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"The Spiritual Healer On-Line"

“For over 50 years, thousands of people all over the world have been helped by this renowned Healing Sanctuary, which is a registered charity [offering its help free of charge] and exists to seek help for those who are sick and suffering either through absent (or distant) spiritual healing, or through contact healing by appointment in The Sanctuary itself.”

“Perhaps we can help you? ... Please do not hesitate to contact us if we may be of help - whether for yourself, family or friends."

Edwards was a famous spiritual healer who died in 1976. His work by which many have been helped (apparently including desperate cases that were “miraculously” healed) is carried on by devoted people following in his footsteps today.

It you are seeking help for yourself or others that you can’t seem to find or effect in any other way, simply fill in their online request form and briefly describe the symptoms...

The Harry Edwards Foundation accepts and follows up on requests from people of any faith, belief or spiritual background including agnosticics, and for any kind of health challenge ranging from mild problems to serious diseases such as certain cancers considered “terminal” (and whether one has had traditional cancer treatment or not).

After receiving their reply, all you are asked to do is to keep them up to date regarding your ongoing health status. As mentioned, their service is free of charge and non-denominational, i.e. open to everyone.

Harry Edwards himself defined Spiritual Healing in the following way (excerpts):

“We believe that spiritual healing comes from God and is His divine intention. We try to follow in the footsteps of Jesus by trying to carry out His commandment "To Heal the Sick." We have full evidence that the modus operandi for this healing takes place through His healing ministers, in Spirit, who are part of the Heavenly host.

We do not believe that we possess any healing power of ourselves, and the healings that take place are not the result of our own individual spirituality. We do, however, believe that one's individual spirituality enables attunement to be established with His healing ministers, and thus we become "instruments" or "intermediaries" for purposeful healing. The orthodox Church does not approve of this view.

...healing comes from another dimension in which the physical limitations of our way of life do not exist. For example, distance is no obstacle. Contact with another person the other side of the world can be more quickly made through a thought process than it takes a person to walk over a bridge. It brings the distant person closer to us than our next-door neighbour.

Sometimes patients write and tell me just where their house is, and in what room they sleep, and on what floor it is. This is quite unnecessary. In the past, when seeking absent healing for a sick one, I have found myself in the room where the patient is. It may only be for a few fleeting moments, but the picture of the patient and her surroundings is indelibly printed on my mind. Whenever I have written seeking confirmation of what I have seen, it has been verified every time. When these experiences occur I have no sense of travelling - I am just there.

I mention these experiences to show that if a "part of me," probably my spirit self, can go so easily to a person in a distant place in no time at all, then how much more easily can the spirit doctors, who are God’s ministers, single out someone who writes to us for healing help.

To understand the way of Absent Healing it needs to be recognised that spiritual healers, like ourselves, have developed a condition of attunement with the spirit people. This means that we can communicate with them - as they are able to communicate with us.

The means of this communication is by thought, thus, when we receive a letter from a person seeking spiritual healing and (in a state of attunement) we read the letter, so is the healing need made known to the spirit people who are "listening-in." That is why we like just the essential detail in the letter to give a "picture" of the affliction, and reports afterwards to show what is taking place. So is the spirit doctor made aware of the healing request. He is able to contact the sufferer, as I have already indicated - there are other considerations in connection with this "linking-up" that are a little more involved, and which I need not dwell upon here.

When the spirit doctor has contacted the patient and possessing the information that is given to him, he makes his own diagnosis of the cause of the trouble. We know that our spirit-selves are on the same plane of life as the spirit doctors are, and therefore they are able to make a true diagnosis, probably far more correctly than our medical men can do.

Then comes the spirit task of firstly removing the cause of the trouble, and secondly the taking away of the ill-effects or symptoms, giving strengthening and vitalising power as well as soothing and calming the nervous tensions. It may well be that when the physical ill-effects are deep-rooted as with chronic arthritis, it will need a little time to induce the progressively good changes.

Briefly, that is how Absent Healing works. It may seem beyond our understanding, but the proof of it is in the good results that we see especially with those who are beyond further medical treatment. The numbers of sufferers who have been helped back to good health by this means are now uncountable - they are legion.

Of course, there are many factors that can either help or retard a healing - an easy, contemplative, contented outlook, carrying out ordinary laws of health is a great help, whereas on the other hand, if the cause of the trouble is persisted in, then this will hamper the recovery. For example, if we are asked to help failing eyesight, and the cause of this is in the daily employment that demands very close eye-work with strain, then we cannot expect the vision to be restored if the person continues to stress and strain the eyes every day.

As many of our human ills are the direct product of mind upset, worries, anxieties and frustrations which can be soothed and calmed by spirit influencing and guidance, so we see the causes of disease overcome, and the restoration of bodily health is a simple follow on.

Compare former NASA research scientist & atmospheric physicist Barbara Brennan’s spiritual & energetic healing approach.

A very interesting summary or study into the reasons why spiritual healing is currently ignored or looked at askance by both many laypersons and large parts of the medical profession can be read at A psychiatrist examines fears of healing. Some clinical and research background on spiritual healing can be found in Aspects of Spiritual Healing and the Spiritualization of Matter: Spiritual awarenesses from spiritual healing experiences. Both articles written by Dr. Daniel Benor, MD, author of Spiritual Healing: Scientific Validation of a Healing Revolution.

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