Cancer as a living malevolent entity

A healer's personal encounters with the essence and consciousness of cancer

Introduction by Healing Cancer Naturally (October 2021)

A while ago I came across the book "The Traveler and the End of Time — The Secret Life of Ken Page" by healer Ken Page and with the greatest of interest discovered his encounter with the "essence of cancer". Since I consider this a most important piece in the puzzle of this illness, I am publishing — with permission — the relevant excerpts on this site.

[Beginning of book excerpt] “... I discovered that simply holding my hands on people could change them.

One of Fred's[1] clients had just been diagnosed with cancer and was scheduled to check into a hospital the following week. After Fred had moved him into an altered state, I simply laid my hands on the client's stomach. I had no intent, no ideas about what I wanted to happen. Whatever power my hands seemed to have was as new and strange to me as to anyone else.

As I held my hands on the man's stomach, something about the size and shape of a golf ball rose through my fingers. It floated slowly upward to hover at about three feet directly above my hands, like a tiny space ship, and glowed dark red. Then it suddenly shot forward like a bullet, straight out through a wall, and disappeared.

I turned slowly to face Fred. "Did you see that?" I asked him. His eyes were as wide as saucers. "Yes," everyone in the room answered simultaneously, in a kind of collective exhalation. We had all stopped breathing. None of us knew what we had just seen, but we had all seen it.

Four days later, my secretary put a call through to me at the printing company. "Is this Ken Page?" a voice asked tentatively on the other end.

"Yes," I answered. "This is Ken Page." The caller paused for a moment.

"I'm the man you worked with at Fred's house the other day. The one who had cancer. I had to call you."

"Well, I appreciate that," I told him. People often wanted to call Fred or me. It was a way of confirming that they had actually had their experience. "How are you doing?" I asked. "Is everything going okay?"

It's gone," he said.

I waited for a moment, hoping that he'd tell me more. He didn't, and so I asked: "What's gone?"

"The cancer. All of it. I just had my biopsy. The doctors, they were all arguing with each other."

"That's really great," was all that I could think of to say. My mind was racing in a thousand directions. Had I really been a part of this?

"I just wanted to thank you. I called Fred and he said to call you."

"Well," I said clumsily. "You're very welcome."

After I hung up, I leaned back in my plush leather chair and watched the dance of the lights on my telephone, and thought about how difficult it was to talk about miracles in our culture. There wasn't a single person in my office that I could mention my telephone conversation to. Miracles frightened people. Today, I know that miracles are as much a part of life as gravity, rainbows, fire, and rain. The belief that miracles are as rare as four-leafed clovers tips the scales of power away from the beholder. I didn't need a Commission from the Vatican, or a television crew, to come investigate what I had seen and heard with my own eyes and ears. I had learned to trust what I knew to feel true.

Years later, when I was in private practice, I finally learned what that red ball actually was. I was working with a female cancer patient. The hospice had called me to help her with a visualization that would allow her to sleep. Like many terminal patients I had worked with, she was afraid to close her eyes, fearing that she might never wake up. The radiation treatments had left her as pale and insubstantial as the starched white sheets which covered her like a shroud. A flask of morphine at her bedside advertised her constant pain. She had been given two days to live.

Inside her room it was as quiet as a mortuary, a feeling that was reinforced by the countless bouquets of flowers that surrounded her. They smelled like death. Outside the wind was howling around the corners of the house like a wild animal, and angrily spattering rain against the windows.

I had detected a strong energy around my client, and so as was my usual practice then, I began talking to it, using my client as a channel. I asked the energy if it had a name. This is one of the ways I distinguished between energies and entities. Energies tended to have bizarre otherworldly names, while entities of earth origin usually had the kinds of names that you might give your children. This particular energy had a name that I'd never heard in a session before. Its name was Cancer.

"Have you ever had a body?" I asked.

"NO!" it shot back assertively, speaking at about ten times my client's normal frail whisper. I asked it where it had been before it was with my client.

"I was with Jonathan!" it blustered.

What happened to Jonathan?" I asked.

I killed him!" it gloated.

And so it went, like wandering around a graveyard looking at the names on headstones with Jack the Ripper. It yelled out their names triumphantly, as though they were its trophies. Finally, I tired of this macabre tour.

"And how many other times have you entered the life fields of a human being to kill them?" I inquired.

"Thousands!" it proclaimed.

That's when it finally hit me. I wasn't just talking to something that had named itself after an astrological sign. I was really talking to the essence of cancer.

The consciousness of cancer, it proudly told me, encircled the earth like a huge cloud, 33,000 feet above the surface. It created illness the same way that other negative energies created fear. The more cancer it created, the more people feared it and cancer used their fear like a factory used electricity, becoming more and more powerful. This, I realized, was the solution to the mystery of the enigmatic glowing red ball. It was a visible manifestation of the same energy. When it had shot through the wall of Fred's office, years ago, it had probably rejoined that giant energetic cloud hovering over the planet, just like water evaporates to rejoin rain clouds.

Once I started asking the right questions, I found that there were energies associated with all types of diseases. There was a mass consciousness of AIDS, a mass consciousness of bubonic plague, and a mass consciousness of addiction.” [End of book excerpt]

Addenda by Healing Cancer Naturally

Regarding the existence of entities related to cancer, also compare the important discoveries of UK healer Len Walker outlined in Footnote 3 of the page devoted to Geopathic Stress & Cancer.

Also see the related Faith healing, spontaneous remission of cancer and a "negative spirit" (scroll to "Cancer cure case 3").

It may also be of interest here that Cayce referred to cancer as an "entity unto itself" comparable to a parasite, see Edgar Cayce's Perspective on Cancer.

About the author

Ken PageKen Page is, among other things, founder and director of the Institute of Multidimensional Cellular Healing™; the Third Eye of Horus Mystery School™, and the Teachings of The Red School™ as well as the author of five books. He teaches monthly workshops throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe and offers ongoing certified Heart & Soul Healing™ training courses.

His website www.kenpage.com shares a large number of spiritual tools geared towards promoting healing on all levels of our being, as well as other things. “Your own personal experiences with cancer or other types of disease can be very helpful to others."



1 Fred Leidecker, a hypnotherapist Ken Page first encountered in 1984 and by whose work he became so inspired that he sat in on more than 200 of his sessions.

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