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Maria Treben's 'miracle' herbal cancer cures substantiated and endorsed

by cancer researcher Prof. Dr. Dr. Paul G. Seeger

by Healing Cancer Naturally copyright © 2013

The following is a summary of the ringing endorsement of Maria Treben's "miracle cures" given by an outstanding German physician, scientist and cancer researcher you likely have never heard of, Prof. Dr. Dr. Paul G. Seeger.

Among a number of German-language works thoroughly addressing cancer and its nontoxic biological treatment, Dr. Seeger — a two-time Nobel prize nominee (1979 and 1980) — also wrote a small but important book titled "Die Wunderheilungen der Maria Treben — Irrglauben oder Wahrheit?" [roughly: Maria Treben's miracle cures — fact or fallacy?] published in 1985 in which he explored the biochemical science and rationale behind the plants Maria Treben (often successfully) prescribed for healing cancer or preventing relapses after surgery.

I myself came across this amazing scientific endorsement of Maria Treben's much-decried work using natural plants against cancer and other "incurable" diseases only by "accident".

I hope that by translating and publishing excerpts from Dr. Seeger's 22-page booklet, sufficient interest will be kindled to have this book translated into English in order to give Maria Treben the scientific corroboration and credit her amazing work deserves.

Who was Dr. med. Dr. sc. nat. Paul-Gerhard Seeger?

Prof. Dr. Dr. Seeger (6 June 1903 – 26 April 1991) was an eminent German physician, biologist, professor of medicine, cancer researcher and author of several books on the subject of cancer and its non-invasive or natural healing and prevention (see below book list in German).

While Maria Treben was viciously attacked for her work on the part of established medical circles, Prof. Dr. Dr. Paul G. Seeger came to the conclusion that there are good biochemical reasons why the plants she prescribed would indeed work against cancer.

Dr. P.G. Seeger on the biochemistry of Maria Treben's anti-cancer plants

(Following are excerpts summarized and translated by Healing Cancer Naturally from Paul G. Seeger's book "Die Wunderheilungen der Maria Treben — Irrglauben oder Wahrheit?" [roughly: Maria Treben's miracle cures — fact or fallacy?].)

Seeger starts by describing the basic facts why cells will turn cancerous including the role of oxygen respiration and the destruction of cytochrome oxidase which forces the cell to revert to the more primitive fermentation of glucose.

He writes that by adding an abundance of hydrogen acceptors from plants, the cancerous cell can be assisted in returning to normalcy — as he was able to demonstrate in the years 1956-64 during eight years of scientific research measuring cellular respiration.

Seeger goes on to describe various plant hydrogen acceptors (a number of anthocyanidins such as cyanidin, delphinidin, pelargonidin, myrtillin, malvidin, as well as flavones, quercetin, rutine, and others) and the plants in which they are found.

He lists and discusses the major plants recommended against cancer in Maria Treben's "Health from God's Pharmacy". These are calendula (marigold), Achillea millefolium (yarrow), Chelidonium majus (greater celandine; in Europe tetterwort), stinging nettle (Urtica dioica), Plantago lanceolata, Smallflower Hairy Willowherb (Epilobium parviflorum), Malva sylvestris, Cleavers (Galium aparine) and horsetail (Equisetum).

He describes the chemical components and the number of hydrogen acceptors of these plants and concludes that all of them boast potent medicinal properties while several can be considered highly active and effective anti-cancer plants.

Dr. Seeger also provides a chemical analysis of Swedish Bitters, the herbal remedy which was rediscovered and popularized by Maria Treben, and concludes that Swedish Bitters must be considered an outstanding anti-cancer remedy.

Dr. Seeger summarizes ten cases of cancer patients which were spectacularly healed by Maria Treben's herbal therapy, cases bordering on miracles but which become based in scientific fact by including exact supportive biochemical evidence. You can see these and more cases summarized in Maria Treben's "miracle" herbal cancer cures.

