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The Edgar Cayce Readings on the Causes & Therapy of Cancer

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B. Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) refers to combination or integration of conventional treatment with alternative therapies. Therapies may be used alone, as an alternative to conventional therapies, or in addition to conventional, mainstream therapies. Edgar Cayce’s approach has a strong CAM emphasis as documented in the following excerpts.

In meeting, then, the needs of the conditions, we would add to that as is being applied for the disorders — for the abrasions or eruption — those properties of the animated ash, with the ultra violet ray over those centers (that is, the violet ray) from which the head, neck, shoulders, receive their impulse for the circulation through the nerve and blood supply; namely, the upper dorsal and cervical region.

The dose of the ash would be one-eighth grain each day; the ultra violet being applied every OTHER day, see? not direct, but to those that make for impulses TO the circulation and nerve and blood supply.

(Q) Should the body follow the treatment of Mr. Boone, the cancer specialist?

(A) As just been given, that added TO, see? (4901–1)

Thirty minutes after taking the ash, apply the ultraviolet in the area of the cerebrospinal from which that portion of the body receives its impulse — that is, in the area of the 3rd, 4th and 6th dorsal, see? and not direct to the abrasion or the lump, or the tumor, that exists at the present.

(Q) How far from the body should the ultraviolet be placed?

(A) About thirty-four inches if hand lamp is used. Thirty-eight to forty inches if the heavy lamp is used. This would be from two and a half to three minutes, thirty minutes after the dosage of ash is taken.

Take the normal amount of exercise, and — as far as possible — FORGET about the condition! for we will dry it up, if we will do this! If the treatment is not to be adhered to, then the sooner the body is prepared for the operative measures the better — but, if this course is pursued, be sure from the blood test that coagulation is as near equally balanced as possible before the operation is undertaken. (4438–1)

Now, operative measures would be the better — but will require the treating with either a character of ultraviolet with the green light, or with radium — unless this becomes a malignant condition.

(Q) Should it be removed locally with novacain or should I go to the hospital?

(A) This again would be rather the choice of the physician removing same — but it will require aftertreatment either with the ultraviolet or infrared, or the combination of these with the radium treatment.

(Q) What local application would you suggest for the breast?

(A) As indicated, the use of the ultraviolet or the use of radium. This should be determined by the physician. If the ultraviolet is used, do not use it without the green light. (1013–3)

C. Conventional Treatments

Numerous Cayce readings for persons with cancer contain recommendations for conventional medical treatment, usually combined with alternative treatments (complementary and alternative medicine). In certain cases where the cancer was progressive and extreme, surgery and/or radiation therapy were recommended. Modern chemotherapy techniques were not available during Edgar Cayce's era. The following sections document the most common conventional treatments recommended by Cayce for the treatment of cancer.

1. Surgery

Cayce considered surgery a valid treatment option for operable cancers. Keep in mind that Cayce viewed cancer as a parasite that must be removed from the system. Specific suggestions for preparation and recovery from surgery were sometimes given.

In the broken tissue as is found in the left extremity, forearm, or finger, or hand, this had best be removed by the break being adjusted through operation, see? for this, with the strain on the rest of the system, might become malignant, through the continual dross being left and carried there, as it continues to increase, in the strain, the attempting to eliminate and seeking each and every channel, see? (265–3)

The body may be by care and attention builded to that wherein the system may be able to sustain through an operation to remove that portion of liver, and of stomach or duodenum, wherein the condition has become so accentuated, for this has not broken through entirely, for tissue has become hardened about the body of the malignant condition, yet this may break through at any time by overtaxing, or the body may be treated with those properties of radium. (4752–1)

Unless these conditions are removed, and the system brought nearer to the normal condition, the improper functioning and irritation will continue until there is produced such adhesions and such lesions as to bring about those conditions that would form those of the nature becoming in a manner and form of running sores, terminating either in forms of those pus sacks that would necessarily mean removal by operation, or becoming malignant in form such as to take away the whole vitality of the body. (3914–1)

In some readings, Cayce cautioned that surgery could spread the cancer.

Operation would not be effective; rather causing more of the chances of infection and spreading of condition in the body. (5651–1)

(Q) Considering all present conditions, would the operation be advisable?

