Terminal cancer remissions thanks to tribomechanically activated zeolites

(finely ground clinoptilolite powder) supplementation

5-months study shows brain cancer, lung cancer, gastro-intestinal cancer improved or healed

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The following success reports of terminal cancer patients who recovered or were very significantly helped by the administration of micronized zeolite-clinoptilolite (background to this natural compound with the complicated name here) have been extracted and retranslated into English from the abstract of a lecture held by Dr. Slavko Ivkovic and Dr. Damir Zabcic at the XIth Meeting of the Society for Free Radical Research International (held at René Descartes University, Paris, France, 16–20 July 2002).

For other types of cancer successfully treated with zeolites (prostate cancer, terminal kidney cancer and malignant melanoma), see More terminal cancer patients experiencing remission thanks to zeolites.


Former university professor Dr. Karl Hecht, physician and author of several books on zeolites (one of them translated into English) and related substances as well as on cancer and other medical subjects (compare Footnote 5 next page), reports in one of his books that he has helped a number of cancer patients to regain full health with activated zeolite-clinoptilolite powder.

He himself has been taking the powder on a daily basis for many years and reports that at age 83, he is in great health and full of energy, with much of his hair reacquiring its original darker shade since starting on the supplement (Dr Hecht has meanwhile [in 2021] turned 97 and continues to publish new books).

The following astounding terminal cancer success reports involving patients suffering from brain cancer, lung cancer, and gastro-intestinal cancer respectively are based on a study carried out in two Croatian clinics. (As mentioned above, more studies with dramatic improvements thanks to tribomechanically activated or "micronized" zeolites [finely ground clinoptilolite powder] supplementation in cases of prostate cancer, terminal kidney cancer, lung cancer and malignant melanoma are reported here.)

Final-stage cancer patients helped by zeolite-clinoptilolite

During five months, 114 terminal patients with malignant tumors treated with zeolites were followed and their case histories recorded in the Svecnjak clinic in Zagreb and the VITA NOVA clinic in Umag, Croatia.

21 of these patients had brain tumors considered terminal. They were in bad general condition, immobile and only received palliative care, i.e. antidepressant and pain medication. Three to four weeks after starting on the powdered zeolite, these brain cancer patients' health had significantly improved. No longer did they suffer epileptic seizures, they also had become more mobile and some of them had regained the ability to read, to wash themselves and to normally communicate. After five months, 14 of these patients showed no signs of cancer.

40 other patients had end-stage primary lung tumors. Three and four weeks after beginning the zeolite treatment, their overall condition was significantly improved. They suffered much less pain and were able to breathe and move without difficulty. Only one of those "terminal" cancer patients died due to an extremely cachectic state. (Read more lung cancer zeolite powder success stories at More terminal cancer patients experiencing remission thanks to zeolites.)

53 final-stage highly cachectic patients suffered from cancer of the gastro-intestinal tract. With this group of patients, the positive effect took somewhat longer to become apparent (weeks 5 to 7), and 4 patients died in the initial phase of taking the supplement. All the other patients improved and recovered, after 5 months only a few showed traces of their former symptoms.

In 150 patients who underwent chemotherapy and radiation, supplementing with micronized zeolite-clinoptilolite powder had positive effects, reducing the side effects of these conventional treatments.

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