Dr. Seeger's conclusions re the validity of Maria Treben's herbal approach vs the criticisms she faced

Dr. Dr. Seeger concludes his book by stating that the biochemical corroboration of the effectiveness of the medicinal plants used by Maria Treben in cancer treatment could be extended ad libitum.

He goes on to say: "Critical analysis shows that, in regard to biochemistry, our ancestors with their unspoilt common sense and practicality — be they herb women, shepherds, foresters or other astute observers of nature — correctly observed and applied the healing power of plants for people afflicted with cancer or other disease.

Today's exact biochemistry has proven their findings to be absolutely correct. The natural treatment with anti-cancer plants introduced by Maria Treben is not a fallacious theory but a biochemically substantiated and corroborated fact-based approach that can be presented as the naked truth.

It simply beggars belief that not only naturopathic physicians but even a pharmacologist who really should be familiar with biochemistry, as well as many other 'experts' have called Maria Treben's book criminal nonsense and a danger to the public.

What exactly do these people who think they know better have to show for themselves to counter Maria Treben's successes? Provided these passionate opponents should even be capable of developing an exact experimental biological and biochemical argument, let them deliver experimental 'proof to the contrary' substantiating their malicious and defamatory comments.

Any person who, like the author of this book, has studied the problem of cancer from a biochemical perspective and stood by the bedside of countless seriously ill cancer patients, seeing all their misery and despair, must clutch at any straw which affords the smallest help to cancer patients.

Recalling the words of physician and physicist HELMHOLTZ (1877, Das Denken in der Medizin): '...The man forced to wrestle with reality's hostile forces will quickly forget his indifference ... his knowledge and ability being subjected to serious tests... One may have had to face the last gasp of the dying patient and the grief and despair of their family, one must have asked oneself the difficult question whether one has done all one could do... and whether science has indeed made ready all the knowledge and tools that it should have.'"

Dr. Seeger concludes, "A true physician must also embrace other viewpoints such as the findings of Maria TREBEN, even if it should mean that the 'Health from God's pharmacy' must be retrieved from the wastebasket into which the majority of its opponents would like to have seen it relegated."

A herbal stomach cancer testimonial furnished by Dr. Seeger

Incidentally, Dr. Seeger furnishes his own "herbal cancer testimonial" involving oak bark (Cortex querci) the flavone content of which he says makes it a specific cancer remedy particularly for stomach cancer. He quotes the best-known homeopathic cancer doctor of Southern Germany, Dr. Emil Schlegel (1852-1934) who had recommended to a farmer with inoperable stomach cancer that he drink oak bark tea every day.

When 15 years later, he happened upon this farmer, Dr. Schlegel asked him in surprise: "Wow, you are still alive?" to which the farmer replied: "I've done what you told me — drink oak bark tea."

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Books (German-language) on cancer by Dr. Dr. P.G. Seeger

  • Krebs-Verhütung durch biologische Vorsorgemaßnahmen
  • Krebs — Wie er entsteht, wie er frühzeitig erkannt und wie er biologisch bekämpft werden kann
  • Leitfaden für Krebsleidende und die es nicht werden wollen
  • Immungeschehen und Krebs
  • Krebs und seine biologische Bekämpfung (with Otto Englisch)
  • Erfolgreiche biologische Krebsabwehr durch Ursachenbekämpfung
  • Krebs — Entstehung, Erkennung, biologische Behandlung, von P.G. Seeger (1994)
  • Immungeschehen und Krebs Asciteskarzinom d. Maus: d. Korrelation zwischen körpereigener Abwehr u. malignen Erkrankungen, demonstriert durch experimentelle Unters. (1980)
  • Krebs — Problem ohne Ausweg? Tribut an d. Zivilisation? Ursachen — Auswirkung — Vorbeugung
  • Die Wunderheilungen der Maria Treben — Irrglauben oder Wahrheit?

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