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Comments on using the Gerson therapy as a cancer treatment

Incl. advice for brain cancer patients

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My understanding is that as a general guideline the Gerson Institute recommends surgery, as do MOST alternative practitioners and clinics. Most chemotherapy drugs enormously diminish Gerson therapy's success rate. The same probably applies to radiation (but only to a slight degree) but the opposite appears to be the case with surgery, at least with melanoma (according to what I've read and heard from Gerson practitioners).

But even amongst patients who haven't had chemo or radiation, my impression is that their rate of full remissions is well below 50% (even among compliant patients), except for early/middle-stage melanoma and perhaps lymphoma.

[If the immune system has not been compromised beyond help, is restorable and the Gerson protocol followed without cheating, then the immune system will attack the cancer, diabetes, etc. However,] the vast majority of the time, restoring the immune system etc. alone is insufficient to produce full recoveries, particularly in advanced cancers.

Gerson therapy does more than detox and restore the immune system, but much more is needed for most cancer patients. I personally believe many alternative therapies are compatible with the Gerson diet.

[The Gerson Institute say that non-compliance (cheating) by the patient is the single largest contributing factor to failure.] Yes, they say that, as do some other practitioners (e.g., Gonzalez). It's extremely self-serving, and I think quite overstated.

Moreover, extremely few people are able and willing to fully comply with the extraordinarily demanding Gerson regimen. And I believe there are many less-demanding regimens that are more effective (except possibly with early & middle-stage melanoma).

Tips for brain cancer patients considering the Gerson and other therapies

Leonard (leonardleonard1 at writes on the subject of alternative brain tumor/brain cancer treatment:

“I've read the following: Many alternative cancer therapies appear relatively ineffective with brain tumors/cancers, often because the substances don't penetrate the blood-brain barrier. For instance, Gerson therapy (which entails intensive juicing) is ineffective with brain tumors other than astrocytoma.

Also, since most brain cancers (other than astrocytoma) don't metastasize, antimetastatic supplements may have limited value.

It's best for brain cancer patients to use fat-soluble vitamins and eat flaxseed oil mixed with cottage cheese [see Budwig diet and Budwig brain cancer healing testimonials], and plenty of cancer-healing fats (flax, fish, & shark liver oils, and 240mg borage oil [GLA] daily), particularly when taking supplements.

The following are reportedly effective with brain tumors: immune enhancement; oxygen therapies; Noni; fermented soy (beverages); elderberries; maitake, coriolus versicolor, & other mushrooms with PSK; DMSO, Artemix/artemisinin, boswellia, ginkgo, chaparral & other herbs, tangeretin (in oranges), IP6, selenium, pancreatic enzymes (ineffective with benign tumors). Poly-MVA, Cancell/Protocel, Cantron, venus flytrap/carnivora, blood liver cleanse (e.g., Blood Cleanse from Dr. Christopher), Alzium, and an amino acid complex (e.g., Seacure) [all together] EDS tests as well as Burzynski's oral supplement (and I assume it's less expensive).

Avoid sugar and high-glycemic foods on an empty stomach. ”

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