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Doctors’ Endorsements of Dr. Budwig’s Diet and Protocol

German holistic MDs recommend the Budwig approach for cancer patients

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In addition to the clinics and doctors already quoted who endorse(d) Dr. Budwig’s work such as Drs. Willner and Roehm, here is the testimonial of two “live” German physicians, Dr. Bernd Belles MD and Dr. Gerd Belles MD. Both specialise in cancer treatment and are strong proponents of Dr. Budwig’s healing approach. Here is what they have to say:

“We are general practitioners specialising (among other areas) in Holistic Cancer Treatment. For our holistic approach, we use the acronym SKEEMRIE[1] Tumor Therapy, which stands for the (German) initials of systemic leap[2], conflict management, nutrition, detoxification, mitochondrial activation, redifferentiation, immune modulation and energy.

The one element which clearly stands out as having the greatest importance and forming the basis of all holistic tumor therapy is the oil-protein diet according to Dr. Johanna Budwig. If this nutritional regimen is implemented without deviation, there is a chance of recovery at every stage of tumor development (a fact we have personally witnessed in our practice!).

We now try to make all our tumor patients adjust their diet in accordance with Dr. Johanna Budwig’s suggestions. It is crucial to stick to her dietary schedule exactly as stated, however. Any deviations will be severely punished by the renewed formation of tumors.

Dr. Johanna Budwig’s discovery of the physico-chemical importance of the highly unsaturated fatty acids for both cellular biology and cancer therapy constitute the most brilliant advance in the field of tumor therapy since decades. It is our aim and objective to spread and disseminate the results of her research to eventually see them recognised."

German-language homepage: www.belles.de


1 German acronym for Systemsprung, Konfliktbewältigung, Ernährung, Entgiftung, Mitochondrienaktivierung, Redifferenzierung, Immunmodulation, Energie.

2 Regarding the possible meaning of “systemic leap” and observed beneficial effects on cancer patients, compare eminent alternative and conventional cancer treatment researcher Lothar Hirneise speaking on system change.

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