"Meditation and a vegan diet were NOT key factors in Ian Gawler’s recovery"

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Continuing from Important Update June 2010, here are more details from Pip Cornall regarding the Ian Gawler healing story as presented in “Intensive meditation in the treatment of "terminal" metastatic cancer: a powerful healing tool capable of inducing remission?”, itself based upon two reports published by the Medical Journal of Australia.

These statements from the new partner of Ian Gawler’s former wife could be summed up as "The true story must be told to protect cancer patients".

BACKGROUND — Australian Ian Gawler and his wife Grace became famous for their cancer defying teamwork in the 70s when they achieved his remission from an aggressive bone cancer, then an automatic death sentence.

When his cancer healing story appeared in the papers hundreds of cancer sufferers were contacting them each week asking for help. By the early 80s they had co-founded the Gawler Foundation giving support to thousands of patients. Ian Gawler became a cancer healing legend who gave hope and inspiration to thousands of cancer sufferers. He retired a very wealthy man in 2010.

But is the Gawler story too good to be true? Few people know that for almost three decades, Grace, Ian’s former wife, they separated in 1997, has been trying to tell the authentic story of his recovery. Grace says:

"In 1978, when the first story about Ian’s remission appeared, unbeknown to me, in the Australian Medical Journal (MJA) and later in the Adelaide Advertiser, with the title “Doctor, I’m Cured of Bone Cancer,” I was furious. I’d been Ian’s 24/7 carer/researcher and I knew what was written was not true. (See 1. Below) My biggest fear was that cancer patients would be misguided."

"Over the years my attempts to correct our story were dismissed as ‘personal rather than professional issues,’ within the Gawler Foundation and the media as well. But this is much bigger than anything personal — it’s dangerous!

Because we were widely known in the cancer support field, these misleading accounts quickly spread through the internet and negatively impact thousands, maybe millions of cancer patients worldwide. I have a moral imperative to set the record straight."

Although Ian was now an icon of alternative cancer healing, the medical establishment was suspicious, so when in 2008 the MJA published a 30 year-follow-up article, it gave Ian’s inaccurate medical history more credibility, since the MJA is a prestigious medical journal.

‘True Stories’ as it is called (MJA 1/15 December 2008:189 663-665) is written by his wife, Dr Ruth Gawler and Professor Jelinek, both connected to the Gawler Foundation. Sadly ‘True Stories’ is seriously flawed.

Meanwhile Grace Gawler redoubled her efforts to disclose the inaccuracies. As Professor of oncology, Ray Lowenthal had predicted in 1988, Grace was now witnessing a groundswell of cancer patients turning away from conventional treatment.

Inspired by Ian’s books many presented emaciated from following strict dietary and fasting regimes. Many became socially isolated trying to meditate for long hours. They were crestfallen when Grace said this was not what healed Ian.

September 20th, 2010, the MJA has published Grace’s letter of refute exposing multiple significant errors in the Gawler/Jelinek 2008 article. Grace points out that Gawler/Jelinek alter the patient’s actual timeline of treatment implying that meditation and a vegan diet were key factors in his recovery. Dates were even removed on photo evidence (currently available elsewhere).

"In truth, the patient at his most critical stage of illness (February-March 1976) abandoned the idea of meditation as the cure; choosing radiation therapy to palliate pain. Even more importantly the patient never adhered to a vegan diet (no animal products).

In reality his Gerson dietary regimen of 3 months, included dairy products and juices made with calf’s liver and for the next 22 years, his diet, included a variety of seafood, dairy foods and eggs."

Nevertheless, Grace believes their healing teamwork was a great victory over cancer and has much to offer medical science. Her MJA letter represents a breakthrough in accurate reporting, opening up investigations that non-disclosed immune therapy may have induced his remission. Cancer patients are some of our most vulnerable people and need to base their alternative medicine decisions on fact.

A naturopath/herbalist by training, Grace has always been a proponent of complementary medicine, where proven natural methods work alongside conventional medicines. This is true integrative medicine.

Grace is director of a small health promotion charity — the Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions in Queensland. A more accurate description of Ian’s healing journey is available in her memoirs, Grace, Grit and Gratitude, published in 2008.

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