Edgar Cayce dietary & nutritional advice for individual cancer patients

Note: The following are excerpts from several readings given to various individuals who asked for help with a cancer issue. Since Cayce recognized that what may “be poison for someone, to another may be a cure” (reading 1259-2), the reader is referred to the extensive Edgar Cayce’s Dietary Advice & Recommendations for Cancer Treatment & Prevention for more generally applicable and "generic" details of what Edgar Cayce recommended for cancer cure and prevention.

”(Q) Are there any foods that should be eliminated, and if so, suggest diet?

(A) Rather use the fruit and vegetable diet. The fats should be more from nuts than meats; for these, as we find, would be most helpful - and especially cashew nuts, almonds, filberts, and the like.” (Reading 1000-11)

”Citrus fruit juices should form the greater portion of the morning meals, as should the RAW vegetables the noon meals; while the fruits, cooked or prepared vegetables or the other activities for the system should furnish the evening meals. Nuts, especially almonds, filberts and the like, should form the greater portion of the oils or fats for the body.” (Reading 967-2)

”Hence, there should be a reduction in sugars - only taking those sugars from fruits and from the vegetables; with the fats that would be from nuts, preferably. Use rather almonds and filberts than black walnuts, English walnuts or even Brazilian nuts; though these will be helpful at times, but very small amounts of same.” (Reading 787-1)

Eliminate from the diet all fats, meats, heavy oils of any kind. (4438-1)

"Those who would eat two to three almonds each day need never fear cancer." (Reading 1158-31)

"If an almond is taken each day, and kept up, you'll never have accumulations of tumors or such conditions through the body." (Reading 3180-3)

Almonds were recommended in the following readings (breast cancer), as part of a diet emphasizing leafy vegetables and low (or no) meat and fat:

"Eat an almond each day - one almond - the body will have no more trouble or recurrence of this nature through the system." (Reading 3515-1)

"Almonds, Brazilian nuts, cashew nuts, and the like, are well. Almonds, especially." (Reading 4438-1)

For details see Edgar Cayce’s Dietary Advice & Recommendations for Cancer Treatment & Prevention, Edgar Cayce On The Cancer Preventative Health Value of Almonds and Sugar & Cancer.

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