Causes of Cancer

On cause(s) of physical disease

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I believe humanity and the medical sciences will come to understand the true causes and causal relationships in human health and disease when we have arrived at a wider and deeper understanding of our own make-up, which would include our energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual natures. For an introduction into a more expansive and truer understanding of human nature, see Energetics and Spirituality.

As matters stand, the true functioning of the human body in both health and illness may be among those areas of science where we are still complete beginners on this planet, with much half-baked “truth” propagated...

As Sir David Weatherall, Regius professor of medicine at Oxford University and head of the Institute of Molecular Medicine, honestly and succinctly put it in a conversation with a Stanford University professor who healed himself of one of the most lethal cancers known: "What you must understand, Mr. Gearin-Tosh, is that we know so little about how the body works."

To further corroborate this state of affairs: the authoritative and encyclopedic classic German Medical Dictionary “Pschyrembel” (updated yearly) which gives a complete listing and description of all diseases known to man and is The reference work for all German-language workers in the medical field, apparently states for 80% of all listed illnesses: “Cause unknown”!

Further musings on causes of disease under Why do some health (food) “gurus” get sick?

What we do know, however, is the many influences that promote health and healing.

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