(A) If there are the preparations and precautions afterward, else as given there will be growths developing from same, — not of the malignant nature as might be indicated, unless there is a breaking of tissue and infection after operation. (257–220)

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2. Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy was recommended in numerous readings for persons suffering from cancer. Often alternative modalities were also prescribed to decrease the side effects of radiation and to enhance the therapeutic effect.

Do add the X-Ray treatments for the liver, the kidneys and the disturbance in the bladder and the prostate areas. These, then, would be given over the area of the kidneys from the back one time, and the next time over the liver and gall duct area. These we would give about once or twice a week. (5051–1)

(Q) Is the treatment for cancer that I am now taking (of radium and X-ray) the treatment I should have?

(A) The treatment that should be kept, as given, only adding those conditions as have been given. The heavy Radium Applicator added, which keeps a constant distribution of those forces as are given through the radium, and the heavy ray, see? Also the culture. (4977–1)

As for the desire to maintain the activities of body, mind and soul, these have run their course well. The administrations that are being made with the x-ray are very good. It would be found that if there would be administered before the x-ray treatments are given, whenever they are given, one-eighth grain of Animated Ash, these would be more beneficial. (4050–1)

In the application, also would be well that the X-RAY be applied as DEEP therapy for the body. This will MATERIALLY aid in LOOSENING oxygen for the bone structure. While the body may become stiff for a time, unless activities are given, these may be materially aided by the masseuse or the massage that will keep in action the muscular forces, the activities of the whole system. (2457–4)

Do not burn too deep, but the X-Ray would give the greater extenuation to the activities of the physical forces as we find; and the keeping of the body in as cheerful a physical or mental mood as is practical — or in as practical a way as may be made.

(Q) How often should the X-Ray be used?

(A) These as they are being administered are very well; only don't burn too deep. (1577–1)

(Q) Are the X-Ray treatments helpful?

(A) They are staying, but it is necessary for the palliatives. Do not have too great a period of X-Ray treatments. Rest sufficient time between same, or let sufficient time elapse that there may be the reaction in the system; because burned tissue, though it is necessary to be destroyed by the high vibrations, is very hard to handle; and the low electrical forces of the Wet Cell Appliance carrying the Atomidine will be effective in this if they are not given too deep or too often — but they are helpful. (1359–1)

(Q) Should any Radium be given?

(A) Not unless there is a greater amount of spread of the disease, as we find. The X-Ray is the better application in the present. (1004–2)

(Q) Did X-Ray treatments weaken body?

(A) AS HAS BEEN INDICATED, if these are given properly and NOT too often — but allowing for those reactions and just sufficient of the manipulations to keep the eliminations distributed through their correct channels, these are the better conditions as we find. (601–28)

And all of these conditions will be aided by not only the mental but the activity of the high vibratory forces through the body from the X-Ray. Let the X-Ray cover, then, of course, the kidneys and bladder. (601–25)

(Q) What effect will the X-Ray flashes have on the system?

(A) Stimulate those portions to activity and DESTROY the activities that make for inroads in the condition here.

(Q) Any danger of burning the flesh and causing other disorders?

(A) Always danger with X-Ray! This, then, should be given ONLY under the supervision of someone TRAINED in same. Hence, as indicated, such an one should be in sympathy with the activities of the one giving the osteopathic manipulations. (325–60)

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3. Drugs


In the Cayce readings, the most common conventional drugs for cancer involved opium-based pain medicines such as codeine and heroin, usually in a compound that includes botanical (herbal) medicines. Chemotherapy, as it is used today, was not a conventional medical option during Cayce’s era.

It is necessary to use a sedative or a narcotic at times, — and when necessary to use such, we would use that which is of a hypnotic nature, rather than of the narcotic so much. While a hypnotic is a narcotic, it is not as habit-forming as codeine or morphine. (1967–1)

First we would give that, rather than so MUCH of the morphia to EASE the body — we would begin with the dosages of this, which will bring much more restful ease and comfort. While it will be necessary to gradually decrease the dosages of morphia, these will entirely take the place, will the body respond to the other properties as will be necessary. This should be prepared, preferably, in capsule — though a liquid. We would give this as the dose in each capsule:

Oil of Eucalyptol...............1 minim,

Canadian Balsam.................1 minim,

Oil of Turp, Rectified........1/2 minim,

Heroin.......................1/80 grain.

Give only one of these in sixteen hours….

(Q) Will complete recovery be possible?

