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The Magnetic Answer For Cancer

by William H. Philpott, M.D., with an introduction by Healing Cancer Naturally © 2004

The following is a very interesting article for both the general reader and those with health challenges since it illuminates basic cell functioning in health and disease and proposes an ingenious way of healing. This method seems to work infallibly, even without the amendments in diet and lifestyle which are usually part of alternative healing modalities (it possibly could be dubbed "the lazy man's cure").

If it weren't a bit expensive, it might seem recommendable for anyone simply as a preventive for any kind of disease (though the absence (?) of data on long-term effects of the method might conceivably be considered a reason for caution) ...

In one of his books "Cancer-The Magnetic/Oxygen Answer", William H. Philpott M.D. (1919-2009)[1] writes that “magnet therapy can produce dramatic turnarounds in certain kinds of cancer".

Dr. Philpott treated a woman, aged 71, who had a basal cell carcinoma on her forehead as a result of intense sunburn. Every night, Dr. Philpott had the woman sleep with a 12,300-gauss magnet placed, negative side down, directly on the cancerous area. In six weeks, this pathological spot had dried up and peeled off without a scar, reports Dr. Philpott. Five years later there was still no reappearance of the cancer.

Dr. Philpott treated another woman (his own wife), aged 75, who had a melanoma tumor on her forehead. Dr. Philpott had her wear a 3950-gauss magnet over the cancerous growth for 24 hours a day for three months. After one month of this treatment, the tumor stopped growing and its soreness eased up; then the tumor started to recede and dry up; after ten weeks, it literally fell off her forehead.

According to Dr. Philpott, magnet therapy achieves these results because it applies a negative pole magnetic field to the cancer. This changes the pH of the cells, which are too acidic, making them more alkaline, which is favorable to healing. In addition, the negative magnetic field releases oxygen bound up in the acids of the unhealthy cells. The oxygen then diffuses throughout the cells, restoring health and vitality.

Please note: Magnet treatment is one of the 22 affordable “Greatest Hits” I personally recommend after studying the field of natural cancer treatment for some twenty years.

There are really a lot of advances being made, but looking at cancer the way medicine has looked at cancer is something like looking at a tree and missing the forest.

There are two factors that are always present. What can we do about these two factors? Can we head off cancer, can we reverse cancer; if we manipulate those two factors? Those two factors are acid and lack of oxygen. The local area where the cancer is found is acid and it lacks oxygen.

These are the two factors that are like looking at a tree and not seeing the forest. But, if we just look at what happens to the DNA genetic material that is injured then that's looking at the tree and missing the forest. The problem is that we haven't assessed properly what we can do with the known factors that are always present no matter what else may be present.

Can we manipulate those two factors that always have to be present for cancer to develop and by doing so we reverse the cancer?

I do not claim a cure for any degenerative disease or even guarantee relief of pain or insomnia by means of magnetics. My only claim is that there is evidence justifying definitive controlled research project following FDA guidelines to determine the value and limitations of Magnetic Resonance Bio Oxidative Therapy.

I will give you some case histories of successfully treated cases, but they are indications that we do need the research. You cannot take a single case, no matter how brilliant the results, and claim that it justifies the claim of a cure for a specific disease.

These are studies which will tell us the values and limitations of magnetic treatment. There are certain studies being done at Universities to demonstrate and record for medical literature what the mechanisms of magnetic therapy are.

The body makes its own magnetic fields by oxidation. Humans are electromagnetic. The brain is positive electromagnetic poled and the periphery from the brain on out is negative electromagnetic poled. When we get an injury of some kind the electric field and magnetic field of injury is a positive electromagnetic field.

The body through its mechanism of the nervous system and cells that surround the nervous system concentrates the negative electromagnetic field at the site of injury for healing. It must maintain the negative magnetic field in order for healing to occur.

If it cannot maintain this, healing doesn't occur. It is absolutely necessary that the negative field be present during the healing process. The negative magnetic field is alkalinizing. We have to have the alkalinized area for healing to occur because you cannot have oxygen in an acidic medium.

You can only have molecular oxygen in an alkaline medium. The pH of our blood is 7.4; we are all alkaline. When we go acid, we become sick and we develop all kinds of symptoms. Wherever that acid is that area is inflammatory; we may call it arthritis or if it is in the brain we may call it psychosis. Depending entirely on where the acid state is determines what is going to happen.

We have to have an alkaline state. It is the negative field that maintains the alkaline state, but you don't have to depend on the body through its mechanism to produce that field. You can take an external magnetic field, place it over the area and the body responds the same way as if it were made from itself. That is why we can use a magnetic field like that.

Let’s just look at what a normal cell is and what a cancer cell is. A normal cell is alkaline, it has to be or oxygen could not be there and make its energy. We have a substance called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which makes biological energy through the use of oxygen (oxidative phosphorylation). So, it is alkaline and it has a lot of available molecular oxygen. That is the way we make our energy.

The human cell has the ability to do this, but infectious micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, intestinal parasites) and cancer cells use another method. It is called fermentation phosphorylation. They make ATP (their energy) through fermentation that does not require any oxygen.

