The Effect of Sounds On Cancer Cells

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Fabien Maman's research into the effects of sounds on cells (adapted from his book "The Role of Music in the Twenty-First Century) points to the possibility of healing with sound.

A cancer cell "exploded" within 14 minutes in a petri dish.
For this experiment Fabien played the Ionian scale on the xylophone note by note: C-D-E-F-G-A-B and then C and D of the next octave. One photograph per minute was taken, looking at the same “Hela” cells. Within fourteen minutes, the cell exploded under the “impact” of these nine different frequencies.

Cell Type: Cancer - Hela
Instrument: Xylophone
Photograph taken under magnification

Destruction of cancer cell by sound frequencies

Photo 36: D 293.66. It is easy to observe the progressive "destabilization" of the cell structure all along the scale beginning here with C.

Photo 37: E 329.63. With the addition of the third frequency, the cell can no longer maintain its structure. We can see clearly the disorganization of the nucleus.

Photo 40: A440. The pressure of the sound frequencies continue to "push back" the cytoplasmic and nuclear membranes.

Photo 42: C523.25. Explosion of the nuclear membrane.

Photo 43: D 587.33 It took 14 minutes to destroy this cancer cell.

“Healthy cells seem to breathe in a way that allow them to absorb and integrate the sound without resistance. They did not appear to keep the power of the sound frequency inside of themselves like the cancer cells did. The healthy cells appeared supple and able to freely receive, absorb and return the sound energy. In contrast the cancer cells appeared inflexible and immutable in their structure.“

Source: Academy of Sound, Color and Movement
4800 Baseline #E104-237
Boulder, Colorado, USA 80303

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