On Health, Prevention, Physical & Spiritual Causes & Cures of Disease

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov quotes

Bulgarian philosopher and esotericist Aïvanhov (1900-1986) on health resulting from purity and harmony

Causes of illnesses: the impurities

« Illnesses can have all kinds of causes, but in reality what lies at the basis of an illness, of whatever kind, are the impure elements a person has allowed to penetrate their physical organism or their psychic organism. These elements cause disorders because they do not vibrate in harmony with the healthy part of their organism. If, however, they succeed in driving them out or transforming them, health is restored.

This is why purity is so important for our mental and physical health. And by purity I mean rejection of any element that interferes with the proper functioning of our organism.

Unfortunately, as soon as people hear the word purity, they stop listening. Purity, to them, is a restricting concept, outmoded, good only for convents, and so they continue to swallow whatever comes along: indigestible food, polluted atmosphere, dark thoughts and chaotic feelings.

When will they understand that it is these very impurities that make them ill? If they worked on purity their health would improve, they would become more intelligent, wiser and stronger. »

« There are two main causes which are producing diseases and sufferings: first is physical: incorrect food and incorrect breathing; second is psychic: incorrect thoughts and incorrect feelings.
A great part of diseases are due to disorders of feelings; and many diseases are due to disorders of reflexion. » (Peter Deunov)

Definition of health: harmony

« Health is the result of the work all the organs of our body carry out together and in harmony for the good of our whole being. From the moment, therefore, an element enters our organism that does not obey this law of harmony it creates disturbances, and these disturbances, this disharmony is what we know as illness.

The same phenomenon occurs in the psychic organism. When the thoughts, feelings and desires of human beings let in elements that do not vibrate in harmony with their entire inner being, they also let in illness. So, when you feel troubled, instead of looking for complicated reasons why you should feel this way, understand that you have allowed chaotic and dark thoughts and feelings into your head and your heart. Seek them out and try to eliminate them. »

« A person comes to seek my advice on her health: she has consulted all the doctors, taken every possible remedy, but there is no improvement. I tell her: "Since you have tried everything and nothing has worked, well now, try a remedy that you have not thought of. Harmonize yourself with the sublime creatures of the universe and tell them: 'I love you, I am in harmony with you, I want to accomplish the will of God...' and gradually you will feel an improvement."

If people are sick, it is because they have troubled the inner order that nature has established within them. That is why they have to be taught some lessons, in order to learn to reestablish harmony. The whole universe sings this harmony, and the one who does not have respect for it is expelled. »


« A man owns a beautiful car. He is extremely vigilant with regard to its maintenance, he uses the highest grade petrol in it, fits it with the best tyres, and so on. But when he gets into it he is not careful, nor is he able to keep his self-control. He performs rough and dangerous manoeuvres, he drives at great speed, he brakes suddenly, and then of course this poor man-handled car soon breaks down.

Well, this is how most human beings treat their physical body. They are not in the least bit aware of the marvel their organism represents, in what workshops it was built, how much work the spirit put into it and how much it cost the Creator to perfect it.

You will say you treat your physical body with care and respect. Maybe, but that is not enough. If you really want to be in good health then you must be attentive, provident and careful, in other words avoid impassioned states, chaotic thoughts and emotions, all of which weaken and wear out your organism. »


« One of people's main concerns nowadays is to be able to eat healthy food. It is of course highly desirable that food should not be contaminated, but it is also important for those people who are involved in its preparation to be aware that the food they handle becomes impregnated with their emanations and subsequently passes these on to those who eat it.

People use their hands to prepare food and a person's hands magically transmit something of this person's quintessence. Chefs, cooks, bakers and all those people who prepare food for their families on a daily basis must know this law of chemistry and magic.

With this knowledge they will then get into the habit of touching food, conscious that what they are holding in their hands will contribute to the edification of the body of people nearby and far away, persons known and persons unknown. This is a huge responsibility and it is therefore worthwhile for them to endeavour to be dwelling in the best inner state when they prepare food, fostering thoughts of good health, peace and light for those who are due to eat it. »


« Nothing happens to us by mere chance. Our thoughts and feelings bring us into contact with entities, currents and elements in space that correspond to those thoughts and feelings, and we end up attracting them.

This is how health and illness, strength and weakness, intelligence and short-sightedness, beauty and ugliness in people come about. We attract these physical and psychic states, and so, if you are faced with problems in this life, it is because through ignorance you attracted unhealthy and unsound elements in the past.

So now you know the real reason why things happen in your life, resolve to work on your thoughts and feelings, because you will then connect with the purest and most luminous entities and regions in the universe and you will receive from them all the qualities you need to rebuild yourself: beauty, strength, intelligence, and so on. This is the true secret of resurrection. »

Doctor and medicines

« When a doctor prescribes medicines for the sick, does he explain to them that the state of mind in which they take them can contribute to their efficacy? No, he acts as if human beings were merely machines that must be repaired.

A good doctor, on the other hand, also points out rules of life to his patients and even some exercises by means of which they will establish balance, peace and harmony within themselves.

