The importance of living raw foods for health

A short introduction

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Dr. A., a naturopathic physician, writes that "Diseases are but symptoms of nutritional deficiencies combined with retained toxins. These are caused by poor soil resulting in nutritionally deficient plants and fruit and other foodstuff...

We must change our nutritional habits to consume at least 75% LIVING and UNPROCESSED foods — those that grow in the ground or fall from a tree. Everything else is hardly worth eating. If we do this we can stop using drugs and even supplements because our food has become our medicine."

Why Raw Food?

Freshly harvested raw foods contain high levels of enzymes — essential catalysts and lynchpin of our metabolism. Cooked foods are "denatured" and typically devoid of enzymes. In addition, cooking can destroy numerous nutrients in foods (depending on variables such as type of food, cooking time and technique, temperature etc.)

It can be said that there is an order of importance when it comes to the three nutrient groups enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Vitamins require minerals/trace elements to work, and both minerals and vitamins need enzymes to reach the cells.

To quote an example of the “healing power” of certain raw foods, chlorophyll from wheatgrass contains an ingredient called abscissic acid which kills many cancer cells on contact.

An effective health-promoting lifestyle based on eating a largely raw-foods organic diet and living in unspoiled nature has been described by J.I. Rodale in his book "The Healthy Hunzas": a nation of c. 20,000 people (1938) living in a secluded valley of the Himalayas who knew no cancer, heart or other degenerative disease before the advent of Western civilization. (This book can be read for free at Click on ”Go to the Health Library” and then ”Longevity”.)

Raw food for everyone?

According to the ancient healing system of Ayurveda, raw food while beneficial to some is actually toxic to many others.

On the other hand, I know an Ayurvedic physician who disagrees with this stance and considers that an Ayurvedic (mostly cooked food) diet will lead to a state of less-than-optimum health in the long term. He himself follows a mostly raw food diet and feels that gradual detoxification will enable any person to eventually thrive on a largely raw food regimen, supplemented by wild herbs and natural plant-based minerals and trace elements.

Generally, as shown in the article It's not what you ingest but what your cells actually absorb, it seems that the body will only benefit from substances it is able to metabolise. (For an additional scientific angle demonstrating that optimal diet can be a very individual affair indeed, see Health and raw food statements under close scrutiny.)

Raw food cancer healing testimonials

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