(A) Be possible — but this will be determined better by the reactions in the system, for remember we are dealing with LIFE FORCES within themselves, or that which lives upon human tissue — CANCER! (5585–1)

Then, to bring that that would give the better relief for this body would be to give this as each dose, in capsule, at least one each day, not making more than 6 to 8 capsules, for they will disintegrate in time, see.

Eucalyptol..............1 minim,

Canadian Balsam.........1 minim,

Rectified Oil of Turp...1 minim,

Heroin...............1/60 grain. (4615–1)

Rather than applying those of morphia, use as these, that will bring an opportunity for the full functioning of the normal active forces of the mind of the body, to give that which is desired to be given by the body for those that administer, and minister, and have ministered, for the welfare of the physical body. Prepare in capsule as this: This the dose for each capsule:

Oil of Cinnamon.....................1 minim,

Oil of Eucalyptus...................1 minim,

Oil of Turp.........................1 minim,

Canadian Balsam...................1/2 minim,

Heroin (or equivalent of same)...1/80 grain.

This to be given every five hours apart. This will revive the reactory forces between the cerebro-spinal and the sympathetic nerve system, bringing the proper coordination between mental and the physical being. (125–2)

While it would be necessary to use those of the narcotics to ease the body, to produce segregation, or to stop the inroads as may be found, as WE see — while not reducing the whole amount OF the narcotic, were we to use this internally we might find BENEFITS coming FROM this, WILL the physical body respond to same. This as each dose, taken internally: Prepare capsules, and make only a few of same at the time – this in each dose:

Oil of Eucalyptol............2 minims,

Rectified Oil of Turp........1 minim,

Canadian Balsam..............1 minim,

Codeine.................1/60th grain.

This may be taken once or twice each day.

Half an hour after taking this, we would apply the ultraviolet ray over body, especially in the abdominal and sacral region — see? (4249–1)

(Q) Is there anything better than the codeine for sleep?

(A) Nothing better that is not too much habit-forming and that doesn't require the large quantities to be taken more often. Do keep the stimulation of eliminations. These will be better for the body. (4050–1)

(Q) Is the diagnosis of cancer the correct one and is it the primary cause for her condition?

(A) The primary cause is an unbalanced chemical condition through the body, but it is localized — and the inducing of those influences which caused the setting up of the condition is now malignant in its nature….

(Q) Should we continue using sedatives such as codeine and pantapon? Or can you suggest something else which would eliminate the pain and not make her so sleepy?

(A) Best to continue to administer these, or hypnotics. (2512–2)

When the pains are so severe, while the narcotics are effective, this taken once a day or once in two days as we find — WITH the others — would be more effective but would necessitate its being administered by a physician:

In a capsule put:

Eucalyptus, Oil of.....................1 minim,

Rectified Oil of Turp................1/2 minim,

Compound Tincture of Benzoin.........1/2 minim,

Codeine..............................1/4 grain.

These to be sure would become too heavy upon the digestive system unless it's far apart. The allaying though of the activity will be helped with this, as we find. Do not allow this to be taken oftener than once a day; this at the periods when the suffering is the severest. (1253–1)

To 2 ounces of compound simple syrup, add:

Oil of Eucalyptol...............40 minims,

Rectified Oil of Turp............5 minims,

Tincture of Benzoin.............20 minims,

Codeine......................1 1/2 grains.

(This compound, or Codeine compound, well powdered before added, so it may dissolve when shaken together.)

The dose would be a teaspoonful three or more times each day, or in the beginning when necessary to keep the body from severe pain. This is to act in the place of injections of narcotics. This is not a curative, yet it is an active force and easily assimilated by the respiratory system in such a manner as to create for constructive influences IN the blood supply. And will also aid the body in being better able to breathe and clarify the blood supply. THIS taken internally. (511–1)

(Q) As the gentle massage does not put the body to sleep, what can you give as a sedative that will not affect the stomach or heart?

(A) This, as we find, may best be given under the direction of physician in charge. But as we find, the hypnotic rather than the narcotic derivative would be preferable for the body.

Luminal, as we find, would be most in accord or in keeping with the general conditions; though those derivatives such as codeine or the morphia are well. But the Luminal would be less upsetting to the assimilating system.

(Q) Who would be the best physician?

(A) Any physician who has the authority and the right to give it! (325–67)

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