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Take time to decide—alternative or allopathic

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by Rhoda Freed

I found it very interesting when my son was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. In August 2003, it was felt. He immediately had a biopsy, with results undoubtedly available within days. His doctors however, never felt it important enough to call him and tell him to come in when they got the results. In fact, they waited until October, a full two months later, before they let him know.

The minute they did tell him, there was a sudden urgency to set the appointment for surgery. They told him it was the easiest cancer to treat. Thank goodness he did not go for surgery. He kept postponing it [until January of 2004] at which time he decided only alternatives.

Since then we have heard of a lot of horror stories when taking the allopathic route with his cancer.

On one of the alternative sites it says when you find out that you have cancer take 2 weeks off and do nothing but research. Whatever the decision at least let it be a very informed one.

Note by Healing Cancer Naturally

Carefully weighing the pros and cons before deciding on the question of surgery seems all the more important since apparently, cancer patients are often urged to undergo surgery within a very narrow time-frame, leaving little time to think and research. Compare Surgery risks and advice, After A Cancer Diagnosis, Choosing an alternative cancer treatment & healing protocol, For Anyone Thinking of Having Mainstream Cancer Treatment, Breast cancer treatment advice, Torturous pain after multiple surgeries and Biopsies.

Also see cancer researcher Lothar Hirneise’s and Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s (as well as others') provocative and thought-provoking insights into the potentially positive role of tumors.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

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