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The negative experiences I can personally report relate to Enagic’s ion exchange filters as well as their customer service demonstrating what to me is a lack of ethical behaviour.[1]

Shortly after buying my machine, the water developed a very unpleasant bitter taste to the point of being undrinkable. My "upline" (the person I will keep genderless through whom I had purchased the machine and who acts as the representative of the Enagic company) whom I asked for help was unfamiliar with this issue, s/he had not happened upon this before. S/He did not contact Enagic for advice.

So I reported this intractable problem with the water taste to Enagic myself, asking for help. In fact, I wrote six times to three different addresses available for Enagic incl., spacing my pleas for assistance across several months. However, I never received a reply nor even an acknowledgement of receipt of my urgent missive. To say that I was disappointed at this unexpected lack of ethics demonstrating a “business as usual” attitude on the part of the Enagic company, is an understatement.

Thankfully over time, i.e. after discarding many liters of undrinkable water over several weeks, the taste gradually improved and eventually became normal again.

When a year later, I bought a new ion exchange filter (in fact ordering two at once to help save on future postage), I stumbled across the solution: immediately after installing the first fresh ion exchange filter the water started to taste bad again and about ten liters later, suddenly came out bright orange! I knew that the filter medium was orange so a lightbulb went off in my head - the bad taste was due to the filter!

I swiftly wrote to my upline requesting a refund for the two newly bought filters since obviously I was not going to use those filters any longer.

Note: My upline is the person who originally ADVISED me to get an ion exchange filter, who was clueless about the taste issue and most of all who made a commission on each of the three (very expensive) filters I bought in total.

This time, s/he immediately wrote to Enagic forwarding my request. And this time I received an instant reply - but what a shock it was.

The Enagic representative in essence pretended the taste and colour issue were totally "normal", writing that my observations were just commonplace, to be expected as well as sorting themselves out by themselves over time. No apology was offered for leaving me in the dark all the time before by ignoring my six letters.

I was shocked. Suddenly after involving a "star seller" of the compay (my upline) I was told the taste (and water colouring) experience were normal, while my multiple prior enquiries had been left unanswered and nowhere else had I read or been given this piece of crucial information regarding the "normal" working of Enagic's ion exchange filters before proceeding to buy them.

Had I known about this, I would of course not have re-ordered the ion exchange filters. (In fact, I would not even have ordered them the first time I did both due to the intolerable taste created in the process and the fact that water prices have risen sharply so discarding many liters of water is not an option).

After this sad disappointment regarding the ethics of this company, I wanted to never have anything to do with them again. I finally decided however I would try to get my money back from the filters purchase which I had been defrauded into buying. Again I asked my upline for assistance as the representative of the Enagic company to please sort this matter out for me, telling him/her (again) that I wished to return both ion exchange filters I bought in May 2010 and have my expense incl. packaging, handling and return postage reimbursed. I explained that I would not have ordered these filters had I been given all the pertinent information regarding taste and colour issues that will "normally" arise.

His/her reply (excerpted):

"I'm sorry that the ion exchange filters didn't work out for you. I live in a very hard water area too and I simply clean my machine more often, with an aquarium pump and organic citric acid (available from any health food store). It works great and that way I get the benefits of the ionized minerals without worrying about the machine getting clogged.

Regarding your request for a refund, I would have been happy to assist you within a reasonable time after purchase. However, if you think about it, I'm sure you will agree that no company on the planet would give a refund after [such a long time]! ...It is simply too long. I might have been able to do something within a few months, even after 30 days ... It is even harder to get a refund with most companies. That is just standard business..."

Apparently my upline saw no moral obligation to at least offer me a refund him/herself, . although s/he is the person who wrongly advised me, was unable to help me when the taste issue first arose AND who benefitted financially every time I bought a filter based on information I was NOT provided with. Not to mention that the time delay was caused by the very inaction of both him/herself and Enagic, ignoring my pleas for help.

Also note that s/he did not consider it necessary to tell me previously that s/he him/herself no longer used the filters but had found a better and cheaper way for him/herself.

In a last attempt at eliciting an ethical response from Enagic, I wrote to the Enagic representative who had pretended that taste and water issues were just normal with Enagic's ion exchange filters. I specifically mentioned that "As a company interested in the ethical treatment of your clients, I trust you will honour this request in spite of the time delay."

I tried three times. Response: nil.

Since I do not wish to support companies that do not honour what to me are the most basic standards of integrity, I have discontinued my affiliation with Enagic.


1 For other types of negative experiences, see Kangen Water negative testimonials People who didn't benefit from Enagic's Alkalizers/Ionizers water.

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