Budwig Diet: Dr Johanna Budwig's Authentic Oil-Protein Healing Protocol

Overview of all Healing Cancer Naturally's sections related to Dr. Johanna Budwig's dietary and lifestyle self-treatment. To help heal cancer naturally, Dr. Budwig's diet and protocol is based upon flaxseed oil rich in Omega-3 fatty acids plus cottage cheese and flaxseed, complemented by fruit and vegetable-based organic nutrition, sunlight, natural living, and emotional and spiritual healing.

Find here 100 pages of authentic information on the Budwig diet & lifestyle, including dietary details, exclusive book extracts, testimonials, Budwig FAQ, research, complementary treatments & more.

Welcome to the one comprehensive & authoritative English-language website in the world offering authentic information on Dr. Johanna Budwig and her oil-protein diet & protocol as spelled out in fourteen of her original German books and other Budwig-related German-language sources.

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"Budwig Diet — How To Get It Right — The Ultimate Guide": Written by German Budwig scholars Michael Bierschenk and Ulla Schmid to "fill in all the gaps" and rectify the many misleading errors spread by self-appointed Budwig "experts", this important book was published on Amazon as a Kindle and a paperback in 2023. It is also available as a downloadable PDF at a special introductory price.

Have you ever wanted to try the Budwig diet but didn‘t know whom to trust? Learn from two genuine experts (there are only three worldwide) who have actually read all 14 of Dr. Budwig‘s original scientific works, with Michael having worked with numerous cancer and other patients over many years.

Learn to distinguish the authentic Budwig protocol as taught by Dr Budwig herself from the distorted, minimalist or outright misleading version so often propagated in English-language books and on the internet, the unfortunate result of one little-informed source copying from other even less knowledgeable sources.

Budwig Diet: How To Get It Right The Ultimate Guide (as an Amazon Kindle book or an downloadable PDF) will give you the complete guidance you need to put all the chances of success with the Budwig Diet on your side.

And even those of us who are healthy and would like to stay that way well into their golden years will find an abundance of unique health-related information in this comprehensive book — information not easily found in any other place.


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