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Testimonials & Experiences with Commercial MLM-Marketed Glyconutrients

(Mannatech’s Ambrotose®)

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Mannatech (officially) does not claim cancer or other disease-healing benefits from its products (it just turned a blind eye to its distributors making such claims, apparently as long as they could get away with it).

Testimonial 1: Bladder Cancer

“Keeping in mind that 'Not Everything Works for Everyone all the time', my experience with this expensive multi-level marketing product proved of no benefit. I took massive amounts, for three months, as suggested by one of the 'up level' members of a team because of the claimed benefit this person's father had with the almost identical situation I had [bladder cancer].

Does this failure in my case mean Glyconutrients [in their commercialised form] are not beneficial? Absolutely not.

However, people seeking health are ripe for the hype (that rhymes nicely, doesn't it?) and need to hear as much as they can about everything explored. Like another scientist friend of mine says, ‘Information is our best friend’ and that regards health matters.”

[Incidentally, these same glyconutritionals did not lower my elevated blood pressure either.]
(The author - known to Healing Cancer Naturally - has meanwhile healed himself of bladder cancer using alternative [nonconventional] approaches incl. diet upgrades [details of the protocol he used are unknown to HCN].)

Testimonial 2: Breast Cancer

“I took Mannatech’s Ambrotose® [glyconutrient product] that was sold [and recommended] by my naturopath, a year ago and it did nothing for me [breast cancer]. It was very expensive and I stopped after I think three months.

I find it highly unscrupulous of people like this who make money from people that are sick. I promised myself that when I become a qualified nutritionist, that I will not be doing it for the money but for having a genuine care for their health status. How can anyone go to sleep at night having charged such exorbitant prices to an ill person is beyond my comprehension.”

(The author, known to Healing Cancer Naturally, already follows a very healthy lifestyle based on the Budwig diet & protocol. It could be that any kind of supplement has little positive or other impact on a person whose diet and lifestyle are already balanced and optimised to fulfill all their bodily requirements. In fact supplements may/will even have a negative effect, particularly or at least if of synthetic origin.)

Personal experience with MLM-marketed glyconutritional supplements (Mannatech’s Ambrotose®)

recounted by Carol P.,
published by Healing Cancer Naturally with permission of the author

About 5 or 6 years ago, I met a young couple who were selling Mannatech’s well-known MLM-marketed glyconutritional products, and they seemed very nice. They had found out from a mutual friend, that I had been diagnosed with Epstein-Barr Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, plus Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a hiatal hernia, a tumor, gastritis & colitis, and thought they could help me out a lot with their products.

I read all about them, but after ordering just one of their flagship products, they started to get more pushy with me, in that I needed more in order to get well. I told them I couldn't afford anymore, as I was now on Disability from the Federal Government, and the monthly check wasn't much.

I remember they gave me a sample then to try, but what I remember most is that they pushed and pushed this product on me, and being in sales and sales management for nearly 30 years, I did not appreciate this "pushy" approach.

I did notice a slight difference after taking the products for a month, but I just couldn't afford to keep it up, and often wondered why they kept their prices so high, as to not include so many people who really need help! People just like me.

I tried to explain to them about my financial position, but the more I did, the more they pushed their products on me, and finally I became so stressed out from their phone calls, unexpected visits, etc., that the stress caused me to become more sick than the effects from their products did good for me.

After trying to explain many times, but to deaf ears, I finally stopped answering their calls, and my front door.

To this day, I cannot understand why Mannatech would keep their prices so very high, that the most needy cannot afford to purchase them and have a chance at good health. Just amazing.... I really wish the whole world didn't revolve around money as much as it does.

I agree that those on a fresh food diet may not benefit from glyconutrient supplements. Also their selling tactics are ALL about making money for themselves. Even if you're a member, you still pay a lot and what you make is little in comparison.

I had investigated their pay system structure back in the beginning when I first found out about them, and I found the executives of the company were the ones making all the money, while the people at the bottom were making very little, especially considering all their own time, their expenses, and what they have to pay the company each month just to be a member. It definitely was not for me.

I had to laugh when [I saw it] called a Cult, as I had thought the same thing many times!! [This is] all I can remember of my experience with them.... Not a good one!

[Addendum] Since finding a cheaper source, I am again taking glycos [because I feel they are a helpful addition to my generally healthy lifestyle which includes the Budwig diet & protocol coupled with affirmations, determination, visualization, positive thoughts, proper stress management and spiritual & emotional work and which has helped me to cure myself from osteoarthritis “at morphine stage”.

Note: Carol has had a strong relapse of her osteoarthritis after going through severe stress, showing again the decisive influence the mind can have on the body's health.

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