand.

You are Jewish, but you still spread the word of Jesus Christ?


Do you belong to a church?


Then how come you are a priest? You can only be named a priest by a church?

There was no church institution, there was some..., I don't know, from a man, who came to the old woman in this house. And he told me: "You will be a priest."

Before you met this woman, did you belong to another faith?

No, I was a baby.

You came to her as a baby?

Yes, she raised me.


And all of a sudden, as I am counting to three, you are standing before the cloud gate with your Higher Self, 1, 2, 3, now you are there. You remember everything that you‘ve experienced, everything remains in your memory. And you are asking your Higher Self: What were you supposed to learn from your former life as a priest? What does your Higher Self say?

I was supposed to learn humility, and I was supposed to learn to trust people.

If you had to give a title to this life, what would it be?

A life of humility and gratitude.


And finally your Higher Self is leading you to a mountain. It is the Mount of Revelation. And from up there, you have a view of all the lives that you have seen and experienced. You can see your life as Marion before you. You see your life as Evelyn, that maid in Holland, before you. You see your life as the merchant Mustafa in Africa. You see your life as Pit, the Swedish soldier in Danish services, and you see your life as Abraham.

And you stand upon the Mount of Revelation with your Higher Self. And all of a sudden you realize why Evelyn was supposed to experience such terrible treatment by the flat-iron. What’s the reason for this, which karmic reasons are there? Ruminate a bit on that.

It has to do with the soldier.


The soldier had stabbed his friend in the chest.

And where was Evelyn treated very badly and burned with the flat-iron?

On her breasts.

Where does Marion have her main cancer?

In her breast.

Is it approximately the same place where the sword had entered?


And do you, Marion, who is standing beside your Higher Self, suddenly realize something?


And now consider Mustafa’s life. What does he have to do with Evelyn’s life? What could it be?

Mustafa had cut off the hand.

Compare his servant to the maid in Holland. She‘s also a servant.


How then did this farmer treat this Evelyn?

Very badly.

And compare it to how Mustafa treated his servant.

Also badly.

Isn't there somehow a karmic relation to be inferred from this?

Yes, dependency.

And if we look at Abraham's life — why has your Higher Self shown you this life as Abraham?

It was supposed to show that all sins will be forgiven.

But wasn’t it also supposed to demonstrate how life should truly be lived?

Yes, it was.

...in contrast to those other lives where you were Mustafa and Pit, respectively.

Yes, in Love and Harmony.

Ask your Higher Self: in which time period exactly did you live this life as

the itinerant preacher?

I see 77.

Was this before all those lives as Pit, Mustafa and Evelyn?

Yes, this was beforehand.

And why has it been shown to you? Was it supposed to show you that you had already followed the correct path of life once before...

(shouting:) Yes, yes, that's it, that is it!!!

... and you practically had a relapse and backslided?

Yes, that's it.

Since you had lost what in the following lives, in comparison to Abraham, that enabled you to behave the way Mustafa or Pit did?

Love, and my trust in people and in God.

Your humility?


And you committed great sins in your life as Mustafa and Pit. As Mustafa, you did feel that you had done something wrong, even though the law made you believe otherwise. You had a servant, who was below you and who acted out of need, greed or human weakness, and instead of showing leniency or simply sending him away, you enforced the inexorable law, severing his hand and making him a beggar because of it.

Perhaps he had done this out of his human weakness, and now he had to atone for the same for years to come as a beggar. And at some point you suddenly realized: "What have I done?" And your conscience awoke, and you felt that you got yourself loaded with a sin.

And now have a look at the life as Pit. You‘ve already realized that you could have done quite a lot of things very differently. Perhaps you could have left both of them. Or when you realized that they loved each other, you could have blessed this alliance out of love. But you let yourself be carried away by your anger, your ego, your hurt pride.


And not only did you make Arthur and Renate unhappy, but also yourself.


You even committed suicide which got you into this darkness in the afterlife where you were together with your own kind, that is to say with murderers.


However, gradually you came out of it again, you came to a hermit, and this person cleared things up for you and told you: "You are free of all blame, sin and guilt."


And this acquittal allowed you to breathe freely again and to recover. You were free of guilt. But why, when you can choose the kind of life that you want, why then did you choose a life as Evelyn - as a maid in the bitterest kind of service? What did you want to achieve with that?

I wanted to punish myself.

And if you wanted to punish yourself, then you are bound to have chosen circumstances such as those found at the farmer’s household, where you really were being punished. Because this farmer, he did use you. He had intercourse with you, wherever and whenever he felt like it. And out of fear you simply gave in to him, forgot about your human dignity, because you did want to punish yourself. You did want to be treated this way.

And that this farmer’s wife put the hot flat-iron on your breast, perhaps you also chose to have this experience. Because you somehow wanted to personally experience the same pain which, way back when, you had inflicted upon your friend Arthur. You wanted to feel this pain in order to punish yourself, to somehow redeem the act internally, before your own self.


Do you agree with this?


And now have a look at your life as Marion. When did you develop cancer as Marion? At what age did it happen?