In fact, if there was a lot of oxygen there it would not work either. The presence of oxygen and the alkaline state would inhibit it from even functioning so it has to be acid and it has to have little or low oxygen. Human cells have the ability to make ATP by oxidation phosphorylation or substrate level (fermentation) phosphorylation.

When we exercise vigorously and use up all our ATP and we do not have oxygen there because we are still exercising, the muscle cells will fall back on fermentation phosphorylation to make ATP, but only temporarily. Fermentation phosphorylation cannot sustain life for humans. It is only a temporary patch for us.

It will not sustain human life but it will sustain the life of a cancer cell and bacteria, fungi, viruses, and intestinal parasites because that is the way they make ATP. These two mechanisms of making energy are incompatible. Either one is working or the other one is working, but they are never both working at the same time.

The normal human cell has a lot of molecular oxygen and a normal alkaline pH. The cancer cell has an acid pH and lack of oxygen.

How do we get acid states? We maladaptively react to foods, chemicals, inhalants, toxins. They all produce acid states locally and even sometimes we can measure it systemically, but more locally where the symptom is.

Bruises, inflammations, infections, etc. are acid. Anything that makes the areas acid is a predisposition to the development of cancer over the long run. Your food reactions (immunologic allergies, non-immunologic maladaptive reactions, addictions) are predisposing you to the development of cancer.

Another mechanism can happen. We get an estimate of 10,000 injuries to our genetic material called DNA in the course of a day from Carcinogenic chemicals.

The DNA can be healed (repaired) as long as that cell has plenty of oxygen and has an alkaline medium. We are repairing our DNA all the time, but if it is in an acid state it doesn't repair. The cancer cell gets injured and since it is in an acid state it cannot repair so it reproduces itself with its defective injured DNA. The way we can defeat cancer is to make the conditions under which cancer cannot exist.

We raise the alkalinity of the area with a negative magnetic field. The negative magnetic field also raises the oxygen level.

Where does the oxygen come from? There are several ways of doing oxygen therapy such as hyperbaric oxygen, ozone, releasing oxygen out of hydrogen peroxide through the enzymatic action of catalase. All of those depend on the diffusion of the oxygen into the cell.

Diffusion is a defective way of trying to get oxygen into the cells since you cannot continuously do these treatments. You can't just live under hyperbaric oxygen for weeks or months or you can't continuously give ozone. I have given thousands of ozone treatments and several thousand hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Are they useful? Of course they are useful.

They have a [very] serious defect, 1) you cannot maintain it and 2) you are dependent on diffusion into the cell. The cell is already swollen and it is hard to diffuse oxygen into the swollen cell. If we use the negative magnetic field, we make an alkaline state immediately and the edema is corrected so the oxygen can now be there. But, where does the oxygen come from?

We have oxidation-reduction so oxygen is reduced into free radical oxygen and acid. We all would die if we did not have a whole series of enzymes which release oxygen back to its molecular state. Enzymes are a series of amino acids with a co-factor vitamin and a mineral activator.

Enzymes work only because there is an energy field that makes them work. That energy field is usually identified as electrostatic or magnetic. In fact the magnetic field has been measured and recorded when the enzyme is doing its work. The negative magnetic field is the energy field that spins electrons counter clockwise.

This is the energy field that activates these enzymes to reverse the acids and thus release the oxygen that is bound in these acids. The oxygen is bound and has no value in terms of oxidation until released back to the molecular state. It now functions again to give us more energy.

A negative magnetic field is the energy for the enzymes to do this. That is why putting a negative magnetic field over cancer causes the cancer to die. It has no energy and it can't make its energy anymore because now this is an alkaline state and we are activating all the enzymes to release the oxygen that is already there inside and around the cells.

You don't diffuse oxygen in the cells, it is already there and we release it. This is far superior to ozone therapy, hyperbaric therapy or intravenous hydrogen peroxide alone. This is much more oxygenating and from within. You don't pull the oxygen in or push it in. It is released from within.

That is the secret of why cancer dies. You see, if we provide the condition for optimum cellular function with oxygen and the right pH what do we have? We have the breath of life for the human cell and the kiss of death for the cancer cell, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and intestinal parasites. This is a beautiful antibiotic.

The following are observations of single cases which demonstrate the justification of definitive research following FDA guidelines:

A seventy-five year old female suddenly developed a rapid growing invasive melanoma on her forehead. This had the clinical appearance of a serious malignant melanoma. Three months of continuous treatment with a negative magnetic field and the melanoma had dried up and peeled off with new skin under the area.

There was a depression in the forehead and with three more weeks of application of the negative magnetic field this depressed area filled in and there is no evidence of a scar. There is no way to tell where the tumor was.

A male diagnosed by biopsy of having a prostatic cancer with bone metastasis to the sacral area was treated continuously over the sacral and lower abdominal areas which would radiate into the pelvic area and thus place the pelvic area in the magnetic field. Three months later there was no evidence of bone cancer on X-Ray. The PSA had changed from an original abnormal 28 to a normal 2.


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