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Cat: fibrous scarcoma and ring tumor in the bowels

Our cat Archie, whom we rushed to the pet emergency on July 4, 2005, was diagnosed with a fibrous sarcoma, or vaccination site sarcoma, between his shoulder blades. We were presented with two choices: radical surgery followed by radiation therapy, or nothing at all, which would result in Archie dying in three to four months. This cancer is difficult to completely excise resulting in likely recurrence. We chose surgery at a specialty clinic.

At the advice of the surgeon, we were referred to the Veterinarian Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. Archie received the radiation (one of the biggest mistakes we ever made). The radiation was a daily course (18 treatments) for which he had to be sedated each time. He also received a relatively mild chemotherapy. During this time he had to remain at the clinic during the week. We brought him home for the weekend and went up every day to feed him. Archie would never eat when he was at the vet's.

When Archie returned home he bounced back well, and regained his weight at about 15 pounds. One of his nicknames was Fatty Archie.

Unfortunately, the tumor reemerged in February 2006. A second surgery was performed at Cleveland in early March. They gave him a much stronger chemotherapy, adriamycin, but Archie couldn't handle this new treatment. He became quite ill in May and ended the chemo. He began having litter box problems, straining to defecate. We made several visits to our local vets and eventually he was hospitalized because of severe constipation. He was administered fluids and unsuccessful attempts at enemas. They recommended lactulose, a strong laxative.

Eventually one of the doctors probed poor Archie with his finger and declared he felt a "ring" just inside the rectum. We were referred to the specialty vets again. The first doctor we saw was a surgeon who said Archie would become completely incontinent if he operated. As an aside, this guy had the worst bedside manner of any doctor we've ever been around. We did find out at this point that the daily sedation for the radiation ruined Archie's kidneys. Nice of them to tell us at that point.

Archie was hospitalized there and as far as doctors are concerned, we went from worst to best as Archie was treated by one of the nicest vets we've come across. He was an internal medicine doctor. Archie received several tests including a barium x-ray. The doctor showed us the results which looked like taking a long balloon and twisting it in the middle resulting in an almost infinitesimal gap between the colon and the rectum. We were trained to give fluids under the skin, laxatives, kidney foods and Archie was sent home to die. We were looking at weeks or even days.

The doctor said that Archie had a circumferential tumor or ring tumor in his bowels. A friend at work recommended Protocel. Archie was very sick, we feared for his life every day for some time. Starting in September 2006 we handfed Archie the Protocel-laced food four times a day.

In about three weeks, Archie began to have normal bowel movements. My husband was so dumbfounded and excited that after taking several photos, he ran the poop up to our vet; she was amazed. This wasn't supposed to happen. She said to keep doing what we were doing because it was working. She's a wonderful doctor and a friend we can count on. When there's any kind of emergency, we can call even weekends and holidays. She always makes time when it's time for our guys to go, so that they can be put to sleep at home. However she's not the biggest proponent of alternative medicine. (She does believe that Protocel is a good anti-oxidant).

Archie showed such improvement day to day that he became his old self, doing all his Archie stuff. He gained a lot of weight back. He lived 16 months after he was sent home to die and started on the Protocel. Archie passed away on February 8th, 2008, of kidney failure at the age of 15 years 9 months. I think it's very reasonable to credit Protocel for not only eliminating the tumor in his bowels — which was unfixable for normal medicine — but also stopping the recurrence of the original fibrous sarcoma which should have come back. Thanks to Protocel, and God bless you. (from November 2009)

Collie dog: tumor of the vulva

My collie, Nelle, aged 8 yrs, 6 mo., was found in December 2006 to have a large elongated tumor on the vulva. She was seen by two veterinarians in New York and was referred to Dr. D. of Animal Specialty Hospital, Rockledge, Florida, in January, 2007. Although no doctor provided a clear diagnosis on initial examination, all three expressed grave concern for the prognosis.

A week prior to the initial meeting with Dr. D., my neighbor told me about Protocel 23 and provided me with a sample to hold me until my own order arrived. I immediately began providing my dog with 1/4 t. three times daily and a 1/4 t. dose each evening. The dog was scheduled for a biopsy two weeks later. In that time I witnessed evidence of the debris cleansing described by the Protocel brochure.

Most apparent was the darkening and texture of the stool and the pronounced staining around the eyes. When Dr. D. examined the dog prior to biopsy she reported a small shrinkage in the tumor and observed that the dog was more comfortable during the internal exam. The results of the biopsy were benign.

