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Dr. Hulda Clark on the difficulty of producing uncontaminated vitamin D

How (any) supplements can be polluted during the standardization process

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The following observations shared by Dr. Clark are of general interest for users of dietary supplements since the standardization of any vitamin, mineral, herbal or other supplement is likely to entail manufacturing processes involving the addition of any number of unknown toxins to the final product.

"The pollution problem for vitamin D comes from the need to dilute it to the standard 400 units allowed by regulations, in such a way that the consumer knows how much they are getting.

This can be done in an elaborate way or a simple way such as adding it to plain oil with flavor added. But oil is never "plain". It comes polluted with PCB, benzene and often antimony, an outright poison. It also is loaded with Ascaris eggs and other invisible filth.

The flavoring is not simple either. It might have any or all the immune-destroyers. ... the vitamin D3 concentrate, as it comes from the manufacturer could have lead in it. ... Lead could come simply from the copper plumbing used in the manufacturing plant.

So you see how pollution and contamination at the very beginning of the preparation of a supplement could get amplified into a formidable problem at the end. The final product will carry every pollutant brought in from all the ingredients."

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