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The Edgar Cayce Readings on the Causes & Therapy of Cancer

Diet and Nutrition

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D. Alternative Treatments

Cayce’s recommendations for alternative medical treatments for cancer were diverse and highly individualized. Here are some of the most frequent alternative modalities.

1. Diet and Nutrition

Cayce’s dietary recommendations for cancer tended to follow several key themes:

  • Eat a diet that tends to produce a balanced pH in the system with a tendency towards alkalinity.
  • Eat an abundance of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables that will tend to increase alkalinity in the system.
    Compare acid-alkaline food table.
  • Eat little or no meat, especially avoiding meat fats.
    Compare Vegetarians live longer.
  • Eat moderate amounts of nuts, especially almonds.
    Compare Almonds as tumor preventatives.
  • Eat specific vitality-enhancing foods when the system is depleted.
  • Many of the dietary recommendations for the treatment of cancer are also helpful for prevention.

Here are some excerpts that discuss these themes:

This is not a cancerous condition in this body, but it might be if allowed to remain…

As to the diet that should be given at this time: no meats; nothing carrying grease or any animal fats. Give milk and cereals, changed from day to another. Fruits carrying not too much acid, such as certain apples and pears. (5421–2)

In the matter of the diet, also, we would be mindful that there are as this:

Mornings — the citrous fruit diet, or stewed fruits, or the like. No coffee, no tea, no stimuli of any kind.

Noon — all the vegetables (GREEN) that the body may eat, see? especially of lettuce and tomatoes.

Evenings — be mindful that there are no bulbous vegetables taken, and the other vegetables at this meal should be well cooked. No meats, or fat meats. There may be taken with this meal a cereal drink, as of the Ovaltine, or rye, or such cereal drink. (4901–1)

Eliminate from the diet all fats, meats, heavy oils of any kind. (4438–1)

Let the diet be not of meats or too much sweets, but of vegetables and fruits — no tomatoes or strawberries – any other fruits of the acid state. But vegetable matter of all character. Let it be changed entirely so that the body receives influence of all. Cooked well, but not with fats. Season well, but not with black pepper, but with salt and cayenne. (3751–6)

Not too many fats, to be sure, though fish and fowl may be taken — but preferably not the fat portion of same. (3187–1)

(Q) What should be avoided in the diet, other than fats?

(A) That mainly to be avoided is fats.

DO give the body beef juice as a strengthening factor, but no fats in same — and this only in small quantities, and very little taken at a time. Give as medicine. (2956–2)

Give the body only liquids or semi-liquids in the beginning: Beef Juice (made from the lean beef, no fats nor fatty portions in same), Liver Extract, Blancmange, Arrowroot or the like. Not soups — these carry too much greases. Vegetable juices may also be taken a little later, if those properties as indicated settle the stomach. (1382–1)

In the diet, — do live mostly, for a while, on watermelon, carrots, beets; having these almost daily. The watermelon is for the activity of the liver and kidney, the beets and carrots are for the purifying of the blood, as combined with the Plantain Tea and Ointment. (3121–1)

In the diet keep towards those that are the less acid-forming foods; more of the alkalin-reacting. One meal each day should consist of the raw vegetables; made into a salad and used with dressing or olive oil. The fats should be principally from nuts, not from meats. Meats when taken should be lamb or fowl (but none ever fried). No fish should ever be taken by this body during these treatments, or during these properties. (1013–1)

During the periods that these treatments are followed, be mindful that the diet does not carry any of the greases that are of flesh. Any of the oils that are of fruit or vegetable compounds are well for the body; hence no butters, no fats or lards, or anything used other than those that originate from vegetables or fruits (either in the cooking or in the eating).

Meat JUICES may be taken, but not the fats; so the juices should be made only from the lean portions. Vegetables, nuts and fruits should be the principal portion of the diet. (757–1)

Be precautious as to keeping away from things that are fat or greasy.

Have more of vegetables and of fruits. (454–7)

Feed ALL the food that is of a NOURISHING nature, but not from MEATS. Those of cereals, fruits, vegetables, AND such or principally of the nature that are the foods of the hare, the foods of the beef — these are DESTRUCTIVE forces TO such as may be seen in the condition attacking system. (2457–4)

With the decrease or elimination of animal fat from the diet in cases of cancer, Cayce recommended that fats be obtained from nuts, especially almonds.

Compare Almonds as tumor preventatives and Dr. Johanna Budwig’s healing protocol where animal fats are virtually or mostly excluded for cancer patients.

(Q) Are there any foods that should be eliminated, and if so, suggest diet?

(A) Rather use the fruit and vegetable diet. The fats should be more from nuts than meats; for these, as we find, would be most helpful — and especially cashew nuts, almonds, filberts, and the like. (1000–11)

In at least two readings, Cayce made categorical statements about the preventive power of almonds.

