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In addition to the "natural" tips and testimonials featured under Testimonials of dog & cat cancer healed, Dogs' cancer cure testimonials involving finely ground zeolites, and Manda Koso healing testimonials: pets, here are more suggestions and healing avenues not involving chemotherapy that dog owners have taken to help their pet heal from cancer without submitting them to any highly toxic conventional cancer treatment.

1. Avoid geopathic stress / EMFs

Geopathic stress in all its forms is a major contributor to disease. Nowadays it is particularly the EMF pollution one has to be aware and wary of. So it would be advisable to get your dog away from strong EMFs particularly with respect to his or her sleeping area and other places s/he spends much time in. For background also see Geopathic Stress & Cancer: Background and Remedies.

Incidentally, cats thrive on geopathic stress zones.

2. Kombucha

See the remarkable pet cancer cases featured under Kombucha cancer cure testimonials (scroll to PET CANCER CASES under "4 Miscellaneous cancer cure / improvement / pain relief testimonials").

For an introduction to kombucha, see Kombucha as a cancer treatment: background information.

3. Aloe

An aloe/honey treatment has done wonders for humans with cancer. Dogs may be able to tolerate whole aloe as well (to be determined by further research). Acemannan extracted from aloe vera has worked as an immunostimulant in cases of cat and dog cancer.[1]

4. Plantago lanceolata (narrowleaf plantain)

A German book on natural cancer cures reports the case of a twelve-year-old dog who was healed of testicular cancer by the daily application of Plantago lanceolata plant poultices when the vet had already wanted to put the dog down.

The dog's owner gathered the herb from pesticide-free and otherwise unpolluted meadows and waysides freshly every day. Cutting it finely without using metal (a ceramic knife should do), he spread it on a humid cloth and applied it as a poultice to the affected testicle leaving it in place for a long time.

The cancer was gone within five to six weeks and the testis had softened again. The dog finally died at age fifteen of old age.

As the book's author notes, this recipe can be used on man as well as dog.

For background on simple but powerful herbal cancer treatments, particularly refer to Maria Treben's "miracle" herbal cancer cures & treatment.

5. Protocel

Remarkable effects shown on pets with cancer, see Protocel® pet cancer testimonials and Background on Protocel.

6. Kerosene / paraffin [UK etc.]

Kerosene (odd as it sounds) seems to be a major and extremely simple cancer cure for humans (hence included in this site's"Greatest Hits"). Several dog cancer cure testimonials have been provided by their owners as well, including for leukemia.

A man by the name of Günter Schober reports that his dog lost all of his fur and the vet diagnosed him with leukemia. After giving him kerosene for seven weeks, the dog's fur grew back and his health was restored (translated from the book Die Heilkunst von Morgen [The Healing Arts of Tomorrow]).

Kerosene can be used both internally (such as administered on sugar cubes) and topically. (Detailed background and safety information for instance at www.health-science-spirit.com/Healing_the_Body/Kerosene-a-Universal-Healer.html)

7. "Rub it in" if s/he refuses to eat

See Recipe for helping cats with cancer ...likely helpful for dogs as well.

8. Wheatgrass juice

As in humans (see Wheatgrass as a cancer cure), wheatgrass has also greatly benefitted dogs with cancer, see Dogs' experiences with wheatgrass (healing testimonials provided by breeders).

9. Animal communicators

If you are open to animal communicators, having one speak to your dog might help to get to the bottom of his or her illness. Gudrun Weerasinghe[2] for instance was an animal communicator who worked long distance and with whom Dr Zimmermann[3] reported having had "sensational results" (in spite of his prior skepticism).

One of his readers, an even greater skeptic, reported excellent results with several dogs as well (working with another communicator). Caveat: apparently not every animal communicator is good at what they do.

Incidentally, some "paranormal" information (such as that provided by writer Anne Givaudan) maintains that dogs can take on illnesses out of love for their masters (to avoid them to have to suffer those illnesses themselves).


1 See The effect of Acemannan Immunostimulant in combination with surgery and radiation therapy on spontaneous canine and feline fibrosarcomas published in the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association (1995).

2 Gudrun Weerasinghe who died in 2010 at age 56 had the websites www.tierkommunikation.net/ and http://www.arthealing.de .

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3 See Holistic cancer healing advice by health care professionals.

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