Disease is generally considered a result of external material causes. Few people realize that it comes through the inaction of the life force within. When the cell or tissue vehicle of the life energy is seriously damaged, the life energy withdraws itself from that place and trouble consequently starts. Medicine, massage, and electricity merely help to stimulate the cells in such a way that the life energy is induced to return and resume its work of maintenance and repair.
Paramahansa Yogananda in Scientific Healing Affirmations

Mandalas (sanskrit: sacred circle) are beautiful circular pictures (see mandala definition). This page features what its author describes as a healing and energising mandala which will “activate almost all parts of the energy body” and simply “looking at it will activate the life force, or chi, energy”.

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with the Love of Stephen Wong in Malaysia

The Atlantis healing/energising mandala is a combination of the Atlantis ring pattern (which by itself is already powerful) and rings of colours which activates almost all parts of the energy body (compare Energetics).

Just looking at it will activate the life force, or chi, energy but the mandala has many uses described below. This “tool” is effective either by looking at it or placing it on objects or parts of the body. However, just as in medicine or other aids, I do not guarantee for full effect or cure each and every time. This mandala does not replace medical aid and professional help but it does give amazing results in many applications. You are sure to benefit from it.

Print out copies of the mandala in various sizes (1” to 8”). Laminate them if you think that they will likely be damaged while using/handling them. Place a big one on the wall at your homes, office, etc. and keep a few smaller ones with you wherever you go as they just may come in handy.

When you have pains and headaches, try placing them directly on the pain spot or on the connected acupoints or chakras. For places where the mandala cannot stay in place, use some sort of tape or bandage to hold it. You can also additionally look at another mandala while the healing takes place or you can just relax or close your eyes. Healing may take minutes, hours or even days, depending on the type and seriousness of the ailment. You can also apply these mandalas as just described while you carry out other techniques of healing.

Distant healing can be done with the mandala. Place the patient’s photograph between two mandalas. Transmit energy to them from your hands for 15 to 20 minutes. Right intention and good attention is necessary and prayers and invocations will greatly enhance the healing. The patient will receive the energy wherever they are. You may leave the photograph between the mandalas for a longer period of time on a clean surface. The patient will continue to receive the energy. For animals, you can apply the same technique as well.

Tired or stressed out? Try this. Place a mandala under each foot, sit on one under your spine and hold one in each hand. This means that you are seated. Close your eyes closed for 10-20 minutes (longer if you have time). You will feel relaxed and de-stressed.

Charge your drinking water by placing an Atlantis mandala under it. The bio-energy will go through glass, metal, plastic and most materials. Charge overnight for better result. Drinking the water will energise the person. The water will taste better and smoother too.

Pendulums can be used to test and compare ordinary water with charged water. A Kirlian camera can show the difference of energy by aura photography. The energised water is brighter. Dowsing rods can measure the difference in the aura, about one minute or less after a person drinks energised water. You can also charge water for washing your face or cooking.

Vegetables and meat can be kept fresher and last longer, using the mandala. However, you need to spray water (preferably energised one) occasionally as the extra energy tends to cause evaporation.

When you eat, place the mandalas under your plates to replace energy lost through the handling, cooking and storing processes. Taste will be better and the food will provide more energy to you.

At home, try comparing two plates of the same dish, one with and the other without energising.

Taste will be different and energy can be compared by dowsing. You can charge all kinds of food and drinks. The material of the container does not matter.

The mandala can also make flowers last longer and plants grow faster and healthier. Place the mandala under the pot or vase.

Wine will taste better after charging with a mandala for about a week. You can test this out with your friends with two bottles of the same wine, one charged, the other left alone. Without knowing what you have done, they will say that one of the bottle of wine taste better and is smoother and that will be the charged bottle. Do not charge champagne, beer or carbonated/aerated drinks for more than 10 minutes as they will taste flat once the gases are gone from the drink due to the charging.

Try placing your shoes on mandalas overnight. You will find some difference as you walk. The energised shoes will activate the acupoints at your feet and charge up your whole body.

Some people charge their vitamins and food supplements. This should increase the efficacy and add extra energy. The list is endless. Use your imagination and try out all kinds of things you can think of. Clothing, bed, pillow, cushion, car, etc. Maybe you can increase mileage of petrol by placing mandalas on the air filter, carburettor or petrol tank of your car?

How about reducing harmful energy coming from computers and TVs? Place an Atlantis mandala near the screen. Place some on any equipment with suspected or known bad energies.

Hope this amazing mandala benefits you and help you lead a healthier and energetic life.


Stephen Wong


“(sanskrit: sacred circle, with the circle symbolizing the womb of creation): Mandalas are geometric designs made through uniform divisions of a circle. The divisions are symbols that embody the mathematical principles found throughout creation and reveal the inner workings of nature and the inherent order of the universe. ... Mandalas act as a bridge between the different dimensions or realms. They are gateways that link your consciousness to realms of archetypes. For thousands of years mandalas have served as a means to expanded thinking. The images are beyond language and the rational mind. They bring about wisdom of universal knowledge and a deeper understanding of human consciousness.” (excerpted from www.spiritual.com.au)

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