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Angel juicer even better than the Green Power?

A testimonial from July 2023

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As I looked through your information on juicers I noticed you have little info about the Angel juicer - which is what I currently use - so for what it is worth, here's what I can tell you from my own experience.

I'm a bit of a juicing nut, since so many of the best cancer programs use juicing extensively, and I own or have owned most of the good ones.

I own a Norwalk juicer , a K&K Juice Press, an Omega juicer, and a Green Power juicer.

I was juicing with the Green Power every day when a few months ago I decided to buy an Angel. $1500 is a lot of money to shell out for a juicer, but I have to tell you that I'm glad I bought it and am very happy with it.

For me, it's a worthwhile upgrade from the Green Power. Really, I find it better in every way. There are fewer parts, so it is easier and quicker to assemble and clean.

When I juice green leafy vegetables it could be a bit clumsy with the Green Power, but the Angel just sucks them right in, it's so easy. And the pulp comes out bone dry.

I recently tried my best to squeeze some juice out of the pulp from my Angel using the K&K press, but I barely got any. In a word, the Angel is the best juicer I've owned.

The Angel juicer I have is the 5500.

Angel juicer

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