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Do cells become cancerous due to DNA damage?

excerpted from an extensive lecture held by German cancer researcher Lothar Hirneise on the subject of "Worin liegt das Geheimnis der Spontanremission? (Wherein lies the secret of spontaneous remission?)" before the 6th Clark Symposium 2001.

Prefaced, translated & annotated by Wilhelm H., edited & compiled by copyright © 2005 Healing Cancer Naturally

Perhaps a certain amount of cancer begins with free radical damage, the idea of this theory being that free radicals damage the DNA which makes the cell cancerous. Cancer researcher Lothar Hirneise is not so convinced of this. He says:

"Are gene mutations really the main cause for cancer? If this is really so that cancer is a problem with the DNA, our genes, then I ask the following:

How is it possible that if you take the nucleus which, as is generally known, contains the DNA, out of a cancer cell, and implant a healthy DNA into the cell, the cell remains cancerous.

That works by the way also vice versa. This means that you take a healthy DNA out of a healthy cell, implant a cancerous nucleus and you know what? It is still a healthy cell. Mc Kinnay, Ilmensee and the famous Paul Gerhardt Seeger[1] in Berlin have all made the same experiments 50, 40 and 30 years ago. All with the same result.

I ask you, ladies and gentlemen, how is it possible that cancer is a problem of the DNA? I can tell you right now, cancer is definitely not a problem of the DNA. Obviously, the DNA will change — I have seen it often enough under the microscope — but not, as we are always told, in the first place. DNA mutations occur very, very late in the disease process, perhaps in the 7th or 8th place.

[Note by Healing Cancer Naturally: If DNA mutations occur only late in the disease process and are not causative, mutated BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes cannot be a "cause" of high breast cancer risk either. For additional powerful evidence debunking this notion, see Angelina Jolie and "breast cancer prevention" via surgery].

I believe that the main reason for cancer is oxygen deprivation. This is building on the theory and proof by Dr. Otto Warburg on how cancer is (or can be) created[2], and on the theory and proof by Dr. Johanna Budwig on how it can be healed[3].

Dr. Warburg proved that cancer can be induced by simply depriving a cell of oxygen. He knew how to start cancer, but did not succeed in reversing it. Dr. Budwig found the way. She does it by using flax oil mixed with Quark (cottage cheese) as we know.

She developed an entire protocol around it to enhance the effectiveness. This protocol consists of a number of DOs and DON'Ts in diet, lifestyle and environment, which are ingeniously tuned to the effective anti-cancer regimen that her protocol is known for. She sees the human being as a whole (physical, emotional, spiritual) and in tune with nature and the sun.

Since Dr. Budwig achieved such a high percentage of healing by helping the body to transport, take up and utilize oxygen, it is proof to me that a similarly high percentage of cancer has its origin in the lack of oxygen at the cellular level. This lack of oxygen while usually being the result of nutrition can also have other contributing factors such as poisons and negative energy[4] (radiation).


1 Background on Dr. Seeger at Maria Treben's 'miracle' herbal cancer cures substantiated and endorsed by cancer researcher Prof. Dr. Dr. Paul G. Seeger.

2 Compare Otto Warburg On The Prime Cause & Prevention of Cancer.

3 Compare Budwig Diet and Ozone Treatment.

4 This "negative energy" will also include negative emotional states such as fear and many others, typically accompanied by shallow breathing and contracted muscles. See the entire Emotions section for information on the link between feeling states and cancer genesis and healing.

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