At 43.

Can you imagine why you got cancer as Marion? Could it also have to do with self-inflicted punishment?

Yes, this still had to do with self-inflicted punishment.

Do you clearly recognize the causal connection?

I see it very clearly.

(Judging from analogous examples, I could well imagine that the cancer in Marion's left breast began to take root at the age of 41, the same age that Evelyn's breast was deformed.)

Can you see that your present-day cancer is an extension of the suffering you experienced as Evelyn, and that basically both these lives have been a delayed self-inflicted punishment, meant to make you atone for the sins committed in the lives as Mustafa and particularly as Pit?


And then have a look at the life as Abraham that took place many centuries ago. At that time, you lived in reverence for God. You spread the idea of Christianity with all your love, because it came through your heart and because you were filled with deep love.


All of a sudden you remember that after dying as Pit and finding yourself in that darkness, you suddenly met this hermit. What did he say to you?

All my sins are forgiven.

And you could accept that too?


Could you also accept this today as Marion, that all your sins are forgiven?


That your cancer is absolutely unnecessary since you don't need to punish yourself any longer?

No, I don't need this anymore.

Since it is senseless and silly to continue wanting to punish yourself? Surely you can give up such mechanisms of punishment now. Because you know that all those things happened a long time ago, and you don't need to punish yourself any longer. What are you really aiming at in this life as Marion again?

The same things that Abraham did.

Exactly. You are back on Abraham's track. Isn't it also quite symbolic, the name Abraham in connection with the return to the path of love, the divine love in your heart?


And you‘ve come full circle from Abraham to Marion. In the time in-between, you‘ve lived some terrible lives, particularly those as Pit and Evelyn, in addition probably to many other lives. And now as you look back, was all you experienced not basically good? What have these experiences brought you back to?

They have brought me back to humility and gratitude.

And now that you realize this, couldn't you be thankful for all the hard and cruel lives you experienced?


And that’s why you don't need to repress any of the things that you experienced at an earlier time. You have taken a look at them again. All things considered, you could even be thankful for having been Pit the murderer, and Mustafa, the man who severed another’s hand, and even Evelyn, because everything — even if indirectly — has helped you achieve a higher realization and cognition.


You are reapproaching the state which you had internally achieved as Abraham.


Basically you can now thank God, that you had this sudden revelation upon the Mount of Revelation via your HS. And your Higher Self is asking now: "Dear Marion, would you like to wave your cancer goodbye?"

Yes, I would.

And the Higher Self now hands you a golden chalice and says: "This is the golden Chalice containing a golden liquid. This liquid has the power to give love, to forgive, to heal wounds and to lift away, annul and neutralize all sin and guilt." Take this chalice now and go into the life that you lived as Pit. And go to Arthur, offering him the chalice. What will you say to Arthur?

Arthur, I request you to forgive me.

With all your Heart?

With all your heart.

And once again.

Arthur, forgive me with all your heart.

And once again.

Arthur, forgive me with all your heart.

And now go to Renate. Let her drink from the cup too, if you like. What would you like to say to her?

I also want to tell her: "Renate, forgive me with all your heart."

And once again.

"Renate, forgive me with all your heart."

And once again.

"Renate, forgive me with all your heart."

And now all of a sudden you are standing in front of Pit. He has just hung himself. Offer him the chalice. What would you like to say to him – now that you have realized everything?

Pit, I forgive you with all my heart.

And once again —

Pit, I forgive you with all my heart.

And once again —

Pit, I forgive you with all my heart.

And now you take a big leap and find yourself in the life as Mustafa. And you go to Mullah whose hand has been severed and who is living somewhere as a beggar. Now stand in front of him. Present him with the chalice. What do you say to him, while offering him this drink?

Mullah, forgive me with all your heart. (3x)

And then stand in front of Mustafa. Offer him the chalice likewise. What do you say to him?

Mustafa, I forgive you with all my heart. (3x)

All of a sudden, you are in the life as Evelyn. And now you stand in front of the farmer, offering him the chalice. What do you say to him?

Farmer, I forgive you with all my heart. (3x)

You now go to the farmer's wife and also give her the chalice to drink from.


(At this point, the recording ended.)

It was further discovered upon the Mount of Revelation that the farmer who had sexually abused Evelyn, is now Gerhard, her colleague at work, to whom she thereupon offered the golden chalice with the liquid of forgiveness. That bride Renate, whom Pit had repudiated, is a friend in Marion‘s present life. Right from the start, Marion had the feeling that she had something to make up to her.

Her release affirmation was as follows: "I am now free of cancer, of all mechanisms of self-inflicted punishment and of all karmic guilt.”

A few weeks following this (one and only) therapy session I learned that Marion was in the best of health. A medical examination revealed no traces of cancer.

Three years later, briefly before this book was completed, I called her on the phone. Much to my pleasure, I heard that she continued to go for regular check-ups but that no trace of cancer could be found. She told me and I quote: "I have conquered my cancer. I now help other patients to conquer theirs."

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