Eight Unique Approaches to Mental Wellness

A guest article by Craig Meadows survivingdayone.com

We all want good health, but at one point or another, everyone experiences poor mental health to varying degrees. For example, fighting cancer can ravish you physically and take a toll on your mental health as well. Sometimes taking the route less traveled in mental health therapy will improve conditions, even in severe cases. There are many unique ways to improve your mental health — Healing Cancer Naturally shares some below.:

1. Express yourself with doodles.

The act of doodling brings out the thoughts from our subconscious mind and symbolizes our perceptions, feelings, and thoughts in visual form. Doodling can alleviate anxiety and clear your conscious mind because you can focus on the present and draw what's bothering your subconscious.

2. Learn tai chi.

Often described as a meditative form of slow martial arts sequences, this practice is an excellent alternative to yoga and has many of the same benefits. Tai chi slows you down, improves concentration, and promotes mindfulness.

3. Volunteer your time.

Volunteering improves physical and mental health because it lowers your depression and anxiety as it reduces stress. It results in positive feelings because your body releases dopamine. It also provides a sense of purpose and builds relationships.

4. Try equine therapy.

Equine therapy involves grooming, leading, and feeding a horse under the supervision of a mental health specialist. It's more advanced than the daily aspects of taking care of a pet and promotes social skills, confidence, and emotional awareness.

5. Utilize light therapy.

Lighting can improve mood and help decrease depression while improving cognitive functioning. For example, bright lights intensify emotions, while lower lights can keep them stable. Colored red light helps release melatonin, while blue or white light has an energizing effect. Proper lighting can help regulate your circadian rhythms.

6. Sing.

The act of singing can be energizing and calming as your body releases certain endorphins and hormones related to pleasure in addition to removing apprehension. As a result, professionals describe singing as a natural antidepressant.

7. Converse with a stranger.

Conversations with strangers promote wellness by allowing you to share information with those not in your usual circles. There are no concerns about safety and privacy. You can gain new perspectives from talking with people with different backgrounds and insights. Encounters with strangers can potentially present opportunities for jobs, learning skills, or widening your social network. 

8. Attend a sports event.

Spectating sports can motivate you to reach goals and make you feel successful when there's a win. Try attending a live Yankees game. If you are looking for Yankees tickets, check out online ticket retailers where you can sort availability by prices, dates, and seating placement. Seek out sites with virtual seating charts of Yankee Stadium affording 360-degree views of the arena before purchase.

Using Laughter as Medicine

Laughter has healing power: seriously! Laughter has many short-term positive effects. It relaxes you by reducing stress while it helps with the circulatory process and increases muscle relaxation. Long-term benefits include increasing emotional satisfaction for coping with difficult situations and improving mood. The tips presented in this article, including using laughter, can be helpful for chronic conditions such as cancer.

Natural Treatments May Be Your Solution

Taking steps to improve your mental state can significantly help during your emotional struggle with cancer. For more approaches to alternative healing for cancer, explore this HealingCancerNaturally site.

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