Budwig Diet

Is the Budwig Protocol “just flaxseed oil and cottage cheese”?

by Wilhelm H

Welcome to this sixth page devoted to the discoveries of Dr. Johanna Budwig on the subject of healing cancer naturally! This article addresses a common misconception relating to the Budwig protocol.

One thing that is usually overlooked is that the Budwig Protocol is not just flaxseed oil/cottage cheese [or quark]. The "big gun" (flaxseed oil/cottage cheese) by itself has evidently helped many people, but fighting a war with only heavy artillery is not the best way. It is better to include the other forces that can mop up pockets of resistance which, if not taken care of, could cause grief.

The Budwig Protocol is a complete nutritional approach, and more, which besides flaxseed oil/cottage cheese [or quark] includes a number of elements which some other celebrated protocols use as their main approach to better health.

It includes a vegetarian, lacto-vegan diet (except that fish is allowed), flaxseeds, fruit juices, vegetable juices, sauerkraut, sunshine, emotional and spiritual peace and stress control.

In addition it includes many other points that almost nobody talks about, such as avoiding negative energy from a variety of sources in synthetic clothing, bedding, etc. and in your immediate environment [compare the extensive Budwig diet: what to avoid].

And then there is one of the most important and ignored components of the Budwig Protocol: the Eldi oils. Dr. Budwig used them extensively since 1968 when she developed them. Dr. Budwig's patients knew and respected all of the above whereas most others don't. She had an extremely high rate of success. Is it that high also with those that modify her method? Not from what I observe.

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