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Financial emergency 2021 — Why We Need Your Help Right Now

For some 8 years, offering & — two labor-of-love sites that have nothing to sell — was possible due to advertising revenue which helped to pay the costs associated with running what has been described as "the best site I've seen on this subject ever" and a "goldmine" and pay for my own modest needs and monthly rent to boot.

For these sites as well as some related niche websites, times have drastically changed, however, and ad revenue plummeted 95% starting in 2017. The main cause has been found to be deliberate downranking of websites considered politically incorrect so websites like mine can no longer be found by millions of people unless they use a search engine that does not censor such as

In addition, after experiencing a series of personal tragedies in 2015, my best friend developed incapacitating complex PTSD and has become fully reliant on me as his sole financial, emotional and "life" support.

The only thing that has kept me afloat is selling — necessarily finite — possessions never meant to be sold, While there are many dozens of yet unpublished potentially life-saving pages of information I would love to add to my sites as well as create other helpful sites long since planned, even meeting daily / monthly bills or covering the basic costs associated with maintaining and expanding and has been a struggle for several years now.

While I was able to, I have donated to dozens of good causes both large and small amounts. Now I need help myself if I don't want to potentially face homelessness.

Please Support Healing Cancer Naturally and Healing Teeth Naturally — Donate Now

Please help me and my life's work survive these challenging times. Your gift will not only help me to pay daily/monthly necessities such as food and rent, but help me to continually further improve and enrich my websites which already have assisted so many by providing truthful information on inexpensive and holistic remedies that have shown great potential to both prevent and help heal major scourges of our times.

Donate Via PayPal

Donate via my Gofundme campaign which gives detailed background on what your donation both small and large will additionally accomplish:

No donation is too small!!!

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.

Ulla Schmid
Founder, and

Synopsis of's history

My best friend's mother, Vanessa, was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2001. As I saw her languish through her treatment to what seemed the inevitable bitter end, I started collecting, compiling and translating information on natural ways of healing cancer, originally in a desperate effort to help her heal.

Despite my best efforts at trying to make her see the possible interest of alternatives and natural healing approaches, Vanessa died in October 2003 after opting for 2 years of conventional cancer treatment for colon cancer which later metastasized to the liver. Her treatment included original surgery, renewed surgery (something was botched up the first time and a lawsuit was considered) followed by rounds of chemo, then a new experimental chemo and finally hospice.

Despite my sadness, I knew I had to freely share what I had learned about the possibilities in the natural nonconventional treatment of cancer and the hope this entails for so many and decided to launch the first pages of this website in January 2004, with Vanessa's son James helping to create and maintain the technological backbone of the site.

Our mission is to help make the world a better place by helping to save lives. In several years of full-time work, I have since expanded the site to nearly 1000 pages which have been visited by many millions of people.

Being trilingual (German, English, French), I revive and report on forgotten as well as new approaches in the field of cancer treatment, with particular emphasis on inexpensive, natural, nontoxic and holistic mind-body approaches and remedies to help improve the health of my readers, their family, friends, and their pets and to bring hope and healing wherever possible.

Donations Gratefully Received for Healing Cancer Naturally

For all visitors interested in a record of donations received and wishing to contribute to the maintenance of Healing Cancer Naturally and its makers, here is a complete semi-anonymous tally of financial gifts received since Healing Cancer Naturally was published on the Internet on January 15, 2004 (for details on the overall efforts involved, see Mission Statement).

R.F., USA, June 2004: US$ 10
M. H., USA, September 2004: US$ 20
C.L., USA, December 2004: US$ 1
Carol Pippin, USA, April 2005: US$ 5
M.R., Canada, May 2005: US$ 100
Y.C., USA, January 2006: US$ 20
M. T., Australia, June 2006: US$ 10
M. H., USA, September 2004, June 2006: US$ 20
P. B., June 2006: US$ 30
D.W., September 2006 US$ 3
B.H., October 2006 US$ 25
J.W., November 2006 US$ 20
L.S., USA, March 2007 US$ 300 (check)
R.T., UK, May 2007: US$ 30
H.D., Canada, May 2007: US$ 25
C.J., May 2007: US$ 3
B.M., August 2007: US$ 500
M.H., Belgium, February 2008: US$ 75
S.M., Poland, March 2008: US$ 20
T.M. June 2008, 15 USD
N.C., Italy, December 2008, €25,00
P.C., Australia, March 2009: US$ 75
T.W., February 2010: €47.70
P.R., USA, February 2010: €14.06
R.C., April 2010: US$ 10
R.F., June 2010: US$ 8.23
J. S., January 2011: US$ 50.00
J.L, June 2011: US$ 5.00
L.E., October 2011: US$ 50.00
M.L. February 2013: US$ 100.00, Canada, January 2015: € 16.94
A.A. July 2017: €21
G.N. March 2019: £25
B.T. February 2021 US$ 20
T.E. February 2021 US $5,95
M.R. March 2021 US $ 7.00
R.M. March 2021 US $ 20.00
G.W. March 2021 US $ 20.00
O.M-G. April 2021 US $ 10.00 May 2021 US $ 50
J.R. May 2021 US $ 100

Donations Total: US$ 1,772.78 and € 99.70 and £ 25

Of the above, Paypal kept a commission of about $64.30 and the bank a c. $21 cashing/processing fee, which makes a total of donations received of

US$ 1,647.48
€ 99.70
£ 24

A special mention also of a friend who wanted to donate but whose country PayPal doesn’t list...thank you E.T., errrrrrm, C.T.! ;-)

I would like to thank these donors again for any warm words of acknowledgment accompanying their financial gift. They were and are highly appreciated!

More ways in which you can support Healing Cancer Naturally’s humanitarian work

If you feel you have been helped by the contents of this site but for whatever reason don’t wish to donate, there are more ways you can help offset its expenses and support its maintenance, such as:

  • You can buy your books, CDs, DVDs and any other items through the Amazon links provided at Support This Site (links to Amazon US, UK, Canada, France, Spain, Brazil, & Italy). Healing Cancer Naturally gets up to 7 % commission on each purchase’s net value when you start your Amazon purchasing session from any Amazon link on this site, so you can also buy any other product (household, electronic etc.) featured at Amazon and benefit Healing Cancer Naturally’s work.
  • You can check out the excellent juicer (possibly the world’s best in its category) recommended on Best juicer for cancer patients. It is priced at a substantial discount and I am myself the happy owner of this juicer.

    Apart from zeolites and certain books, DVDs and CDs this item is the only one so far I feel fully comfortable in featuring and I very much recommend it with a good conscience. Healing Cancer Naturally gets a c. 6 % commission on each purchase.
  • ... perhaps the easiest way to support this site’s mission: Do tell others about Healing Cancer Naturally!

You can see the full list of easy ways to support this humanitarian site here.


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