Why Alternative Cancer Treatment

Overview of all Healing Cancer Naturally's sections related to the question, "Why Choose nonconventional Cancer Treatments" or "Alternative Cancer Treatment: Why & How".


Site Sections

  • General
    Advice and important warnings why it may be better to not fall into the conventional trap
  • Inspirational
    Quotes from oncologists, researchers and those who have "been there, done that"
  • Conventional
    Damning evidence against the orthodox cut-burn-poison approach to treating and diagnosing cancer
  • Help with Damages
    Assistance for those who have sustained serious injuries in conventional cancer treatment
  • All Testimonials & Advice
    (Frequently dramatic) cancer cures and advice shared by (mostly former) cancer patients.
  • Cancer Research & Animal Experimentation
    Why the unholy union of cancer drug and toxicity testing on animals prevents true cures to be found and implemented.
  • Life, Truth & Philosophy
    On the dark side of alternative cancer treatment and other frequently hidden truths.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer after studying the subject for some twenty years,

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