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Nobel Laureate Dr. Alexis Carrell of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research kept samples of heart tissue from a chicken embryo alive for 29 years. Immersed in a solution from which they obtained all the necessary nutrients, the cells excreted their metabolic wastes into the same solution. Each day, the old solution was discarded and replaced with fresh broth. After living for 29 years, the chicken heart tissue died when the assistant forgot to change the polluted fluid: a powerful testimonial to the vital role & necessity of detoxification!

Dr. Carrel comments: “The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid at regular intervals [detoxification], give the cell something on which to feed [proper diet & nutrition] and, so far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on forever.”[1]

And indeed, a similar mechanism seems to apply in human cells: as they get nourished they also produce a certain amount of waste matter which, together with the toxins present in the ingested food, water, air and other agents (chemical & radiation pollution) we come in contact with, must be efficiently removed to prevent the body from slowly suffocating in its own refuse.

“Detoxification is the final expulsion of waste materials through the various excretory organs. Detoxification takes place in the human body continually from birth throughout life. Life in the human body is maintained by the reproduction of cells, new cells arising to take the place of dead and worn-out ones. It is in a constant process of self-renewal. Cells are constantly being broken down and cells are just as constantly being renewed or replaced.” Toxins must be (and in a healthy state are) eliminated continually and consistently both from the body and from our environment to allow genuine healing and health maintenance to take place.

Elnora van Winkle, Neurophysiologist, writes in her book The Toxic Mind, "[s]ince the time of Hippocrates it has been understood that symptoms of most diseases, other than degenerative disorders where irreversable organic damage has been sustained, represent the efforts of the body to eliminate toxins. Any substance, endogenous or exogenous, that cannot be utilized by the cells is recognized as toxic and eliminated.

When elimination is impaired, toxins accumulate. The cells adapt to toxicosis, but when levels of toxin become intolerable the body initiates a detoxification process. Toxicosis is the true disease, and what we call disease is remedial action, a complex of symptoms caused by the vicarious elimination of toxins. Recovery from disease is not because of remedies but in spite of them."

...additionally, we live in an increasingly toxic world, and some authors even speak of pollution of the minds and the emotions...

After this “cheery” intro, let’s get to some suggested remedial action to keep or get us detoxified from both metabolic waste products (endogenous toxins) and environmental (exogenous) toxins — a probably essential step in healing cancer and in any case, a great contribution to our wellbeing. Continue to 18 Detoxification Tips: Getting/Maintaining Your Cells, Body and Environment Clean.

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1 While more recent discoveries (Hayflick limit in 1961, shortening of telomeres) might contradict Dr Carrel's optimistic view, interestingly, it is shared by famous American psychic Edgar Cayce.

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