Edgar Cayce on healing with sunlight

Note by Healing Cancer Naturally: Edgar Cayce while also giving "generic" advice mostly addressed individual cases and thus any health advice given should not be considered automatically applicable to each and every person.

"...keep the body in the sunshine; not so that there is injury to the body, but sufficient that all of the respiratory system and the capillary circulation is affected by the rays of the sun. At least some portion each day when same may be had. This will keep an even balance of the vitamins through the system." 299-2.

"Well that the head be kept bare, in sunshine as much as possible. This will assist, of course, in nature's activity in rebuilding in the system." 195-34.

"In this particular body we find that in certain climates the sun and the sun's rays would be most beneficial and in others most harmful - because of the actinic[1] value of the rays in those vicinities of a high altitude." 3224-1.

"Let there not be too much activity in the middle of the day, or of the sunshine. The early morning and the late afternoons are the preferable times. For the sun during the period between eleven aor eleven-thirty and two o'clock carries too great a quantity of the actinic rays that make for destructive forces to the superficial circulation..." 934-2.

"...We would take the sun-bath, but take that that adds to the body: do not tan the body too much! That that gives the full activity to the capillaries, or to the exterior portions of the system, but too much sun is worse than too little; for light is penetrating of itself - see?" 275-20.

"Keep [the child] in the open oft but never with the sun shining directly on the face or eyes. These should even be shaded. Never during the period from 11:00 to 2:00. Then the body should not be in the sun, but the early periods and late periods are very well.

It is the absorption of the ultraviolet which gives strength and vitality to the nerves and muscular forces, which comes from the effect of the rays of the sun from [upon?] the activities of the body. It is not so well that there be too much of the tan from the sun on the body. This forms on body to protect the body from same. Thus not so much of the tan but sufficient for the healthy activity of the body." 3172-2.

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Spiritual world teacher Paramahansa Yogananda on the healing power of sunlight

Yogananda writes in his book "Man's Eternal Quest": "Better than medicines are the rays of the sun. In them is a wonderful healing power. One should take a ten-minute sunbath every day. Ten minutes a day is better than only occasional exposure for longer periods. A short sunbath daily, reinforced by good health habits, will keep the body supplied with sufficient life energy to destroy all harmful microbes."

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1 actinic = related to or caused by light or radiation.

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