The dog is scheduled to be spayed on March 8, 2007. I expect that the Doctor will report further shrinkage in the tumor at that time. I am convinced that Protocel 23 played a critical role in my dog's recovery. Thanks to this product, my dog has a new lease on life. (J.S., Owner, March 2007)

Dog, Jack Russell mix, abdominal mass

Lumi's Story: Lumi is a Jack Russell mix that I got in November of 2000 for my friend that was diagnosed with lung cancer. My friend needed something to cheer her up and take her mind off the cancer and the treatments which took such a toll on her. We got Lumi at a shelter. She was six weeks old and the cutest thing ever. She spent a lot of time just cheering us all up. After my friend's death, Lumi and I moved to a farm in the country. She is a great farm dog and quite a comedian. At eight years old now, she is still a loving playful girl.

In 2008, we started to notice her not eating well and then she started getting lethargic. She did not even want to chase the squirrels and the birds. The next morning we found her not moving at all. We rushed her to the vet and x-rays August 25, 2008, confirmed that she had a huge mass in her tummy. The vet sent us to a specialist the next day to do further testing and he told us that she had cancer. Her insides were one huge mass. He offered surgery and chemotherapy but with that no promise of her living beyond six months.

Knowing what chemo can do, we decided to forgo all of it. My friend Diane has been battling cancer herself. Through her friend Elaine Hulliberger she started taking Protocel and it had worked wonders for her. So we called Dr. Bell to get his opinion what to give Lumi and how much. We started her on the Protocel and within a few days she started eating better. Within a week she wanted to go outside with the other dogs. Within three weeks she was almost herself again. On Dec. 16, 2008, she is back to herself 100 percent.

She would not drink water with Protocel in it but when I diluted it and placed it in an eyedropper she would take it just fine. She would even let me know when it was time for her doses, which were four times a day.

A couple of times we tried to stop and she would do okay for a while but then start to be sickly again so we would start the doses again. She was on the Protocel until this summer when, in July, we took her off the Protocel. We kept her off Protocel for a while to see if she would remain healthy, and she did. Now she is doing just fine. She is a playful wonderful dog who enjoys life. I would love to get new tests run on her but it is just too costly.

So, now we have two cancer survivors: Diane and Lumi! (A.C., Dog's owner, November 2009)

Dog (West Highland white terrier):
transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder

Sammy, a 14-year-old West Highland white terrier, was diagnosed with TCC (transitional cell carcinoma) in the bladder on Sept. 23, 2005. The vet gave him roughly 120 days to live. There was an option of chemo, but without proven results. Another option was for a strong non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, which seemed to help many dogs with TCC.

We decided to start on the NSAID, Peroxicam, but not wanting to give in to the disease or leave it up to the drug manufacturers, I took Sammy to see a holistic vet. He suggested Protocel 23 and told me that many dogs live a year beyond their diagnosis. We then started Sammy on that, as well as the Peroxicam.

After a while the Peroxicam started causing some intestinal problems and landed Sammy back in the hospital. I had stopped the Protocel at that time too, because I didn't want to aggravate his tummy with more meds. The next day, K. (she collects medical records from Protocel users) called and I told her what was happening and that we had stopped the Protocel. She suggested to stick with it and I agreed to try again.

Well, almost two years have passed now since Sammy was diagnosed. Thanks to Protocel 23, he is still alive and very, very well. His cancer has not been eliminated but his doctors are all baffled by the extremely slow growth rate of the tumor. TCC is usually extremely aggressive and goes into the prostate and kidneys within that first 120 days after diagnosis. Sammy's kidneys are still free from cancer but his prostate has indeed (unfortunately) enlarged and is most likely affected by the TCC. I am convinced that the Protocel has kept the cancer from growing as fast as it would have otherwise.

Throughout other bouts with stomach upset and bladder infections, I have stopped the Protocel temporarily on such occasions because, again, I didn't want to bombard him with too much medication at any one time, and let's face it. Protocel tastes nasty! Perhaps if I had been more consistent with it during the more difficult days Sammy would be cancer-free at this point. But I really can't complain. He is two years into his disease and you wouldn't know he was sick. He is as cute and loveable as ever.

I am so grateful to K. and to Protocel for all the extra time with Sammy. He is by far the best dog I have ever had and I can't even think of being without him. Protocel is truly a gift from God. (D.V. March 2008)

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