Free Childhood Cancer Natural Energy Healing Clinic

Miracle Clinic for children and their parents held November 14-16, 2008

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In October 2008, a site visitor informed me of the following event. I tend to agree with the view that “all forms of cancer are spiritual tests” and that they can ultimately be used to the patient’s and carer’s benefit. I also believe that frequently (or always), at its most basic level the healing occurs at our spiritual-energetic foundations. Whatever may be the case, here is Monica’s announcement.

“I am writing to inform you about a special weekend Childhood Cancer Healing event to be held Nov 14-16, 2008 at Little Lakes Inn, Rochester, New York. This event is being hosted by the World Empowerment Foundation, a volunteer-run, registered non profit organization.

Children suffering from cancer will be taught special natural energy healing techniques at this event which will enable them to place their cancer into remission.

Parents will not be charged for the workshop. It is hoped that if their child's cancer goes into remission upon completion of the healing workshop, parents will make a donation of their choice to the World Empowerment Foundation or at the very least spread word of the healings so others may benefit similarly.

I have pasted the flyer describing the healing process in some detail. Please feel free to pass this material on to those whose children might benefit from this workshop.

Thank you for your time.

In the Unceasing Light of God's Unconditional Love

* Special note: “The plan is to hold these special healing events regularly, however, the location of the workshop may be changed from time to time in case there are large numbers of people from a single location. People could even write to Clifford and request a workshop in their own town.”

Organic Foods + Miracle Clinic = Cancer Remission

Children's Miracle Clinics combine the high life force energies contained in natural organic foods with an ancient lineage's ultra high frequency energy techniques. This amazing combination enables a child to place their cancer in remission in one weekend.

A Miracle Clinic is being held November 14-16 at the Little Lakes Inn, Rochester, NY, in a healthy environment of peace and tranquility with naturally grown organic food. www.littlelakesinn.com.

Parents and children pay only for food and lodging, (but we do hope when their child's cancer remission is verified, parents will send a donation to Children's Miracle Clinics so we may help other children around the world).

A Guardian of Ancient Knowledge has been using the lineage's ancient techniques to cure cancer and has agreed to give a series of Miracle Clinics for Children with Cancer.

All forms of cancer are spiritual tests, thus, all cancer can be healed using spiritual techniques. However, cancer in children is different from cancer in adults, thus, each Miracle Clinic begins with an explanation about cancer, what it is, what it does and why it affects children.

Next, a special mantra, or prayer, enables children to attain "Whole Brain Thinking", the first step in becoming a spiritual adept, followed by an ancient ceremony that infuses the energy of sunlight and special herbs into "Miracle Waters".

An ancient dance focuses high frequency energies to help heal the children. Then, a unique DNA cellular cleansing technique is used to revitalize one's immune system. Three Star Children CDs are used, in a unique energy enhancing way, so children may become spiritual adepts in 24 hours.

Then, as spiritual adepts, children can be taught to use an ultra high frequency energy technique to transform their cancer cells and enable the children to place their cancer in remission. Each child also receives approximately 5 ultra high frequency energy healing treatments during the weekend.

The last 2 ultra high frequency treatments involve the legendary White Stone Teraphim each child will receive during the weekend. In the last 24 hours, children are taught to work with their Teraphim and use an ancient method that focuses healing energies to place cancer in remission.

Clifford Launt is giving the Miracle Clinic, his email address is MiraclesATAncientKnowledge.org (please replace the AT with an @ sign).

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