And know, if ye would take each day, through thy experience, two almonds, ye will never have skin blemishes, ye will never be tempted even in body toward cancer nor towards those things that make blemishes in the body-forces themselves. (1206–13)

And, just as indicated in other suggestions, — those who would eat two to three almonds each day need never fear cancer. (1158–31)

Although reading 954–2 does not specifically state that eating almonds will prevent cancer for this woman, yet the implication is clear.

In the afternoon (middle of the afternoon) eat half an ounce of almonds; just almonds, you see….

(Q) Is this body a cancerous type in view of tumors and extreme tensions?

(A) As indicated, this is a strain. If the body is built up sufficient for resistance, these disturbances in these directions should disappear. If tissue is allowed to become adhered, or if the tumors are allowed to form and then these become bruised, or there is the lack of the 'elan vitale' in the system to create proper coagulations, then such might arise. (954–2)

Since cancer tends to draw upon the vitality of the body, certain specific dietary recommendations were made to address [this] aspect of cancer treatment. Beef juice was the most frequently recommended dietary recommendation for strengthening and increasing vitality.

As to any strengthening forces, give beef JUICES — ONLY! Sips will be worth more than several spoonsful attempted. (1282–1)

We would prepare regularly — every other day — about a pound of beef INTO Beef Juice! Not tea, not broth, but the Beef Juice! This would be taken rather often, but in very small quantities; and when taken almost CHEW it — though there is nothing to chew, of course — for it is liquid, but SIP it — when taking it about every two or three hours during the waking period.

Take about a teaspoonful at the time, but take at least a minute or more to swallow that much, see? This will give strength, it will assimilate easily, and make for better conditions. Do not allow any fat to be in the beef when it is prepared. Preferably use the beef from the neck of the animal. (875–5)

Reading 570–1 contains these directions for making beef juice:


Put small chunks raw beef in covered fruit jar. Put jar inside pan of water (water coming to about half the depth of jar). Boil until chunks of beef are thoroughly done. Strain. Keep juice in cool place. Dosage: Usually, for an adult, a tablespoonful at meals, diluted with water as a broth — but "very small quantities" must mean about a teaspoonful every two or three hours.)

Spirits frumenti, consisting of alcoholic beverage, egg, and milk was another common dietary recommendation to build the system in cases involving debilitation and fatigue. The small amount of alcohol may have also served to relax the body.

For the administration of that which will give better elements for the physical body, give stimulus of spirits frumenti, egg and milk; cooking the egg with the spirits frumenti and adding the milk to same; or small quantities of dry champagne may be given, very cold. These will add to the COMFORT of the body. (125–2)

Between the morning meal and the noon meal (about the middle of the morning) have a malted milk with the yolk of an egg beat in same, and a few drops of spirits frumenti to take the taste off of the egg. A full glass of this should be taken. (954–2)

Red wine and dark bread was recommended by Cayce to strengthen the body.

(Q) What beverages should be taken both at meals and between meals?

(A) As indicated. Any of those taken should be as indicated. However, once each day between meals there may be taken a small wine glass of RED wine, if this is taken with black or brown bread — very dry bread. Take it as a food, not merely as a drink; for this will be strengthening and helpful to the body. (975–1)

At four or five o'clock in the afternoon, or an hour to an hour and a half before the evening meal, take an ounce of RED wine with BLACK bread, or BROWN bread; that is, sour dough bread or the like. Sip the wine and eat the bread with it. (954–2)

Use those things that are body-building in the diet. The wines as indicated. Sips of the food values are the more strengthening. The red wine should be rather as the meal once a day, with the black bread only; preferably in the afternoon when greater strength is needed and the reaction will be the better. However, the light wine or champagne, that aids as a stimulation, would be sipped the more often in the other portions of the day or evening. (325–66)

Although Cayce typically relied on diet to meet nutritional needs, he sometimes recommended nutritional supplementation.

(Q) What is nicotinic acid?

(A) Nicotinic acid — it is that found especially in green leaves of lettuce, celery, cabbage and the like. It is a product of the B–1. It is that element which in the system aids in production of the leucocytes in the blood, or their element of activity.

(Q) Should B–1 be taken at the same time?

(A) This depends upon whether the foods taken carry sufficient quantity of B–1. B–1 is a vitamin not stored in body, but it is necessary that there be the consumption of such each day. While A, C, D and G at times attempt to take the place of same, the B–1 activity is much better taken in foods than in the segregated pellets or capsules.

When it is impractical for obtaining the foods with sufficient quantities for the daily needs, very well to take B–1. But to overstress same may at times cause the reaction of the VERY distress that is attempting to be aided!

All foods yellow in their nature, that are naturally yellow, carry B–1. Re-enforced flour, and especially whole wheat, corn flakes, most cereals — if re-enforced with same. So, a normal helping of such each day is about a FIFTH of that necessary.