Even if these methods prove to be inadequate in the face of a grave illness, the patient will at least spend what life he has left in activities that are useful. Above all, it is essential to find a beneficial activity to which you can dedicate yourself, for everything has consequences, if not in the physical world, at least in the world of the spirit. »

« Doctors should understand that merely healing the sick is not sufficient. They should also put a few truths in their patients' heads at the same time. I ask a doctor this question:
— "You have made these people better, haven't you. But did they subsequently change their lifestyle? Are they not going to continue their ridiculous ways and become ill again?"
— "Well yes, unfortunately this is true."

So it is clear that before agreeing to cure people, doctors should enlighten their patients in order to prevent them from falling prey to the same excesses and victim of the same imbalances. If I were a doctor I would simply refuse to look after people who did not first promise me to improve their lifestyle.

Since I would not ask to be paid I would ask them at least to pay the Lord by improving themselves. And if they refused to make this promise I would send them elsewhere. Of course, if someone has just been rescued from the water or is suffocating, that is not the time to extract promises from them. They have to be saved.

But I want doctors to understand it is not sufficient to cure people "for the time being", they should also enlighten them so they may find permanent good health again...»

Perspiring — exchanges

« Perspiring is good for your health. But perspiring physically, i.e. sweating, is not enough, and do not be surprised if I tell you that the soul and the spirit must also perspire.

Love makes the soul perspire and wisdom makes the spirit perspire. Of course the word perspiring must be understood in a very wide sense. Perspiration symbolizes a perfect exchange that is established between the microcosm (humankind) and the macrocosm (the universe). Physically, these exchanges occur through the skin, as we discard waste and absorb energy through the skin.

In the subtle plane, however, these exchanges occur through the aura, which is our spiritual skin. So, if I say that, like our physical body, our soul and our spirit must also perspire, I am referring to the exchanges we must make in the subtle planes with divine wisdom and love. »

A key: love

« Love, and all doors will open up to you. So stop asking yourself why you are unhappy, why you suffer so many setbacks, and so on. The reason is simply that you have no love. If you had love, nothing would resist you, because when you have love you do not stay there doing nothing. Someone will say:
— "I'm ill."
— "Well, exactly, it's because you have no love."
— "But what is the connection?"
— "If you had love for health, good health would have established itself in you long ago. If you are ill, it's because you do not really love health. So there you have it."
Once you have love for all that is good, for all that is beautiful, and you live with this love day and night, no force in the universe will be able to resist you. Because there is nothing above love. Love has created the world and all forces obey love. »

More on Love & Healing, including an Amazing Near Death Experience & Journey Into the Love and Light of God Followed By Cancer Healing.

Circulation — life

« We are immersed in a world of spiritual abundance, and if most people fail to benefit from these blessings, it is because their inner channels are obstructed so all free circulation is blocked. This is why initiatic science has only one aim: to teach us how to purify ourselves so that all contacts can be reconnected and so that divine life can flow unhindered within us.

When divine life flows freely, our physical bodies and especially our psychic bodies (emotional, mental and spiritual) are provided with everything they need for excellent health. If there is no circulation, then death gradually encroaches.

So each day, several times a day, remember to cleanse, to purify. Let the waters flow, the celestial waters of heaven. Visualize yourself standing in a torrent or under a waterfall; imagine that your impurities are swept away and that you become as transparent as crystal. Since effective methods such as this exist, why not make use of them? »

The circulation in all domains is an important element of health.
Numerous disturbances or freezings are at origin of numerous diseases. Then, exchanges do not work correctly any more and disorders appear.

For example, scars provoke dams interrupting circulations and exchanges. These obstacles are the cause of disorders which go in amplifying with the time. And so years later, diseases appear by disrupting the organs functioning which are in contact with the place of the scar[1]...

In the body, there are numerous systems which all have to work harmoniously to be healthy: cardio-vascular system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, nervous system, digestive system, energy systems (knew of acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology), glandular or endocrinian system (closely connected to the system of chakras), etc... Each of these systems is in connection with one or several subtle bodies (etherical, astral, mental, causal, budda, atman,... body).

For example, the etheric body contains the meridian lines of acupuncture and the chakras of hinduism. The chakras are doors communicating and exchanging between the physical body and the other subtle bodies, which are seats of feelings, emotions and thoughts.

Circulation of life is a harmonious functioning of all these overlapping systems one in another and in constant interaction.

For scientific background information on chakras, aura, subtle bodies, energetic blockages, cancer etc., compare Energetics. Also see A Summary of Edgar Cayce’s Readings’ View of Illness, Health & Healing.

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The above was found at Universal White Brotherhood (Cultural association) who also offer information on books by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov such as The second birth — Love, Wisdom, Truth — (The living chain of the universal white brotherhood), Harmony — (Harmony, medical science must be based on initiatic Science), The Mysteries of Yesod — Study of purity, The Splendours of Tipharet — Surya-yoga or yoga of the sun, Cosmic Moral Laws — As ye sow, so shall ye reap, Towards a Solar Civilization, The Yoga of Nutrition — Hrani-yoga, Man's Subtle Bodies and Centers: (Aura, Solar Plexus, Hara Center, Chakras), Man's Psychic Life: Elements and Structures, Golden Rules for Everyday Life.


1 The fact that scars can set up interference fields which in turn negatively affect health is well known in the branch of medecine known as neural therapy (developed by German doctors Ferdinand and Walter Huneke MD). Dental interference fields and focal infections for instance can trigger diseases ranging all the way from hair loss, diarrhea and blindness to trigeminal neuralgia and urticaria.

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