Also it is found in orange juice, citrus fruit juices, the juice and the pulp of grapefruit and the like, and in ALL cereals, and in bread; and especially the GREEN leaves of lettuce, — not so much in the beautiful white pieces. The green pieces are usually thrown away, and the hearts of lettuce kept that aren't worth very much as food for individuals. Hence lettuce of the leafy variety is really better for the body, carrying the greater source of the nicotinic acid.

(Q) Yellow peaches in the can?

(A) All good. Yellow corn meal, squash, and every food that is naturally yellow in color. Carrots, raw and cooked — all of these. (257–236)

Do add wheat oil or wheat germ to the diet, as well as the compound B vitamins. Keep a normal diet, not too much of any kind of meats, and never any "red meats" of any character. (5113–1)

Hence this appears in the present to be more of a lymph involvement, but now and then the supplying of the vital energies lacking, especially in Vitamins D and B Complex, and K and G, the body is enabled to find or fight or to supply resistances in the fluid forces of the body for energizing and giving energy and life to the body. (3121–1)

But we would take the vital energies that may be obtained from the use of the Purity Cross Vitamins; and for this body take one tablet or capsule every other day, preferably when ready to retire of evening. (2961–1)

(Q) Are oranges, grapefruit and bananas good for her?

(A) Oranges and grapefruit, but bananas are not so good. Take all of those that are of the yellow variety, such as: Squash, corn, corn meal, peaches and such. And it is well to keep not injections, if practical, but the vitamins of B–1 to create better coagulation. (2512–2)

(Q) Would it be advisable to take a good tonic for regaining strength more quickly? If so, please suggest one.

(A) Not in the present. A little bit later, in a week or ten days (time enough to get them at least), we would take one CODIRON tablet a day. Codiron (one word), by Lawrence Laboratories, Chicago. This is a stimulation of this character: Cod Liver Oil with Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, but in such measures that they will work well with the system. (560–6)

Reading 1013–3 contains specific nutritional recommendations to prepare for surgery:

Do those things as indicated, for — as there are the operative forces — there are the needs for a generous supply to the body in the regular diet of Vitamins B–1, A and D, as well as sufficient to produce better coagulation — either by injection or in tablet or capsule form — especially through those periods of preparation and through the periods when the operative measures are performed.

But there should be the general building up of the body, as well as the specific and local applications. All such vitamins are found in the reinforced foods; as in the flour, the cereals, all forms of vegetables cooked and raw that are of the yellow variety. (1013–3)

One of the more fascinating discourses on nutritional supplementation for cancer involves a reading given for a professor from Cornell University Medical College on the topic of Biotin. Edgar Cayce’s wife, Gertrude (GC), gave the following hypnotic for a reading on Biotin.

GC: You will have before you the research which has been done on the structure of Biotin, as announced by Professor Vincent du Vigneaud, head of the Department of Biochemistry, Cornell University Medical College, Ithaca, N.Y. You will give a discourse on the mechanism of action of this powerful vitamin, as to bring about a clearer understanding of its effect on living things. Also you will advise if this chemical can be found in fish eggs; such as caviar, roe, etc.

Edgar Cayce responded:

Yes, — we have here the findings that have been indicated by Professor Vigneaud.

This, as we find, is a move in a direction in which improvements may be made in the general health of individuals where such tendencies of cancer are indicated.

As to any great value, as yet, in the preventing or the eradicating of conditions where these growths have reached such proportions as to be cellular forces in themselves, — this is yet questioned.

Biotin, as called, is found in the roe, especially of the shark and such fish, — more than it would be found in caviar or sturgeon.

This, of course, may be used as a means for removing those tendencies, and where conditions are begun.

Of course, as is understood, this disturbance (cancer) to the human body is of a different nature from many of the ills of the body. It, of course, is in many forms and characteristics. Those forms that are external may be aided much by the use of certain rays or lights that destroy certain cellular force, and make for the ability of a healthy body in other respects to meet conditions.

Those forms that are of the nature where glands are involved, — as in the breast or the like, — may be removed, in some stages of same, by surgery.

Those forms that are of the internal nature, — as in the lungs, the liver, the organs of the body, — and especially the female organs, — are of another character.

These all represent or present varied problems.

Now, the use of Biotin in any of these conditions would be a helpful influence, for it creates in itself an element that changes the form of the vibration about the molecule of the blood, or the circulation through such areas.

It would be well that this research be carried on.

There are other sources, to be sure, from which helpful forces might be gained; and yet there is really the greater necessity of man's comprehension of ills as related to erring from the path of righteousness — or that of sin, and its relationships to all such conditions that are in the experience of man.

A form of vitamin may be obtained from certain nuts, — as the almond, — that would be helpful as a preventative. Also there may be obtained from the turtle egg those influences for longevity that may be created in certain cellular forces in the body.

All of these are worth considering; most of all, the spiritual aspects of same.

We are through for the present. (659–1)

Compare Edgar Cayce's perspective on cancer, Almonds as cancer/tumor preventatives, and Edgar Cayce’s General Nutrition & Diet Recommendations. Also see the below-listed related site sections.

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